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If you’ve been looking for the best vibrators for beginners on the internet, you’ve undoubtedly found that the options are almost endless, which can be frustrating and intimidating. But kudos to you for devoting this time to your sexual well-being!
Orgasms are one of the most effective ways of self-care, and although you can get there on your own, a little additional support can elevate the experience.
There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all vibrator, but sometimes people have to play with various toys before they discover something that works for them.

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Buying Your First Vibrator

Buying your first vibrator can be as exciting as buying a motorcycle.

Most women go in blindly, choosing the one that seems to be the least provocative and is the least likely to terrify their friends or relatives if they happen to stumble upon it in the flat.

However, just because your friends swear by one toy doesn’t mean it’ll work for you.

It is particularly inhumane to deny disabled people sexual pleasures in their live, when other pleasures have been taken away from them, and I am shocked every time I hear such complaints from disabled people.

So, before you press the buy tab, make sure you know just what you’re looking for in a vibe.

Read about the various varieties of novice vibrators and how to choose the right model for you.

Different Types Of Beginners Vibrators

Vibrators come in a wide variety of styles.

Not everybody likes to get the same vibrator. That means there’s no vibrator that can be called a beginner’s, as everyone’s preferences are different.

When considering what kind of toy to purchase, think about how much fun you want to be getting from the toy and what type of exploratory play it can afford you.

Then, look at the various styles of vibrators and see which toy category better fits your wants and needs. There may be a certain winner, or you may be inspired to pursue different toys.

And if you fall into the latter group, it’s not a big deal—after all, you can still purchase more than one.

Classic Vibrator

This is what most people picture when they think of a classic, non-intimidating vibe. If you’re worried about anything becoming too strong the first time around, this is suggested.

These vibrators may be used both internally and externally. These have a lot of power, but they’re still easy to use for a novice.

The rounded end will find all of your sweet points and hard-to-reach places, allowing you direct leverage over the power and where it goes. Take it with you in the tub for even more fun – most vibes are waterproof!

G-Spot Vibrator

While many people believe g-spot is a “sexual myth,” g-spot is real, as everyone who has experienced, it can attest.

A G-spot vibrator is designed exclusively for penetration and is moulded to reach this particular area of the vaginal canal.

A sex toy known as a G-spot vibrator comes in both female and male versions.

The G-spot, a bean-shaped part of the vaginal canal, is massaged by the female version of the product. It’s an erogenous zone, according to some women, that can cause intense sexual arousal, powerful orgasms, and female ejaculation when stimulated. The male version of the G-spot vibrator is used for both sexual and health purposes to massage the prostate.

G-spot vibrator is not only to be enjoyed with your partner; it can also be used when inserted vaginally during single-sex and coupled with your favourite insertable toy.

The Bullet Vibrator

Bullet vibrators should be your first option if you’re looking for anything compact. They are usually less than the size of your pinkie finger and are not intended for insertion.

Although some are milder, these can be very potent! Pick one with a range of different speeds — it’s a little like a choose your own adventure story!

Occasionally, these vibrators come with a remote control for use with a buddy.

The Rabbit Vibrator

The Rabbit is very versatile due to the fact that you can insert it in your vagina and also use it for clitoral stimulation. As a result, if you’re not used to a lot of activity down there, this can be a little daunting.

Multiple motors in a rabbit-style vibrator enable each component to function at various speeds or in different rhythms. For this reason, rabbits tend to be very costly, but consider it an investment in your sexual health!

Magic Wand

This may be number one on a list of the most famous vibes. Your very own personal massager. You’ve most likely seen them in film and on the internet.

A wand vibrator isn’t supposed to be vaginally inserted, which may be confusing; but, if an external clitoral vibrator is your thing, these are the way to go.

Egg vibe

Eggs are just like Kegel balls and are inserted into the vagina.

This sex toy typically comes with a tail or string for easy removal, and in some cases, remote control for controlling vibration patterns when implanted. Some of them already have their own app for smartphones!

