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Two heads are greater than one, this goes especially true with double-ended dildos. They possess two insertable ends, one that is good to share or one that is exclusively yours! Double-ended dildos do have a realistic, sleek, or just out-of-the-world feel to satisfy a range of distinct preferences. They introduce a marvelous aspect to sex by providing orgasmic gratification to both of you simultaneously.
Double-ended dildos are perfect for pleasure sharing, g-spot stimulation, clitoris arousal, and anal sex. These awesome double dildos provide a deep stimulation sensation above the pleasure that you and your partner will experience.

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To help you discover every aspect of your intimate life, Wicked Sex Toys offer double-ended dildos that can be used with or without the need for a strap. These double dildos encourage you to expand the sensory experiences that you encounter in a lot of different positions.

The is a double-ended dildo available at Wicked Sex Toys for every desire. From impressively smooth glass bits to double fun strap-ons, our collection has all you need to experience a double-ended penetration. Feel free to search our wide range of Double Ended Dildos. Best rates, excellent customer service, and full privacy while shopping; that’s our commitment.

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What Is A Double Ended Dildo?

A double-ended dildo is a form of sex toy that could be used for dual penetration with one partner, or for simultaneous insertion in two partners, offering more choices for solo play, or merely giving you some more to play with. It’s a lengthy dildo with a shaped head at either end for penetration, instead of a full dildo with balls. Double-ended dildos may appear intimidating, since they are longer than the typical dildo, and also have two ends that are normally the same.

Like regular dildos, double-ended dildos are offered in a range of sizes and shapes to help spur vagina or anus stimulation. Although they were initially intended to be used by lesbian lovers, double-ended dildos can now be used by couples of all kinds! They are used for vagina-to-vagina stimulation, vagina-to-anus insertion, or anus-to-anus penetration.

How To Use A Double Ended Dildo

Solo double penetration

Some types of double dildo are used on their own for dual penetration of the butt and vagina, and they also come with varying sizes of dick heads at each end. The normally thinner end is the one inserted inside the butt, while the one with the broader end is best for entering the vagina. A double dildo is perfect for women who love double penetration, and it can also be a turn-on for a lover who thoroughly enjoys watching her lady do the solo act.

We suggest buying the double-ended dildos at the smaller end of the scale, with a strong yet flexible U-shaped structure and a flared end. Before starting, it is necessary to cover both ends with a water-based lubricant, then place yourself ready to play.

Vagina-to-Vagina Stimulation

Double-ended dildos are extremely prominent lesbian toys, particularly long straight ones intended for use by two women. The double-ended aspect of these dildos typically causes two people to be penetrated at the very same moment. Vagina to vagina use is where two women will put the dildo into their vaginas. The dildo could penetrate both at the same time. When selecting a double-ended dildo, you may want to opt for those that offer extra features or provide various textures for much more pleasure, such as dual penetration vibrators, that are like dildos but have a vibratory feature.

Vagina-to-Anus Stimulation

A double-ended dildo that’s quite versatile may penetrate the vagina and anus at the same time. One partner can place it anally while the other is through the vagina. There are many double-ended dildos with a versatile shaft, which can also be bent to enable double penetration. Bear in mind to always wash your double-ended dildo following anal sex, especially if you’re going to use it again for vaginal intercourse.

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Anus-to-Anus Stimulation

Many double-ended dildos can also be used for anal intercourse, so if two partners choose to, they may both use a double-ended dildo for synchronized anal penetration. It’s incredibly simple to do, exactly as you’d do it vaginally, only that you insert it inside your butt. If you’re using it for anal sex, ensure that you wash and disinfect it after use.

Pegging or strap on sex

The strap in some double-ended dildos is ideal for those with a vagina wanting to enter their partner either through the vagina or butt. They are easy to handle and many have flexible angles providing a comfortable fit for both partners, thus enabling a variety of positions while in use. Some new strap variants on double-ended dildos include bullet vibrators, which inject sweet, inducing sensations into the blend for both partners to indulge. Now, for men who want to turn themselves into a double penetration tool, there is another version of a dildo with an added cock ring that gives the user a second penis in the shape of a dildo.

