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To make backdoor fun easy for beginners, Wicked Sex Toys carries several simple, easy-to-use anal sex toys. Choose from our extensive selection of styles and sizes. Get your bottom pumped up now!
Start with the smallest item in the pack. For first-timers, anal play is best done with a thin, easy-to-control device. Once you gain experience, size doesn’t matter as much.
Beginner anal toys are dildos, butt plugs, and anal vibrators. They’re comfortable to use, and give great satisfaction when you first start using them. Use plenty of lube to get the most out of these toys.

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The Best Brands Of Anal Sex Toys From Wicked Sex Toys

Adult sex toys designed specifically for anal play are getting more and more popular. We carry the best selection of anal beads, butt plugs, anal vibrators and anal dildos. We offer the best anal sex products and accessories available anywhere, including the very latest in dildo technology. We also have a large selection of wild and crazy anal sex toys.

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Anal Toys For Beginners: What Are They?

Anal sex toys for beginners are often designed to be used during anal training. They’re usually smaller and more slender than regular anal toys, making them easier to introduce to your anus. And when you’re ready for something more, they make it easy to transition to a larger, more challenging anal toy.

If you are a beginner, you should start out using a soft, supple, less intimidating anal sex toy. As you gain experience, you can graduate to more rigid and larger toys.

Looking For Your First Anal Toy?

There are many different kinds of toys to explore when it comes to anal play. Knowing what each one does and why you’d use it will help you make an informed decision when it comes to choosing your first anal toy. We’ll take a look at the most popular types of anal toys.

Playing with anal toys can be a bit overwhelming, especially with the variety of toys available. You need to think about your tastes and the kind of sensations you enjoy before you choose your first anal toy. Knowing what each of them does and why you would use one is helpful, so let’s go over the most common types.

Anal dildos

Dildos vary in size, shape, material, texture and even colour. If you’re a newbie, you should start with something simple and easy to use. Once you’ve mastered the basics, you can graduate to something with a bit more “oomph!

Beads and plugs are made to stay put, while anal dildos need constant thrusting. Although they are better for advanced anal players, beginners still have a lot of choices. A wide variety of dildos can be used for anal play. However, we recommend a few picks for beginners in our anal dildo category. A great choice for beginners is our Beginner Anal Dildos, wonderful body-safe silicone toys, which are curved and shaped beautifully. They gently touch the prostate and look good.

Butt plugs

Using butt plugs before anal sex can relax your muscles, though that isn’t their only function. Oh no. In addition to creating pressure on the vagina, butt plugs also impact the prostate, intensifying everything at the same time. Pulling these out during the climax can be powerful. The male G-spot is up there as well – anal play can be done by everyone, regardless of your tastes.

They have a tapered end for easier insertion, a thin end so they sit comfortably, and a flared base so they don’t get stuck. From small to large, you can find a whole bunch of plug sizes, and there are also butt plug sets for people just starting. You can also get a vibrating butt plug, whose vibrations will drive you crazy.

Anal beads

This is another wonderful anal toy for beginners. In contrast to more solid butt plugs, anal beads start small and are gradually increased in size – the space between each bead creates a different effect. They’re also a bit more flexible.

Anal beads are used by most people to intensify the sensation of orgasm. You can insert them before stimulation, then pull them out at the climax, which, due to the high concentration of nerve endings in the buttocks, increases the intensity of the orgasmic sensation.

Timing is everything, making sure they are pulled just as you cum. That feeling will blow your mind!

Prostate massagers

Prostate massagers are male sex toys that are very effective in stimulating the prostate for prolonged, intense orgasms. They’re specifically designed to stimulate the prostate, which is located just below the bladder in men. It’s a very sensitive part of the body and extremely pleasurable.

This little sex toy will give you thrilling vibrations, pleasure and additional stimulation. It’s perfect to use while you are having foreplay or to use as a stand-alone sex toy.

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If you’re into kinky sex stuff, then this is another fact you need to add to your repertoire of sexual knowledge. Using a strap-on is not just a fun pastime; it’s a real, proven sexual act that can lead to very powerful orgasms; it is called pegging.

In BDSM play, strap-ons can be used in several different ways. A strap-on can be used by couples who are swapping roles (such as a woman using it on her male partner), allowing greater intimacy. The choice is yours.

There are many choices for strap-on beginners. Our Beginner’s Strap-On Dildo is perfect for easing you into the world of strap-ons, but it also happens to be an ideal first-step product if you are looking to spice up your sex life. With its prostate-targeting curve, it isn’t oversized enough to overwhelm, but it does a good job of hitting all the right spots.

Additionally, you will find interchangeable harnesses in our strap-on section, models that vibrate, and innovative harnesses that are altogether more luxurious. Check them out!

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Make sure you’re squeaky-clean before you start having anal sex. Anal douches are easy to use and just a quick squirt into the butt will freshen you up and get you ready to rock. Feel revitalized! You may find it strange at first, but once you get used to it you’ll feel like you can do anything you want.

The best way to explore the world of pegging and anal plugs is to visit our huge selection of products. Lube up and give yourself a treat, ’cause this is going to open up a whole new world of pleasure for you.

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