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Rabbit vibrators are an icon to the sex toy industry and have gained so much media exposure due to Sex in the City. With popular mentions all over, they ‘re one of the world’s most famous sex toys.

In reality, rabbit vibrators are more intense than the real penis. Typically identified through its adorable bunny ears, rabbits also provide pleasurable clitoris and g-spot stimulation. It would enable you to squirt easier than you can ever anticipate.

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Skillfully crafted, stylishly naughty and seductive, the rabbit vibrators of Wicked Sex Toys are the finest in quality. We also offer multiple variants of these great rabbit vibrators for ladies who want everything, clitoral and internal sensations simultaneously. Our rabbit vibrators are guaranteed to delight with their fun styles and amazing features. With their user-friendly controls, you can quickly intensify 2 hotspots at the very same time, just by pushing a button. Wicked Sex Toys’ naughty selection is designed to inspire women to discover a new universe of fun and limitless fantasies.

Its going to be easier to find your way to extraordinary erotic intimacy once you become the kind of person who is centred enough within so that you can afford to let go with another person.

If you’re desperately looking for a discreet vibrating rabbit or the one with a lengthy shaft plus multiple spinning heads, we’ve got them all! The only step you have to do is browse at all the variants we offer, then choose which one better fits your needs. Another positive part is that you shouldn’t have to worry about the cost because the majority of our rabbit vibrators are affordable.

What Is A Rabbit Vibrator?

If you’re looking for a toy that will be stimulating multiple erogenous zones all at once, look no further than a rabbit clitoral vibrator. The rabbit vibrator is named for its unique and distinctive shape. It is a rabbit-shaped toy, a long, narrow vibrator made for internal use, with rabbit ears. These “rabbit ears” take the form of two small protrusions roughly in the shape of a pair of perky bunny ears. They buzz against a woman’s clitoris while the shaft has beads inside of it that swirl around and stimulate the G-spot of her internal vaginal walls for a double dose of sexual pleasure. When it comes to satiating your arousal, you get the best of both worlds! Newer designs provide far more intense stimulation and vibration patterns to cater to a range of body types.

Why Should I Choose Rabbit Vibes?

Rabbit vibrators provide all of the fun of a classic vibrator with an extra tickle for the clitoris. The shaft and bunny ears are strategically located so they whirl against the most sensitive part of the vagina near the opening, ensuring to take your rabbit experience to the next level! Although rabbits tend to have a shorter insertable length than classic vibrators due to the extra attachment of the ‘finger’, they are still able to pack a punch nonetheless. Using a rabbit vibrator could mean you have a blended orgasm, usually a clitoral orgasm and an internal or G-spot orgasm. They can be truly explosive in ways that each one on their own in separate vibrators simply can’t match.

Things To Keep In Mind Before You Buy a Rabbit Vibe

Bigger Is Not Always Better

With the dual vibration modes of a rabbit, the girth and length are less important. Size is one thing that doesn’t matter if your vibrator has settings that range from a gentle buzz to pillow-clutching clitoral overload.

One Size Does Not Fit All Sex Toy

Read the specs of each rabbit vibrator you see and settle on something flexible and well suited for you. The rabbit ears should be able to reach your clit and the internal dildo must be just enough to satisfy you during penetration.

Buy From Reputable Source

Given the intimate nature, you need to ensure that the materials used for your rabbit are body-safe. There are rabbit vibrators that’ll break down easily. They are made from cheaper, synthetic materials.

Stop analyzing. Use whatever is pleasurable.

How To Use The Best Rabbit Vibrator?

