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What Are Condoms?
Condoms are thin, stretchable, fitted tubes that are put on over the penis (male condoms) during sexual intercourse or are placed inside the vagina (female condoms) before engaging in sexual intercourse. Condoms are useful in the prevention of contracting STDs or unwanted pregnancies.

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They function by serving as a barrier that prevents semen and other body fluids from getting into the body, either through the vagina, mouth, or anus

It is important to note that it is unsafe to use both female and male condoms at the same time during intercourse as they can either stick to each other and be displaced or cause friction that will tear them. 

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How Effective are Condoms?

How well a condom performs depends entirely on how you use it and if you’re using it the right way.

When used the right way, condoms for men are effective for preventing pregnancy at about 98%. This can closely translate to about 2 out of every 100 women getting pregnant even though their male partner used it correctly. 

That percentage rises to 18 out of 100 women whose partners fail to use the condom correctly every time.

However, when it comes to female condoms, they are about 95% effective when used properly. But are only 79% effective when not used correctly. 

Condoms are ideal when you greatly want to reduce the chances of getting an STD from another person. The exact percentage of risk varies based on the type of disease. A good example will be its almost 100% effectiveness in protecting against HPV & HIV, which are the most popular sexually transmitted diseases. 

HPV is a disease capable of infecting regions where the male condom is unable to cover, like the scrotum. So while condoms reduce the risk of getting HPV, they do not eliminate it. 

Types of Condoms

There are a variety of male condoms based on their materials, such as:

Plastic, lambskin, or latex condom

Majority of people make use of latex condoms. However, if you are allergic or sensitive to latex, you can always make use of plastic condoms which are made with polyisoprene or polyurethane. 

Plastic and latex condoms are capable of protecting you from STDs during anal, oral, or vaginal sexual intercourse. Natural or lambskin condoms on the other hand are created using material that comes from lamb intestines. 

While they can prevent pregnancy, they still bear a similarity with human skin and have tiny openings, making them unreliable against STDs.

Lubricated condom

Condom lubrication refers to a thin coating of liquid found inside the condom. They exist to prevent irritation or pain during sex, can also prevent the condom from breakage. 

Should you purchase a condom that is not lubricated, then it is advisable to add lubricant to it to make your sexual experience more pleasant. It is crucial to use water-based lubricants in this scenario, as oil-based lubricants like petroleum jelly can affect the condom and prevent it from functioning.  

Spermicide-coated condoms

This is a condom that contains a chemical called nonoxynol-9, which is known to kill sperm. 

Some of these condoms are sold with the coating inside and are effective in lowering the risk of pregnancy. However, the amount of spermicide packed with the condom is probably not sufficient enough to make a difference. 

To guarantee extra protection, it is best to include a separate sperm-killing product. Note that Nonoxynol-9 might irritate your genitals, which can increase the risk of you contracting HIV. 

Textured condoms

These vary from studded to ribbed condoms. They are designed to boost the pleasure and sensation for you and your partner. However, the sensations you experience when using textured condoms may differ based on individuals. 

If regular condoms prevent you or your partner from enjoying sex, then we’d recommend you try textured ones to see if they improve that experience. 

You can also try novelty or glow-in-the-dark condoms to enhance foreplay. But note that these kinds of condoms aren’t typically approved by the FDA and may or may not prevent STDs or pregnancies. 

Make sure the instructions on the package confirm that the product offers protection against both pregnancy and STDs.

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Benefits of condoms that make them so important 

Besides their ability to prevent people from getting sexually transmitted diseases, infections, or pregnancy, condoms are remarkably easy to use and can be purchased practically anywhere. 

Below are some benefits of using condoms that make them necessities in our sex life. 

Condoms enhance other forms of birth control and help them work better

Using condoms as an additional means of birth control can help give you extra pregnancy protection that will keep your mind at peace during intercourse. 