The majority of high-quality eggs are made of body-safe silicone and will have an internal motor with several functions and speed levels. They’re usually quiet, waterproof, rechargeable, and convenient to store or transport.

Oral Simulation

Oral stimulation vibrators are actual adult toys that exist. These vibrators have a vibrating cup head to mimic the sense of oral sex.

For someone who has never used a vibrator before, the style is a bit odd, leaving them a little uncomfortable or nervous.

It can be a lifesaver for many people when they get used to the sensation. Many women have claimed that they have never orgasmed before using either of these!

Finger Vibe

Although this vibrator can be used separately, it’s much better when experienced with a partner.

They normally fit around an index finger and you can insert a little stimulus anywhere you want.

These are the tiniest of the tiny, making them simple to conceal and transport.

Suction Vibrators

Suction vibrators are the newest vibrator to hit the market, but that doesn’t mean they’re any less entertaining.

These vibrators, which are commonly used on the clitoris, utilise blowing and sucking functions to simulate oral sex to offer a distinct type of pleasure. Some vibrate in response to the suction, but not all.

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While this is perfect for clitoris stimulation, it’s still a lot of fun for nipple stimulation. Don’t be scared to use it on yourself or your spouse during partner games.

Why Are Beginners Vibrators So Important?

Here are several ways that using one of the best vibrators will benefit your health and well-being…

    1. A satisfying sex life

When you don’t have a compass to lead you, it may be difficult to figure out whether you want to be touched “down below.” And how would you tell anyone else what you want or hate if you aren’t really aware of your own body? A vibrator can help with this.

Experimenting with a sex device, like a vibrator, will allow you to learn more than manual masturbation by yourself.

In this way, you can broaden the senses enough that you will discover fresh and interesting places to enjoy them. You should do this with your spouse and make your sexual experience more enriched and fulfilling.

    1. Sleep soundly

A healthier, better quality sleep can result from having an orgasm since the sleeping hormone is produced at the climax.

So after an orgasm, you can theoretically get healthier and restful sleep. And you’re well able to tackle the day because you have a full night’s sleep under your belt.”

    1. Beat stress

An orgasm will help you feel better about yourself and strengthen your mental wellbeing. You produce the hormones oxytocin and serotonin as you orgasm.

Since they are related to pleasure, these hormones are classified as the “feel-good” hormones. Orgasms with a vibrator will help you feel less nervous and more confident by boosting these hormones on a regular basis.

    1. Keep your vagina healthy

The use of a vibrator on a regular basis will aid in the maintenance of the vaginal walls. This is because when the vaginal lining is stimulated, it releases secretions that tend to keep the region moist.

This promotes vaginal elasticity, which is one of the ways our vaginal wellbeing is maintained.

The mechanism of opening the cervix, which happens during arousal, will also help prevent infections to the cervix and urinary tract. Which helps to spread the cervix and clear away any excess cervical fluids.

    1. Expand your pleasure horizons

If you really want to have a good time. Using a vibrator would undoubtedly assist! A vibrator is an excellent way to broaden your pleasure horizons, especially if you choose one with several settings and modes.

This increases the likelihood of reaching all of your hot points, culminating in mind-blowing satisfaction and intense orgasms.

    1. A better bladder control

Your vagina contracts as you orgasm; think of it as a mini exercise for the whole region. An orgasm also works the pelvic floor muscles, which improves bladder function. Stronger, more powerful orgasms may be induced by a strong pelvic floor. It’s a win-win situation.

    1. Eliminate pain

Many people say that frequent orgasms help relieve menstrual pains and cramps. Don’t put off using your vibrator when you’re suffering from a headache; it will assist with that as well.

This is due to the fact that during internal and external stimulation, the pain-relieving region of the brain is strongly stimulated, and endorphins are produced, which may soothe nerve impulses that trigger migraines or joint pain.

Here are the Features to Consider When Buying a Vibrator as a Beginner

Silicone material:

Aside from being totally healthy for the human body, silicone transmits vibrations extremely well, is extremely flexible, and is very simple to clean.


Water-resistant toys can be immersed in water to disinfect them, and you should potentially use them in the shower as well.

