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101 Guide to Sex toys
Sex toys are not only fun but also helpful in relieving stress and anxiety. Some people use sex toys to refine and enhance their sexual experience. People who have difficulty reaching orgasm may find that the use of a sex toy can significantly add to the quality of their sex life. Some people enjoy the extra intimacy that a sex device brings to a relationship.

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Sex toys come in various shapes and sizes. Vibrators can be vibrating, non-vibrating, water-based, electric, and manual. Dildos come in many shapes and sizes, such as long, thin, fat, curved, and pointed.

What exactly are sex toys?

Sex toys are items used to enhance sexual pleasure. Others can also be used for other purposes, such as making your partner more comfortable in the bedroom, assisting with masturbation, giving your partner a massage, and so on.

Most sex items are usually small, discreet, and easy to use features. However, some are more specialised with power buttons and require some degree of skill for the best pleasure experience. The most commonly used sex toys are vibrators, penis extenders and clitoral stimulators.

Why do I need sex toys? 

Sex toys are used for a variety of reasons. They allow you to explore your fantasies, and they are also used for foreplay. They can also be used to help you relax before sex.

The following are a few reasons why you may want to use a sex toy.

  • They help you relax and enjoy sex more.
  • You can use a sex toy to help you enjoy sex more.
  • They help you explore your sexuality.
  • They allow you to enjoy sex more and more with less risk of being hurt or feeling uncomfortable.
  • They also help you get in touch with your innermost desires.

There are different types of sex items, some are specifically designed for a certain type of play, and some are for all types of play. You can choose from vibrators, dildos, anal beads, prostate massagers, as well as sex toys that are designed to be used during anal sex.

What are the types of sex toys for sale?


Dildos are used for pleasure by men and women. They are the most popular sex toy in the world. They are usually phallic-shaped and can be made of a wide variety of materials.

Dildos come in many different sizes, styles, colours and designs. They are made of plastic, silicone, metal, glass, rubber, wood, jade, ivory and other materials. Dildos are used to enhance sexual pleasure and performance. They can be used to stimulate the clitoris, the g-spot and the anus. Realistic dildos can also be used to provide erotic massage. They are best used with a lubricant to ensure you hit the right spots with ease.

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A vibrator is an elegant sex toy that is designed to provide vibration. Vibrators, including bunny ears and mini vibrators, may be used for solo sex, partnered sex, or masturbation. In a vibrator, vibration is produced by a vibrating motor, which may be electric or mechanical.

Male sexuality is crazy, perverse.”

There are a number of different patterns of good vibrations. Sometimes a series of ripples, rumble and bumps patterns can be produced by some vibrators using a wireless remote power button or a phone app. This is referred to as a “ripple-and-bump” vibrator. Waves, pulses, and shudders are some of the patterns of vibrating that other vibrators can be programmed to create.

Anal toys

Anal toys are similar to a vibrator in that they stimulate and tickle the muscles and veins around the anus. They can vary in size, shape, material, and design. Some anal toys are specifically made for anal play. Others are used for masturbation or simply for pleasure.


Sleeves sex toys are sex toys with a sleeve on the end. Sleeves are not as common as other sex toys, but they can be a great option for people who want something more discreet than a dildo but want to still experience anal penetration.

The sleeve is put in the back of a harness and then moved up to the front of the harness where it covers the penis or dildo. It is possible to go from vaginal to anal penetration without removing anything with a harness and sleeve. There are many different styles of sleeves. Some of them are made with rubber, silicone, glass, and other materials.

Penis rings

A penis ring is also called a cock ring or cock cage. These rings are mainly used by men to keep the male genitals erect, and therefore, prevent the male from ejaculating too soon.

Penis rings allow men to experience multiple orgasms. These love rings can also help to retain blood flow to the male organ during sexual arousal. Cock ring sizes can vary greatly depending on the manufacturer. The most common sizes are:

  • Small (2.5 inches)
  • Medium (2.5-4inches)
  • Large (5-6 inches)
  • X-Large (6-7 inches)
  • XX-Large (7-8 inches) and
  • XXX-Large (8-9 inches).


The term sex toy harness is a generic term for the different types of devices that are used for the purpose of holding sex toys in place.