Although no preventive method is 100% guaranteed, adding a condom to the mix boosts the chances of successful prevention during a mistake with other methods or if those methods fail. It is also a great idea to use condoms for effective protection against STIs or STDs.

Condoms will surely offer more protection when coupled with other contraceptive methods. 

A good example will be the use of a condom despite having the pill shot ring IUD implant. In the event of the implant losing efficacy, the condom serves as a reliable line of defence. 

However, it is best not to use both a male and female condom at the same time to avoid friction and tear, and also not to double up on condoms with the hopes that it offers more protection. This only succeeds in reducing its effectiveness. 

Condoms can be really sexy

Yes, we know protection is important, but so is wild sexy fun and pleasure. Using a condom offers these and more. 

Condoms now come in different shapes, styles, fragrances, and textures for increased sensation and arousal for both partners. 

Helping your partner put on a condom on his penis can be a sexy aspect of foreplay, especially when you both add the use of lube to the mix. Condoms also help men last longer as they reduce sensitivity and delay ejaculation, ensuring that the fun time lasts longer and your partner is well pleased with your performance. 

Condoms are useful for vaginal, oral, and anal sex, thereby protecting you or your partner from STDs regardless of the kind of sexual fantasies you wish to experience. 

Even better and the sexiest part of using a condom is that it allows you to concentrate on having fun with your lover without having to worry about pregnancy, and contracting any infections or diseases. This helps you stay focused without dousing the mood or killing the hot passionate tension between the both of you.  

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Condoms are extremely convenient and cheap

Not only are they easy to get or purchase from different stores, e-commerce stores, health centres, or planned parenthood health centres, you also do not need a doctor’s prescription to get a condom. 

They are also very cheap with some of these centres offering them to people for free. 

In addition to this, condoms are discreet, portable and very small that they can be completely concealed in the palm of your hands, making them a very convenient method of prevention against STDs and pregnancies. 

Condoms have very minimal or no side effects

Most condom users are known to use it without problems or resulting side effects. 

A rubber condom is rarely known to cause skin irritation for people with latex sensitivities or allergies. 

In addition to this, a very small percentage of people using condoms may find the lube present in some types of condoms to be irritating. 

Should this be an issue, there are other variants of condoms (plastic condoms) or brands without these side effects. 

Male and female condoms made from soft plastics like polyisoprene, nitrile, and polyurethane, do not contain latex, thereby eliminating the possibilities of irritation or allergies. 

Plastic condoms can also be purchased at the same stores where the standard latex condoms are sold. 

Using condoms with a lubricant

Ideally, condoms are lubricated during production to make them pleasant during use, but you can also add additional lubricant to heighten stimulation. This is also advisable for anal sex to reduce the chances of a condom tearing. 

With plastic condoms (polyurethane) that are not made from latex, any lubricant will do just fine. However, if you plan on using latex condoms, avoid using oil-based lubricants like petroleum jelly, body oil, or lotion. This is because these kinds of lubricants can easily damage the condom and increase its chances of tearing. 

Causes of condom failure

Condoms may break during use, or easily slip off the penis after ejaculation due to incorrect application. 

Improper applications of a condom are known to cause tears which can also be a result of physical damage while unwrapping the condom. Breakage or slippage as a result of improper storage of the latex, exposure to oil as a lubricant, or using the condom after it has expired also contributes to the inefficiency of a condom. 

According to research, the current breakage per cent is about 0.4% to 2.3% while the rate of the condom slipping during use is about 0.6%

to 1.3%. Even if no slippage or breakage occurs, about 1 to 3% of women after protected sex with a condom still test positive for semen residue.

Should You Use Two Condoms at the Same Time?

Using two condoms at the same time with the hopes of doubling your protection is believed to cause a higher rate of condom failure due to the friction that emanates between both condoms.

Although this claim is not backed by research. However certain studies that were conducted have found that the simultaneous use of multiple condoms increases the risk of a condom tearing. 

