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Sex toys are not solely for women! Adult toys for men also exist and are appreciated for the pleasure and satisfaction that they provide either in solo or partnered sex.
Including fleshlight, pocket pussies, vibrating cock rings, and prostate massagers, pleasure toys for men can intensify your sex life in so many ways.
Those with erectile dysfunction would then enjoy penetrative sex anew using hollow dildos and strap-ons. While those guys with shorter than average penis are going to benefit from penis enhancers.

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Sex toys are not solely for women! Adult toys for men also exist and are appreciated for the pleasure and satisfaction that they provide either in solo or partnered sex.

Including fleshlight, pocket pussies, vibrating cock rings, and prostate massagers, pleasure toys for men can intensify your sex life in so many ways.

Sexual healing and general recovery need to work together in the same way that music and lyrics work together to make a song: They alternate and blend together at different times. They are complementary, not isolated, experiences.”

Those with erectile dysfunction would then enjoy penetrative sex anew using hollow dildos and strap-ons. While those guys with shorter than average penis are going to benefit from penis enhancers.

Also, if you want to experience the real thing but you don’t have a partner, you have several choices, from blowup dolls to butt toys and male masturbators.

With suitable male adult toys, an ordinary you could become an instant sex god.

Wicked Sex Toys is passionate about delivering a range of the best sex toys for men to enhance your satisfaction, boost your sex life, and take your orgasm to new heights.

Our male sex toys, ranging from strokers to cock rings to cock sleeves, are created to give you the highest level of satisfaction you can’t obtain on your own.

In nicely crafted designs, prints, and finishing touches, Wicked Sex Toys‘ adult toys for men and other intimates are here to provide you the thrill you deserve, confidential and quick delivery for your most unforgettable sex experience.

We acknowledge your need to achieve maximum enjoyment, whether by yourself or with a partner.

No matter what your desire is, Wicked Sex Toys will help you explore what you’re hunting for.

Now let us help you make all your wildest fantasies come true!

Adult Toys Are Not Only For Women

We know that sex is great. Sex is marvelous. This is helpful to the body in many ways, like reducing stress, improving the immune system, guaranteeing a good sleep for the night, and adding years to life.

Yet amazing stuff will happen when you introduce a male sex toy into the mix. They offer new sensations while engaging in sex.

There are several love toys available on the market. Male adult toys are also available in vibrating and non-vibrational types and are ideal for internal or external stimulation.

A male masturbator is a wonderful beginner’s toy, to use alone or with a partner.

A prostate massager is also perfect to use as the prostate is mainly the male G-spot or the P-spot.

Prostate orgasms are also healthy for your wellbeing and will reduce the chances of contracting prostate cancer.

Adult Toys For Men: Materials

Below is a brief overview of the most commonly used materials in creating male love toys.


Make sure that you buy 100% silicone pleasure toys for men for the non-porous advantages and body safety. There are too many “knock-offs”, so you need to be very careful.

This is the only smooth and versatile body-safe material.

Silicone adult toys for men are available in many levels of firmness, from super-soft to reasonably firm.

This is quite easy to warm up to body temp and is ideal for inclusion in vibrator and butt plug because their slightest ‘squish’ makes them easier to insert.

You can only use water-based lube on a silicone toy as silicone lubes can damage silicone sex toys.


Glass adult toys are non – porous, easy to maintain, and can be heated or cooled for temperature play, whichever is your preference.

These are crafted to be pressure-resistant, tolerant to thermal shock, and acidic environment.

It’s also worth remembering that if a glass toy is pierced, its structure is weakened, and it should never be used as a sex toy again.


For positive reasons, steel pleasure toys have become more famous. They are safe and non- porous.

You’ll find sex aids made from steel including dildos, butt plugs, anal toys, and chastity cages.

The steel sex toys for men are highly resilient, they are usually recommended to more experienced consumers.

Because they are non-porous, bacteria can not live, they are easy to wash and prevent undesirable smells.


Most sex toys made from crystal and stone are handcrafted and carved into pieces of art that could also bring pleasure and satisfaction!

Stone and crystal passion toys for men, produced by well-known companies are safe.

When things don’t work well in the bedroom, they don’t work well in the living room either.

What Are The Most Popular Men’s Sex Toys?

Silicone Cock rings

Worn around the penis base, a cock ring is a perfect introduction to male pleasure.

They are intended to trigger a partner’s clitoris during penetration.

The pressure and vibration of the vibrating cock ring will keep you extremely satisfied, making your penis exceptionally hard for a longer period.

They include a wide variety of sizes and shapes.

