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Horse Tail Butt Plugs
For the serious BDSM enthusiasts, there’s nothing like the classic dom and sub relationship. In this type of relationship, the master is the owner and the submissive is the loyal companion or the pet. Planning is key to making sure everything goes smoothly and your pet transformation is a success.
There are several types of animals you can use to play off as your partners and transform into. The most commonly used pets being cats and dogs. But there are also non-domestic pets that are suitable for playing off as your partners and tame but might require more effort and work.
A horse that has been trained to accept bit and bridle is in the middle ground. He has some wildness left in him but he’s also learned to obey his rider.
Different horses have different personalities. This makes them very flexible, and they can be used in pet play with all sorts of partners. To get started, you’ll need to gather some supplies that are appropriate for your horse: a saddle, blinkers, combs and brushes to take care of their mane and tail, and your very own horse tail plugs.
There are many reasons someone might buy a butt plug. It’s a great way to add some excitement to routine foreplay or to give as a gift to a loved one. If you’re tamed and well-behaved or wild and bold, these horse tail butt plugs will be the perfect addition to your sex toy collection.
The plug is a safe, reliable choice for anyone who wants to use a little bit of harmless fun to enhance their love life. It’s made from high-quality medical-grade silicone, and the material is latex-free, BPA-free, phthalate-free and rubber-free to ensure your health and safety is never at risk when you want to hop around and prance in your bedroom.
A great benefit of using silicone as our main material for our plugs is that it is easier to clean and the shape enables easy insertion into the anus. It will stay inside you without falling or slipping off.
Now, let’s talk about the tails. All of them are made from the finest horsehair that is–of course, you guessed it–high-quality so you can really feel and act like a real horse. There are a few lengths available for you to choose from but their difference in the span is not that far off. So if you decide to go for a regular 16-inch tail or a longer 20-inch butt ornament, then you can have that.
They are made from the finest horsehair that is of high quality so you can really feel and look like a real horse. There are a few lengths available for you to choose from but their difference in length is not that far off.
There is nothing more enjoyable than adding a touch of elegance to every part of your life. This includes your clothing, your homes, and even your roleplays. The best way to do this during roleplay is to play the part of a horse.
As beautiful and elegant as a horse is in the wild, one of our expertly curated horse tail butt plugs makes an equally attractive addition to your sex toy collection. Use this plug with one of our expertly curated harnesses and halters to really let your S&M/BDSM fantasies run wild.

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Pony Play

Petplay, also known as pony play, is extremely popular among animal lovers. It’s very interesting because, not only do you get to pet and groom an animal which would be impossible for most people, you also get to explore all those aspects of horse-manship and horse-nature which are normally hidden from most people.

If you sit on top of him, he can lean against the wall or headboard, and you can use your hands for stability as you grind your hips up and down, in a circular motion, or from side to side.

Pony Play Traits

They have been domesticated for thousands of years by humans, and many are very accepting of different people and what they represent. They like human touch, but will generally avoid people who are too friendly and approachable unless that person is a stable hand who is catering to their needs.

You and your partner can decide how far you want to go with this. For some, a smaller version of a stable in the house will be sufficient. However, for others, you can go all the way and live together in a real stable.

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It’s important to know how far you plan to take the roleplay before you begin. If you do choose to dive into the deep end, you need to still be aware that you are a human, so spending long periods outdoors in stables, possibly naked, can be quite dangerous. No matter how much you enjoy a type of roleplay, it isn’t worth risking your health.

Pony Play Accessories

A pony’s accessories are very important. They can choose from a huge range of stuff to make their roleplay more realistic. Examples include:

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  • Saddles and Tack: Riding gear is a must-have for any serious equestrian. While the human back isn’t strong enough to support another human, players will simulate being ridden by their partner on their own legs. To accompany this, players need all of the same equipment a human would need including a riding saddle, harness, and other fittings. These are usually designed to fit a pony player properly.
  • Blinkers: Wearing blinders can help a player be more effective. They can make some players feel more secure and can enhance the experience. They can also provide some “sensory deprivation”, which can make other feelings more enjoyable.
  • Combs and Brushes: Haircare is important for anyone who owns a horse. Many show players will enjoy having their “manes” brushed and cared for.
  • Tail Butt Plugs: When it comes to sex toys, nothing compares to an authentic-looking animal tail.
  • Saddlebags: You can get adapted saddlebags for humans, and while on walks with their horse, the owner can use them to transport things.