App and remote-controlled:

A wired software or remote control may be used to control certain vibrators. Since you don’t have to fiddle with hard-to-reach buttons between your thighs, both are excellent choices for those with mobility problems and larger bodies.

Rechargeable vs. Battery powered:

The majority of vibrators may be recharged. Battery-operated is a good option if you don’t mind replacing batteries every few months and are on a tight budget.

How To Clean And Store Your Vibrator

The way you clean your vibrators is primarily determined by the kind you purchase. The major distinctions are between porous and non-porous products. The most basic way to clean a vibrator with any kind of content is with soapy water.

It is normally advisable to keep alcohol or chemical disinfectants clear and to keep soaps or cleansers specially made for use with sex toys if you would like to use additional items for cleaning.

Cleaning your vibrator properly is not just essential for extending its existence, but it is also necessary for maintaining good hygiene – and it won’t take long.

If your vibrator is waterproof, disinfect it with warm soapy water and a good-quality antibacterial sex-toy cleaner before spritzing it. If your vibrator isn’t waterproof, use antibacterial sex-toy wipes to disinfect it before spraying it with antibacterial sex toy cleaner. Then let your toy air dry before placing it away in a secure location.”

Buy Your First Sex Toy From Wicked Sex Toys

There are a plethora of vibrators available, ranging from those that simulate masturbation to those that vibrate in time to some music. The most important factor to consider when selecting a vibrator is the kind of relaxation you want.

Subsequently, choosing the ideal vibrator for you is a quest that does not have to be completed in a single step.

When you combine sexual prescriptions with psychiatry, you’ve got a very powerful treatment

Starting with a less expensive vibrator gives you a variety of opportunities to figure out what you want and then upgrade to a more personalized toy.

Whatever decision you make, remember to spend time getting to know your latest toy as well as your own body. May your life be overflowing with joy!

Here at Wicked Sex Toys, we stock a wide range of vibrators from some of the top manufacturers in the world, all for your sexual enjoyment. Whether you are looking for finger vibe, remote-controlled vibrator, G-spot or P-spot stimulator, etc, you are on the right online store.

Browse through our collection of high-quality sex aids for the item you need and enjoy low prices and discreet shipping.

Beginners Vibrators FAQs

What is a vibrator?

A vibrator is a sex machine with a tiny motor that makes it vibrate. The toy shakes or vibrates at various levels as a result of the engine. 

These sensations are highly pleasurable and can be used to enhance sensitive body parts including the cock tip, prostate, breasts, clitoris, or G-spot. You will have body-shaking orgasms with the aid of these incredible sensations!

Why are they called vibrators?

The term “vibrator” refers to the idea that these adult toys provide pleasurable shaking sensations, often known as vibrations. The word “vibrator” literally means “something that vibrates,” so it’s the perfect name for this toy.

Unlike several other varieties of affordable sex toys, they are often referred to as vibrators, and there are no other generic terms for them.

How do you use a vibrator?

The way a vibrator is used is determined by its type. Others are designed to be used against the cock, clitoris, or even the breasts on the outside, whereas some are designed to be forced into the vagina or anus on the inside. 

In general, place the vibrator against your most vulnerable areas and enable the soothing sensations to rock you to your soul. A vibrator should be placed on any part of the body that feels nice to get the most out of it!

Is it safe to use a vibrator while pregnant?

Yes, the vibrator is definitely healthy to use. Sex, masturbation, and even, internal or outward usage of the vibrator are both healthy during most low-risk pregnancies.

What is the best type of vibrator?

Of course, the safest kind of vibrator is the one you choose to use! The “right” vibrator can vary from one individual to the next, based on their preferences. 

If you choose internal stimulation for your prostate or G-spot, a rabbit vibrator (if you want it big) or a bullet vibrator are reasonable options (if you prefer to keep things small). 

A butterfly vibrator can have all the gratification your clit needs, while an egg vibrator may be rubbed against your breasts, perineum, the surface of your asshole, or the responsive rim of your cock for external stimulation.

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