Double Headed Dildo Benefits

All the advantages of double dildos are focused on the satisfaction aspect. There has never been a device where people can experience penetration simultaneously, and this is true for males and females couples, and members from different branches of the LGBTQ community. They are used by over one person at a time, so if you feel kinky and want to enjoy the excitement with your partner, don’t be reluctant to try out any of the double-ended dildos.

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Some advantages include the reversal of roles for a woman. She can now play a masculine role in sex to another female sexual partner, or if her husband or boyfriend is much more subservient and wants to try anal toys without another guy involved. Sex experiences can be greatly improved when these devices are shared, and they are a great way to reignite the passion.


Are double-ended dildos just for lesbians?

These double-ended dildos are one of the most popular sex toys both for males and females, even though their primary intent was to satisfy lesbian couples. They may be used butt to butt, butt to vagina, or vagina to vagina. Built to allow every female partner to place one end while stopping in the middle to rub against one another. Gay and heterosexual couples also learned that double-ended dildos are indeed diverse sex toys, and are used in dual anal arousal.

Double ended dildos look huge, do they hurt?

Irrespective of its size, these toys are not meant to inflict discomfort and pain, under any conditions. So if you ever notice that something is wrong, it’s presumably caused by lack of lube. A basic rule of thumb would be to use as many as you like because lube shortening can be a terrible thing.

Are they more difficult to handle than a standard dildo?

You may think that double-ended dildos are just for people who have lots of sex toys expertise. It’s not true!
Double-ended dildos provide everything a traditional dildo can do, but they are very easy to manage and convenient to use. Some double-ended dildos also vibrate, making them a perfect choice for those curious in sex toys.

Who Can Benefit From a Double Ended Dildo?

Everyone can have a great time using a double-ended dildo. While they’re certainly longer than other dildos, you never have to insert everything inside of you. It’s a fantastic way to explore double penetration to assess just how much you can handle. Some are offered as strap-ons, providing built-in partner sex play.

Is cleaning the double-ended dildo difficult?

No its not! These toys, like most sex toys, can be washed with mild soap and warm water. You may also opt for sex toy cleaners. Either way, the most essential thing to keep in mind is to wash and disinfect your toy before and after you engage in any sex play.

Why do people use double-ended dildos?

With an ever-increasing number of people discovering the pleasure that double-ended dildos can bring to the table (or indeed bed), they are no longer just the toy that makes an obligatory appearance in lesbian porn films. But why exactly do people use double-ended dildos? Let our experts explain all. If you’re looking to very literally ‘share the pleasure’ with your partner, double-dildos are for you. Impressive looking toys comprised of two dildos fused together, our double-ended dildos range between 5 – 13+ inches in insertable length, and are usually made from soft, flexible materials such as PVC or realistic feeling material.

The aim of the game for these dual ended toys is to be super-bendy for a comfortable fit.

And for the double-ended dildo aficionado, we offer the Rechargeable Love Rider Strapless Strap-On in purple, great for those just getting into pegging. For the uninitiated, a strapless strap-on is very much like a strap-on, except it gives a little something back. Instead of being secured by straps, this dildo is held in place by a woman’s vagina. Great for girl-love and pegging-play, this unit goes just keeps on giving. And it vibrates, too! Who could ask for anything more?

Browse our selection of double ended dildos as well as accessories and lubes – orders over $49 are eligible for free shipping.

Double dildos – commonly known as double sided dildos –

Double down with a double ended dildo and, hopefully, experience twice the pleasure with Lovehoney.

A dual end dildo or double dildo is a sex toy that allows simultaneous penetration of two bodily orifices at the same time, or to use different type of ends.

It is designed in the form of two penetrative stimulators (penis shaped or non-phallic) that come separately or fixed on the single shaft.

It is known in Japan as a “harigata”.

Discover double-ended dildos from the brands you trust, like Fetish Fantasy and King Cock.

Just be sure to use plenty of lube! New to the world of dildos? Check out our Guide to Finding the Best Dildos to learn which product is right for you!

Ideal as a couples sex toy, they are long and thick with stimulating textures.

Make sure you use a good quality lubricant and sex toy cleaner to keep yours in great condition.

Each double ended dildo is made from high-quality, body-safe materials. Special waterproof double ended dongs are perfect bath time companions and work well with water-based lubricants.

