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Why would you want an Egg Vibrator? All these little sex toys deliver the same stimulating pleasures as larger-sized vibrators do, but are much more subtle and discreet, making them ideal for travelling and sexy solo play.
They are the smallest, slimmest, and most compact vibrators! These vibratory egg types are small enough to keep in your purse, pocket, or bag.
Tease yourself with any of these Egg Vibrators from Wicked Sex Toys! They’re our best sellers and a must for any kind of sex tech collection.
The egg vibrator is something of a multi-tasker, which can thrill and delight you in a lot of ways.
Whether you want an affordable basic egg vibe or choose to get more daring and spend on some of the most latest and innovative orgasm-inducing vibrators around, there is a mini sex toy for everybody.

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Available in a range of shapes, sizes, and textures, we’ve got the best set of egg vibrators.

You’ll find tons of styles and designs, as many of the best sex toy manufacturers are always imaginative in their innovations, from the glittery, glow in the dark to the food-shaped, and anything in between, they tried every possible vibrator feature and design.

Tiny in size, but huge in intensity! Great for a night in or out! Connect now to figure out what you’re searching for.

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What Are Egg Vibrators?

In case you haven’t heard them before, an egg vibrator or “love egg” is a small and discreet love toy. They’re often considered to have a “teardrop” shape.

They come in two different types: wired or wireless. Either way, they’re both satisfying, and each has its benefits. It will just depend on your personal preference.

You can also direct its rumbly vibrations where you want. There are many egg vibrators out there that match the strength of the larger toys.

So, don’t be quick to dismiss this bad boy because of its size.

They can also provide many helpful features, such as being fully waterproof.

Types of Egg vibrators

A single egg vibrator won’t have a control board, which means you’ll have to flip them on and insert them. All these eggs are used to get one sort of sense.

Dual egg vibrators are extremely similar, but instead of just having one component to be added, they have 2. This means that you may place them to various programs or speeds, experiencing different senses in a single device at the same time. Another helpful part of them is dual penetration.

Wireless enjoy eggs could be a great deal of fun not just for you personally, but also your spouse also. A number of them can have larger ranges compared to others, therefore whenever you’re shopping for you should keep in mind just how far you are likely to use it out of. Many are controllable by phone apps, so for individuals in a long-distance relationship, these may be ideal for preserving intimacy whilst off.

Enjoy egg sleeves are also an alternative and wrap around the eggs. Some love eggs will probably include them within a collection, but with other people, you will want to purchase them individually. The sleeve will often be made from exactly the exact substances as the egg themselves and can include more textures or ribbed regions into the top layer of the egg, so altering the stimulation it gives. Keep in mind that these vibrators may not be safe for anal use because they can get lost.

However, what’s the difference between an egg vibrator and a bullet vibrator? The truth is,

Its shape is better suited for internal stimulation because it’s wide and curved — so you’re going to want to invest in one of the best egg vibrators if G-spot stimulation is what you’re after.

Advantages Of Using Egg Vibrators

The egg vibrator is discreet in all facets: size, form, and even sound!

These toys are enjoyable when used with your partner, particularly when they have a prostate. They are the right size and form to position on your partner’s perineum for subtle stimulation.

Because of its compact design, you can take it everywhere.

If you don’t want the noisy whizzing and buzzing tone with other vibrators, you’re going to like this egg vibrator.

It may be used for a variety of things, from anal or vaginal play to stimulation of the labia, clitoris, or testicles as well as penis.

Diverse Stimulating Vibrating Eggs

Egg vibrators are among the most prominent in providing strong orgasms. All the styles are tiny in scale but powerful in intensity.

These are primarily clitoral vibrators intended to stimulate the vagina and for clitoral stimulation.

However, eggs can be used to enhance other hot spots, including the breasts, perineum, prostate, penis, dick head, and much more.

But they may give various sensations to vibrator novices, eggs are a great way for those trying to stimulate their G-spot.

And as their names suggest, egg vibrators also have unique designs and shapes. Egg vibrators are normally bigger and more spherical than normal bullet vibrators.

Also, egg vibrators are more diverse in the aspect of control. Some eggs include a device that you or your partner could use to adjust the speed and strength of even more than seven vibration patterns.

Regarding anal stimulation, it is still achievable, but just on the outer anus region and the perineum. A good egg vibrator can also be regarded as a men’s sex toy.