  • Make sure your rabbit vibrator got fresh batteries, or if it’s rechargeable, make sure you’ve charged it for long hours.
  • With rabbit vibrators, it can be especially helpful to study the controls first as they have more buttons than there are on your average non-rabbit toy. There is both a shaft and a clitoral stimulator to work with, so knowing which buttons control which functions, along with the speed, intensity, and patterns, can help you find the combination of settings that’s the most fun for you.
  • Lube makes everything better. Spend a few minutes lubing your lips and make sure you coat your clit because that is where the external clitoral stimulation is going to be focused. For increased comfort and sensation, apply some lube that’s compatible with your toy material to both the vibrator and your body. Or, you may stick with water-based lube, if you don’t know what material your toy is made from.
  • Insert the shaft of the vibrator in the vagina deep enough so that the clitoral stimulator is flush up against the clitoris.
    You might have to adjust your position or the toy so that it’s making contact with the right spots.
  • Once you have everything in the right place begin with the lower-speeds and progress. Starting on the lowest setting can help you gradually increase your pleasure for a stronger climax, but you can also start anywhere then experiment with different levels of intensity as you go.
  • Get creative, remember they’re just as fun for partnered sex as they are for solo play, and do what works for you. You can leave it in place and pulse your Kegels on it for a hands-free experience. Thrust it in and out, turn it around so the clit stimulator is on the perineum, or use it while you’re giving or getting head.

Sex is… perfectly natural. It’s something that’s pleasurable. It’s enjoyable and it enhances a relationship. So why don’t we learn as much as we can about it and become comfortable with ourselves as sexual human beings because we are all sexual.

How To Clean and Maintain A Rabbit Vibrator?

Rinsing with warm water is always a good idea. But, some materials require special attention and you may need to use a gentle toy cleaner. That makes sure you don’t have to worry about bacteria or infections next time you play. However, some people also choose to put a condom on the toy at the beginning, then take it off at the end to protect it. Also, you should have somewhere hygienic to store your toy during its time off.


What is the distinction between a rabbit vibrator and a standard vibrator?

The rabbit vibrator differs from other vibrators due to its special double stimulation format. It has vibrating bunny ears that provide external stimulation of the clitoris along with the inner penetration in one go. In several instances, rabbit vibrations are also intended for G-spot stimulation, making the vibrator among the most flexible in sexual satisfaction. If you’re searching for a new dimension of gratification, the rabbit vibe must be included on your list.

Is it healthy to use a rabbit vibrator daily?

Sex is essential for our health. Individuals who climax intensely and regularly tend to be sick less, have become less miserable, and have a much more optimistic perspective on their lives. Whenever it comes to vibrators, regular usage is not a problem, so feel free to incorporate a bunny into your daily schedule. Better sex is the secret to a happier life, and obtaining that little help can be enjoyable.

Do rabbit vibrators allow anal stimulation?

If you desire to use your rabbit in your anal play, then do it! Most rabbit vibrators can be incorporated with anal sex for full erotic-zone arousal. They are also safe! The clitoral stimulus provides a base that prevents the rabbit from being forced far enough inside. You‘re going to be completely in charge of how much control you apply to the most sensitive and sensual parts.

Now in using a rabbit vibrator, what is the best position?

There is no erroneous or correct position in using a bunny vibe. If your rabbit vibrator has controls that are integrated at the base, then lying onto your side or back would suit well. Some people are flipping over their stomachs so that they can grind with more force against the clit stimulator. When you get the settings modified the way you like, you may want to kneel upright. Keep the base in place using your thighs while moving your body up and down. Additionally, a rabbit vibrator can be controlled by your partner with whatever position that pleases you both.

Can I use a rabbit vibrator with my partner?

Rabbit vibrators, as with most sex toys, can also help to maintain the excitement in the bedroom. You may let your partner take care of the controls, and they’ll just choose how mild or powerful the internal stimulation is. They‘re a nice warm-up before mating. You‘re going to be soaking wet once you’re done with your rabbit, and your partner will get the rewards thereafter.

Are rabbit vibrators good for beginners?

If you’re still figuring out whether you prefer clitoral or vaginal stimulation, rabbit vibrators are perfect for you. Certainly, a rabbit vibrator could make a great beginner vibrator, especially since they have such cute and fund designs. You can let the rabbit ears stroke your clit before you start the shaft spinning to get accustomed to that type of pleasure. Then, experiment with how the different speeds feel as you activate each vibrating sensation.

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