Extra-soft materials such as silicone or jelly are also available for beginner’s use. Hard, stiff double ended dongs made from durable plastic are also available.

Buy the best double-ended dildos today from the UK’s leading online sex shop, Sex Toys UK.

Enjoy mutual penetration and pleasure with a double dildo. These sex toys were created for lesbian couples who desire a more intimate experience while exploring penetration with their partner.

This style of strapless dildo is secured via an insertable end held inside the vagina by squeezing one’s PC muscles, leaving the longer shaft free to explore.

The best strapless dildo currently on the market is the Union Double Dildo (though perhaps we’re biased!).

All Wet For Her sex toys are made by women for women, and have undergone a rigorous design and manufacturing process to ensure superior quality and useability.

Made of 100% silicone, our double dildos are hypoallergenic and body safe. The bulb of the Union is optimized for firm control that doesn’t slip over time, and a copper wire has been inserted into the shaft to maintain shape and bendability. The Union comes in three different shaft sizes, three neutral colors, and includes a rechargeable and removable bullet vibrator. Double pleasure has never felt so good.

The Union is sure to quickly become a favorite for the two of you and your lover. More than a simple dildo, the Union double dildo becomes an extension of your body without a harness.

By inserting the Bulb part into the wearer’s vagina it will stay in place with the pc muscles and you will be ready to penetrate your partner.

Double Ended Dildos for Double the Pleasure & Double the Fun! Using a dildo as a prop during sex is always a good idea, especially if you’re looking to improve and enhance your orgasms.

The good thing about dildos, in general, is that they can be used for both solo and couple’s plays, depending on your current relationship status. On top of that, if you’re a female and you like adventures with girls, a double-ended dildo is an excellent choice.

They come in a variety of different sizes and types meaning you can pick whatever makes your world spin and dive into an unforgettable adventure.

Some models are rock-hard while others are made of flexible materials that allow you to find the sweet spot without too much hassle.

If you’re willing to experiment and experience stellar orgasms, double-ended dildos are your safest bet. Furthermore, most of them come at an affordable price, which means you don’t have to think too much about your budget

You’ll find the latest and most popular products from manufacturers both worldwide and locally.

Double dildos

The most popular double ended dongs feature a realistic head on each end. This unique design is perfect for couple’s play and sharing.

We offer an array of double penetration options for the choosy dildo owner.

Whether you want a dildo that can be used two different ways, a double dipper allowing you to use both ends at once, or a toy you can share with a partner, you’re sure to find the best dildo for your next doubleheader here at Pinkcherry.

Both of these double dildo numbers are perfectly suited for all sorts of inner sweet-spot stimulation.

Looking for that elusive G-spot? Trying to excite your prostate? Both these will definitely help you achieve either of those quests with ease & great pleasure!

Choose The Right Position

Lay On Your Back

This is a customer favorite, and also one of the easiest ways to use a double ended dildo. Start off by laying on your back, try adding a cushion or two under your waist for additional comfort. Then start to insert the tip of the dildo slowly. If you are using it with a partner instruct them to do the same thing. You can then both slowly move in towards it, slowly thrusting it. Alternatively, one partner can hold the middle, slowly moving it in and out of the both of you.

If at any point using the double ended dildo feels uncomfortable then either stop use or apply more lubricant.

Bend Into A U-Shape

This position is more for solo users who want to experience double penetration. First off start by bending the dildo into a U shape. Then get into a comfortable position. This could be laying on your back, or even squatting over it. Make sure you have applied lubricant to both your anus and your vagina. Once sufficiently lubricated slowly insert one tip into your anus, before inserting the other one into your vagina.

Once both ends of the dildo are inserted hold the middle and slowly move them in and out. You should be able to hold the double ended dildo with two hands, allowing you to vary the speed and depth of both of the ends.

Try It Doggy

Doggy style is one of the most popular positions for sex, so it makes perfect sense to get into this position whilst using your double dildo. Start off by getting on all fours, then have your partner insert, or insert the double dildo yourself. Your partner can then get onto all fours and gently insert the double ended dildo. Once inserted you can then both move into the dildo at your own pace.

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