So when you aim to spice things up with your partner, select from the vibration settings to make it all the more enticing.

Anal Beads

Anal sex could be a pleasant addition to your sex life, but beyond the standard penetration, there are a variety of other ways to explore that zone.

Anal beads fall into this. Because of their size, they are excellent for beginners who want to improve their anal play skills.

As each bead enters, it moves through the two main anus’ muscles. This can be somewhat pleasant!

But the real trick to anal beads is to remove them gradually before and during your orgasm. These give an additional boost of satisfaction, prolonging your orgasm!

Male Sleeves

Consider the male masturbation sleeves if you are seeking added stimulation on your back. They come in multiple designs, but Fleshlights are the most popular you might have heard of.

These are handheld covers, usually silicone, allowing you to slide up and down.

The ribs may also be intertwined and wrap around the inside of the sleeve for more realistic sensations.

Spend a bit more for a more advanced spectrum and features that would mimic sexual sensations through vibration, pulsation, and heating.

Penis Extender

A penis extender is just what it sounds like: a device that wraps over the penis to add girth and length. It is normally crafted from a smooth, elastic material.

These extenders have textured nubs on the shaft while others have a retractable vibrating bullet or curved tip to stimulate a G-spot.

Butt Plugs

Butt plugs use the same idea, a slimmer tapered bulb for anal penetration on one end and a large handle on the other.

They are created to stretch and glide inside your bum.

You may wear them while stimulating your penis during solo play. Or you may use this when you indulge in penetrating sex to produce a more powerful mixed stimulation experience.

Couples Vibrator

A couple’s vibrator is a huge multi-tasker that stimulates both the clitoris and the G-spot of your partner while simultaneously enhancing your own pleasure all through the sexual act.

This should be inserted in combination with the penis.

Safety of Male Sex Toy

Keep in mind that you should never share your anal sex toy with your partner if you are planning to dive into anal play.

If you think it is genuinely important to share, the sex toy must be cleaned before using it again and a separate condom as a cover. That is because the bacteria in your anal cavity are different and unique to you alone, and sharing your anal sex toy may spread viruses and bacteria to your partner.

If your male sex toy included a vibrating sleeve or a moving component it is either operated by a battery or plugs into a socket. This can not be used safely in the shower or bath.

However, if you’re looking for underwater play, opt for water-resistant toys.

Each sex has its own special areas of competence.

How To Clean Your Sex Toys?

HPV, HIV, hepatitis B, and C and other nasty STDs can be transmitted through dirty sex toys.

No matter how exhausted you are after an orgasm, do take the time to at least wash and disinfect your toys using soap and warm water.

If you’re clever, you may buy a sex toy cleaner for bacteria and disease-free toys.

For toys that are not waterproof, simply spray some alcohol to eliminate the odour.


What is the difference between a pocket pussy and a masturbation sleeve?

All these toys are crafted, letting you insert your penis into its opening and massage yourself until you reach an orgasm.

But, masturbation sleeves are larger and much more cylindrical, while pocket pussies are relatively small and are made to resemble like pussies, backsides, or mouths.

Which sex toys for men are best for couples?

If you’re searching for a sex enhancer suitable for couple’s play, a vibrating silicone cock sleeve could just do trick!

Having to wear a cock sleeve all through the sex play would allow both persons to feel the extraordinary stimulation, driving them wild.

Also, there are many cock rings to maximize your ability to satisfy your partner.

Can sex toys help me if I have erectile dysfunction?

Quite a few male sex toys have been explicitly developed to support men who are struggling with erectile dysfunction.

If you already have trouble getting an erection but still want penetrative sex, you could always have a strap-on prosthesis above your penis.

It enables couples to somehow experience intensified sexual pleasure even if an erection is not achievable.

So when your erectile dysfunction is not that severe, a cock ring might be your answer to make sure you stay hard.

Prostate massagers also are great tools to stimulate another portion of your body while having problems with erection.

Meanwhile, the strong pulses of male vibrators can offer a variety of sexual stimuli that a guy could not encounter via manual masturbation.

Can men use vibrators too?

Yes, of course, men may use vibrators as well. Men could have the same kind of vibrators which most women are using.

Whether alone or with a partner, sex always can be more satisfying with maybe a little help from male sex toys.

A vibrating cage can further rock your body and give you intense sexual delights that you normally can’t get in some other way.

It’s made to wear outside of your body, offering a satisfying feeling.

Also, there is a pocket vibrator especially made for the stimulation of the testes, creating a wonderful sensory experience for men.

Then, there are vibrators with a flared base, ideal for anal play.

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