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There’s Nothing Better Than These Suction Vibrators
The list of reasons why women love clit suction vibrators is long and impressive. They’re tiny and discreet, they’re easy to use, and some of them have incredible power and can give you powerful orgasms, some are even hands-free. There are plenty of types and styles to choose from, and there’s no better time to explore the amazing world of clit suction vibrators.

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These vibrators are perfect for women who want more from their orgasms. They provide intense clitoral stimulation with a single push of a button. These vibrators are designed to fit perfectly in the palm of your hand, and they give you the same sensations during oral sex. This is the perfect starter vibe for women who have no experience with a vibrator. It’s easy to use, small, and discreet. Press and hold the power button for three seconds to experience the feelings of bliss. Simple to operate with a push of a button, these suction vibrators are perfect for beginners.

Most sex toy companies have their version of the suction vibrator. This is one of the few sex toys that has stayed in heavy rotation throughout the years. If you haven’t tried it, you need to remedy that situation immediately. Sex toys for women don’t have to be boring! The selection at Wicked Sex Toys is phenomenal. We’ve got everything from fun, little vibrators that make your clit swell and tingle, to “vortex” style toys that mimic the sensation of having your pussy eaten out, to clit sucking, vibrating dildos, and even a wide variety of sensual, satin-wrapped, scented “cock rings” that really turn her on.

There are over 100 words for pain in the English language and less than 20 for pleasure. That tells you something about our society.”

Wicked Tickle offers a great range of clit suction vibrators and clit suction toys designed to give real orgasms. They’re perfect for solo play or with a partner and will satisfy even the most demanding woman. Suction Vibrators have taken clitoral stimulation in a whole new direction. These are the best of the best. They give amazing, long-lasting pleasure. Put them in your collection, pronto!

What Is A Suction Vibrator?

These kinds of sex toys are for women who want an extremely powerful, long-lasting clitoral stimulator that delivers clitoral suction without the need for direct physical contact. They’re great for when you and your lover just can’t get enough of each other.

The clitoral suction vibrators and toys are solely intended to stimulate the clit through pulsation and air tech. Some brands use patent-protected technology to simulate real-life sexual situations like oral sex, so different toys use different technologies. Furthermore, unlike other forms of adult toys, clitoral stimulation is not dependent on direct contact.

Using delicate air bursts, the clit sucker produces a sensation similar to that of sucking and kissing, but more intense. As it wraps around the area, it is providing indirect clitoral stimulation. Instead of sucking on the head of the clitoris, it wraps around that area.

Vibrations from these unique devices mimic a sucking sensation, enveloping the sweet spot in intense vibrations. The majority of it is waterproof, which means you can use it while bathing or taking a shower. A stunning collection of designs that feature multiple vibrations and suction modes, in addition to pulsing patterns and power levels!

There are usually two buttons on the base: one controls vibrations and the other controls suction. USB rechargeable models are available in discreet packaging.

Similarly to sex, you should start gently, build, and create an atmosphere so your body gets used to it.

Just like sex, you start slow, build and set the mood to give your body time to adjust.

How Do You Use A Clitoral Suction Vibrator?

Make sure the clitoris is snugly fitted. Your sensitivity will determine which kind of fit is best for you. There are 8,000 nerve endings in the clitoris, so begin by light suction. It is very important to know how much you can and feel like handling.

Partnered sexual activity requires you to grasp the handle with your hands or thighs as you are penetrated from behind in a doggy position. You can also have your partner’s fingers or tongue stimulate your vulva for extra stimulation.

If you’re just starting, go slow and low. For those buying these toys for the first time or those who have never played with a clitoris-specific toy, some of them may be very intense.

Although these toys are contactless, you should still use lube. Get lubed up! By using lubricant with these toys, the experience is more enjoyable and comfortable. Moreover, you will not feel like you are having sex with something artificial.

Suction vibrators: Things to consider before buying


Look at the dimensions to make sure you like the size. It may be larger or smaller than you originally assumed. Also check the design, to make sure it’s a good style for you.

Power, settings, and speeds

The settings, speeds and power you choose should be a reflection of your personal preferences and what you feel will give you the most pleasure. There are lots of choices to make and you should base your decisions on what feels best to you, rather than what is “best” according to some manufacturers.

Consider the toy’s settings and speeds, and how it is powered. Battery-powered vibrators are the most common and cheapest, while rechargeable ones cost more money, but give you the freedom to use the toy whenever you want.

Level of noise

It’s always a good idea to use a low profile / discreet vibrator especially if you are concerned about being overheard by the people around you. You could also use a product that has volume control, so you can adjust the sound level to suit your needs. Check the actual product description to see how loud it is. Anything below 40db is very whisper-quiet.