However, there are newer models of egg vibrators with cords and other modifications that make them suitable for anal penetrative sex.

Are you adventurous? Love to live on the wild side?

Vibrating Love eggs are great for those who want to bring something different to their love life. Imagine you’re going to a party with your man. Make it a sexual rendezvous.

Insert your love egg and hand the remote to your partner.

He can tease you from across the room and the other guests will be none the wiser unless he makes you scream, of course, then they might start to wonder.

A good orgasm is satisfying, but a great orgasm can be a revelation of your deepest being, unfolding the truth of who you are in ecstatic communion with your lover.

They’re great for some teasing foreplay, as you surrender control, literally the remote, to your partner.

The love egg can also be used on your own, either internally, or some eggs will double up as a bullet for external stimulation.

Love eggs can even be used anally for you or him and if you are in your middle-age years, there is recent research from Harvard University that reports some of the benefits of using a vibrator.

Wired vs. Wireless

A great feature about egg vibrators is that they are available in wired or wireless versions.

Wired egg vibes feature hand-held remotes which can easily adjust the intensity and vibration pattern with no need to touch or manoeuvre the toy.

A “plugin jack” style remote control love egg offers additional versatility, as compatible and replacement eggs can be used with a single remote. Some remotes even offer two jacks for dual pleasure!

Wireless egg vibrators are ideal for those who find wires interfere with their playtime. These vibes typically require watch batteries, which tend to have 40 to 80 minutes of battery life. This type of toy is perfect for those who want to test out the experience before investing in a more expensive product.

For people who want top-of-the-line quality, HUSH carries rechargeable wireless egg vibrators. These types of vibrators can be easily charged and can save money – never again will you have to stock up on batteries! Once the vibrator is charged it can provide hours of pleasure; many of these rechargeable eggs are fully waterproof so they can be enjoyed in the shower and bath.


What are the things to consider when getting an egg vibrator?

Finding the correct type of egg vibrator is a must. We strongly recommend listing your desires.

If you want to have a handle on your toy, or whether or not you like one with a wireless remote control egg vibrator, it just depends on your preferences.

Also, it’s necessary to consider your preferred vibrator textures and other necessary features. Start using this as a reference whenever you buy a vibrator.

But apart from tastes, the material is another essential thing to keep in mind when you get a compact vibe.

Before pressing the checkout button, ensure that the vibrating egg is made out of high-quality, non-porous substances like silicone.

What are the best love toys to mix in with your egg vibrator?

Open yourself to a range of options and add a variety of adult toys with this type of small vibrator. Dildos, anal plugs, nipple clamps, and other forms of vibrators, the option is infinite.

Is it possible for an egg vibrator to get stuck in my vagina?

It is quite rare for something like this to occur, but if you’re concerned about this possibility, we recommend you buy an egg vibrator with an extended handle in it.

How should I clean and store my egg vibrator?

This depends on the variant that you have. Check the packaging if the toy is waterproof. If it is, you can wash the egg vibrator in running water with mild soap. Avoid putting water on the buttons or battery compartment part just to make sure. Now, if the vibe is only splash-proof, avoid submerging this vibe on water. Let it air dry. As for the storage, just put this in a clean pouch, and you’re good to go.

Why should I only use water-based lube when playing this compact vibe?

Because a water-based lube isn’t going to cause you infections and wouldn’t ruin the surface of your egg vibrator. You see, oil-based lubes can be risky in your vagina while silicone-based ones can damage your toy (if made with silicone).

Can the egg vibrator stimulate my G-Spot?

Yep! It’s all about positioning, sweetie. Just put the egg 2-3 inches deep. Squeeze your legs for more pressure– and oh, don’t forget to use lube!

Is the egg vibrator beginner-friendly?

Yes! It’s recommended for beginners, especially for the ones who want to keep it low-key. It features a compact size, discreet design, and moderately rumbly vibrations. It’s also flexible and can be used for partnered sex. So if you’re just testing the waters, we highly suggest getting this one.

How to clean the egg vibrators?

Ordinarily, after every use, it would be enough to wash your toy using warm soapy water and then let it dry completely.

Some manufacturers have special cleaners for adult toys, and they function nicely, but if you have any reservations, it’s perfectly fine to only use water and soap.

And, when your toy is using batteries, try to uninstall them before washing to prevent unwanted problems.

Avoid bleaching products, alcohol, and heavy-acid or alkaline substances that might affect your beloved toy.