It is recommended you avoid using very thick or thin condoms as they are considered less effective. While some people encourage condom users to go for thinner condoms due to heightened comfort, sensation, and durability. It is believed that thinner others warn that thinner condoms can easily break as little force is required to break them.

People who use condoms frequently gain experience and are less likely to have a condom break or slip compared to new or inexperienced users. More research needs to be conducted to determine the cause of condom slippage or breakage.

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Advantages and disadvantages of condoms

There are certain advantages and disadvantages you need to know about condom usage. 

Some of their advantages include:

You only need to put them on when you are about to have sex and do not require advanced preparation like contraceptives, making them suitable for unplanned sex. 

They are practically everywhere, in different shapes, flavours and sizes. So purchasing them is very affordable and not difficult.

Most of the time, there are no side effects from condom usage.

Disadvantages include: 

A condom despite being strong may break or tear if not properly used. If damage occurs, learn how to wear them properly to avoid the same issues in the future. 

Some people believe that the time taken to wear a condom during foreplay kills the mood or sexual tension. To avoid this, try to make wearing a condom a part of the foreplay. 

Some users may be allergic to plastic or latex condoms, or even condoms containing spermicides. Such users should get their hands on natural or lambskin condoms that are less likely to give them latex allergy reactions. 

Warning: Always pull out immediately after ejaculation before your penis goes soft to avoid spillage, as a hard penis will continue to hold the condom firmly in place thereby preventing spillage. 

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Condoms FAQs

Can I keep a condom in my wallet?

No, it isn’t advisable. Condoms can become weakened by heat if they are kept in warm places like a wallet or glove compartment. It is better to keep it in your outside coat pocket or a cool, dry place at home to better preserve it. Regardless of this, you should always be prepared and have some close to you.

Do condoms have expiration dates?

Yes, they do! Most condoms remain viable for 3 to 5 years. Always be sure by checking the date printed on the box or condom wrapper.

When it comes to condoms for the penis, does one condom size fit every penis?

Not necessarily. The standard condom size is usually big enough to fit most penises. However, some users may require a larger size. It is also important to make sure the condom is not too big to avoid slippage. Snug sizes and custom-fitted sizes also exist.

Who can use condoms?

Most people can make use of external condoms without issues, but they may not be the most effective method of contraception for others.

Some people suffer allergic reactions from latex condoms. If this is an issue, plastic condoms made with polyurethane or polyisoprene are less likely to cause allergic reactions.

If you suffer from erectile dysfunction and are unable to maintain an erection, then you might be unable to use a condom as they require your penis to be fully erect to prevent the condom from slipping off.

Can anything make a condom less effective?

Yes, sometimes sperm can get into the vagina during sex, even when you’re using a condom. This might be as a result of the penis touching the area close to the vagina before a condom is worn. It can also be as a result of using sharp fingernails to open the condom, using oil-based lubricants (baby oil, petroleum jelly, or lotion) with a plastic or latex condom, or if the condom breaks.

Another factor that makes condoms less effective is when you use medical creams for sexual health issues like thrush, and they come in contact with latex or plastic condoms. This is because the contents present in those medications can damage the condom.

Also, make sure you use emergency contraception if you feel sperm has entered the vagina. You can use emergency contraceptives before the 5th day after unprotected sex or when there is sperm leakage. Also, consider running STI/STD tests to be on the safer side.

Do condoms help protect against STDs?

Yes! A condom is effective and the best option to reduce the chances of you getting sexually transmitted infections or diseases through vaginal, oral sex, or anal sex.

A male condom can shield you or your partners from STDs by avoiding contact with bodily fluids that can carry infections (like vaginal fluids and semen). Because the condom covers the penis, it is effective against sexually transmitted diseases like genital warts and herpes, which are transmitted through skin-to-skin contact.

However, they are not completely effective against these infections since they do not cover all the skin.

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