Vibrator Material

A plastic, silicone, or skin-safe rubber product can be used. Plastic is the firmest, the silicone feels velvety and is skin-friendly (the most reputable brands use only medical-grade silicone), and skin-safe rubber possesses a softer, more flexible feel.

Whenever possible, avoid products that contain phthalates (chemicals that make products more flexible), as these chemicals can cause health problems. All of our suction vibrators are phthalate-free. Silicone offers the best comfort.

How Does Clitoral Stimulation Work?

Your vulva is made up of your two outer lips or Labia Majora, the inner lips or Labia Minora, and the inside of your vagina. And just above the opening to your vagina, is the urethra. And just above the urethra is the tiny button that is your Clitoris.

Try different types of touch: stroke, tickle, knead, pinch, or lightly pull your genitals. Try using one or several fingers, the palm of your hand, even your knuckles.

There is more to the clitoris than just a small button. Some nerves run through it. Its sole purpose is to induce pleasure.

It is commonly believed that female orgasms occur as a result of clitoral stimulation directly or indirectly during sexual activity.

You need to stimulate your clitoris to get intense orgasms, however, you choose, through your fingers or a vibrating external device, or indirectly, with penetration or a device that vibrates internally.

A Suction Experience You Won’t Forget

The suction vibrator is different from a typical vibrator. It uses a flexible mouth that makes gentle back and forth sucking motions. This kind of motion is similar to what a woman would experience when a man is using his tongue to gently massage her G-spot. It’s a much more pleasant sensation than the usual vibrator movements.

Suction vibrators don’t constantly draw air in like a vacuum cleaner. It’s not advised that you try to seal the gap between your clitoris and the lip of the toy’s “mouth”. If applied directly to the clitoris, the suction toy can be quite uncomfortable.

The suction vibe’s mouth should be placed close to the surface of your clitoris. Think about the kind of stimulation you want. The same principle holds when using a sex toy if you prefer the warmth of the clitoral hood over the clitoris itself.

The suction vibrator is a game-changer. Most women are shocked and often pleasantly surprised at how fast and how wet they can get when they use a suction vibrator.

Can’t Decide What To Buy?

Do not let sex toys trends sway your decision! You and your lover can both experience a buzz of exploration by choosing a vibe that excites you both!

The more specific the better.”

Despite our enthusiasm for our suction vibrators, it is impossible to truly understand what a suction vibe is until you have tried it.

There might seem to be a lot going on! The choices may overwhelm you. As you make a list of the best ones, you may feel a bit silly and impatient when your order finally arrives. Your first experience with your sex toy might make you nervous, but we’re sure you’ll love it in no time!


How does a suction vibrator differ from a regular vibrator?

The vulva is not typically stimulated with vibrations in air-pulsing toys. Regular vibrators are intended to press directly on the clitoris, while clitoral toys are typically held around the head. The cleaning and charging of rechargeable suction vibrators are similar to that of other toys. Several of them also come with waterproof bodies, so they can be used in the bathtub or shower.

Is the clit suction vibrator a good choice for beginners?

Suction vibrators can be a really fun way to increase your orgasms, particularly if you are unfamiliar with skin-to-skin contact or vaginal friction. First-time users will appreciate these starter toys.

Indirect stimulation is provided by many of these clitoral toys, which wrap around the head of the clitoris. Accessories may also be included with toys so that they can be customized to meet specific needs. Others may have interchangeable heads that can be adjusted according to your preference.

It’s a matter of personal taste, as with all sex toys. The sensation is delightful to some but too intense for others. You’ll find the perfect sex toy by experimenting. Depending on your personality, some toys are overkill and others aren’t enough for you, but if you experiment a little, you’ll discover which one is best for you.

Is it possible to desensitize your clitoris or vagina by using a suction vibrator?

Suction vibrators do not desensitize your clitoris, vagina, or vulva. Vibrating does not desensitize any tissue.

Vibrators can irritate, but anything that repeatedly comes into contact with your vulva is likely to do the same. It is possible to irritate the skin with any sort of stimulation, whether manual, oral or through a device. A vibrator will not permanently harm you unless you don’t use it correctly.

The good news is that it’s hard to use a vibrator wrong if you know how to use one. When using a vibrator, it should feel great, so if the vibration hurts or if it feels uncomfortable, you may wish to stop.

With a vibrator, you can’t hurt yourself unless you’re using it continuously at high speed. A word of caution: You should always make sure that your sex toy is of good quality.

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