Harnesses can be used by themselves or as part of a larger set-up with other toys, such as dildos and vibrators. Harnesses are available in a variety of materials including rubber, silicone, nylon, leather and stainless steel. Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Ben Wa balls

Ben Wa balls are used in a variety of different therapies but are most often used in bodywork for their ability to help massage the genital area.

The idea is that you insert a firm sphere, or a series of them, into your vagina to help relax the muscles and create pleasurable sensations in the right spot.

Some people use them as masturbation aid, others find they increase vaginal lubrication, and still, others say they enhance sex. Ben Wa balls come in a variety of sizes (2 inches to 4 inches in diameter) and shades and can be purchased separately or packaged with the masturbator, vibrator, or dildo.

While most are made from glass, plastic, rubber, or metal, some are made from animal bladders or even horse hooves. The benefits of ben wa balls include helping the user relax and focus, improving circulation, and relaxing the body.

Is it safe to use Ben Wa balls in bodywork? Yes. Ben Wa balls are very safe and well-made, but they are still very different from other types of massage.

Do remember: your sexiness is about how you feel, not how you look.

How do I choose which type of sex toy to use?

You should first consider your own preferences and needs before choosing a sex toy. What size and shape do you prefer? What materials do you like? How will you use it? Do you want more personalisation?

Think about the type of touch that you want to use. Are you more of an oral person? Do you prefer direct stimulation? If so, you should choose a dildo or vibrator with a clitoral stimulator. If you like to use your fingers to stimulate yourself, then you should choose a dildo with a textured surface.

In addition, you may choose a vibrator that can be used on the walls of the vagina, to give a ‘full body’ orgasm. A good example is a dildo with a powerful motor and a flared base for increased girth. You can also find ‘erotic shower sex toys’, such as showerheads, for additional stimulation of your genital area in the shower.

What size should my sex toys be?

The size of your sex toys depends on what you would like them to do. Choose whether you want your toys to be phallus-shaped or more round. This will help you determine the size of the toy.

For example, if you are interested in masturbating, you may want to choose a toy with a long handle, but if you are looking for something to use for penetration, then a shorter toy is better.

Generally, toys are made to fit in the vagina, anal canal or mouth. The size of your sex toy is important, so choose a toy that will fit comfortably.

What to look out for when buying a sex toy

Whether you’re looking for your first sex toy or are looking to update your collection, there are a lot of factors to take into consideration before you buy one – From the brand to the material it is made of, to the sex toy functions.

We’ve broken down all the information you need to help you pick the right sex toy for you below.


The most important thing to consider when buying a sex toy is the material it’s made of. A lot of sex toys are made from silicone, latex or jelly.

If you prefer a softer feel, then silicone might be the best choice for you. Silicone sex toys are very affordable, and they are also easy to clean. They can be used for solo play or partnered sex.

If you prefer something that’s harder and more durable, then latex or jelly sex toys will work best for you. These types of toys are more expensive than silicone ones, but they’re perfect if you’re looking for something that won’t break easily.


The shape of your sex toy can also make a huge difference in terms of what it feels like while you’re using it. Some people enjoy a curved shaft, while others prefer a straight one. If you’re unsure about what you like, you can always try out a few different shapes and see which one feels the best for you.


When it comes to buying your first sex toy, you want to make sure that you are at ease with it and it is of the right size, length and shape. You want to make sure that it is going to fit you well, that it is going to fit your body shape, and that you are going to feel comfortable using it.

For many people, this means buying a sex toy that feels and looks like it was made to fit them perfectly. If you are not sure if the toy you want to buy fits your body, it is a good idea to try it out first. You can do this by masturbating with the toy to see if it feels good.


You may also want to consider your budget when choosing your first sex toy. Some cheaper models may not be as good as the more expensive ones, so it’s important to know what you’re buying before you do.

Other important factors to look out for when buying a sex toy include:

You want to communicate your sexual expectations, desires and performance levels to your partner and for your partner to be on the same page.

  • Quality – Good quality will last longer and feel better than cheap quality.
  • Size – Make sure it fits your needs and is not too big or small
  • Hygiene – Does it allow for each washing? Is it clean and safe?
  • Sound – Is it loud or quiet?
  • Warranty – How long is the warranty and do you have to register it?
  • Price – Remember that there are lots of sex toys out there and some will be more expensive than others

The best sex toys to try, by experts 

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