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Have you ever considered using sex toys to explore sexual fantasies with your partner? At Wicked Sex Toys, we highly recommend that if you want to explore your first sexual experience using a sex toy, then its best to start off your wild journey with a classic vibrator. Of course, these days it is mostly referred to as a traditional sex toy, but this does not necessarily imply that your toy will be archaic, outdated, or less effective.

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In fact, to this very day, manufacturers continue to develop new and fun ways to unleash their wild imaginations in this vibrator category and end up producing some of the most outstanding sex toy designs that are extremely daring and achieve new levels of orgasmic fun.

We are pretty sure that you will be delighted by every bit of experience this range of vibrators have to offer, and will surely return in search of new and greater stimulatory pleasures.

So make sure to purchase your classic vibrator at Wicked Sex Toys. We guarantee that our products are of the highest quality and are available for sale at competitive prices.

What is a Classic Vibrator?

The classic vibrator or traditional vibrator is an elegant, sleek and pleasurable sex toy.

Dicks are delectable, incredible biological structures. The whole apparatus, the size, the way it fits inside, and the precariousness of it all, makes me wonder why people bother to take an interest in anything else in life at all.

Classic vibrators are defined by their unique features which include a pretty long shaft that can become very useful in stimulating the clitoris while also serving as an internal pleasure device.

These sex toys are created from a number of materials which range from plastic to rubber, silicone, and TPE.

The classic vibrators are the perfect go to sex toy for those who are new to sexual play with a toy and are relatively simple to understand and use making them perfect for sensational erotic fun with couples and singles alike.

It gets better for these single users as classic vibrators are perfect for the exploration and discovery of pleasure spots and G-spot, helping you to know more about that beautiful body of yours.

The female body has numerous pleasure spots, and some of these pleasure spots can be located in the vagina. No wonder there is an insane amount of blissful lip-biting pleasure witnessed during penetration.

Also, the G-spot is one part of the body that has allowed millions of women to experience the most intense and mind-blowing orgasms of their lives, for those who are able to find it. If you haven’t then you have probably spent time trying to find yours. This is where curved classic vibrators come in.

In addition to the G-spot, we are sure some of you have heard about the K-spot or A-spot. Well, what can we say, the female body is filled with mysteries and numerous hidden treasures.

Curved classic vibrators are the ideal toy for precisely getting to the right spot for maximum stimulation, without you having to waste any precious time.

Exploring Pleasure Spots With A Classic Vibrator

The A-spot which is located about 7.5cm away from the labia, is positioned on the upper part of the vagina right between the cervix and the G-spot.

Some experts assert that close to 95% of women that play with that pleasure spot, are able to achieve much more intense and multiple orgasms. Imagine having that blissful, lip-sucking erotic pleasure over and over again as you stimulate your A-spot. Heavenly right?  However, to enjoy this sensation at maximum capacity, you would have to exercise your pelvic floor muscle. But trust us, the end result is really worth it.

Classic vibrators which are traditionally shaped work more like bullet vibrators which enhance their precision in stimulating these spots, but because they are much longer and bigger than your bullet vibrator, they are also the ideal choice for internal stimulation and the stimulation of other erogenous zones.

In fact, some women find the simple, basic shape and size of the classic vibrator to be comfortable and safe, as there is nothing too mystifying about them.

Classic Vibrators: Anything But Crude

The classics are called classic for a reason and a good one at that, especially in the case of classic vibrators. These timeless vibrators will sweep you off your feet and take you to an amazing world of insane pleasure with their various vibration modes, tickling and throbbing stimulatory pleasure.

Yes, a classic vibrator at a glance might seem like a pretty simple sex toy with little or no appeal, but once you explore the use of the toy, you will discover just how amazing it is during play.

Classic vibrators usually come with a variety of features such as plain wild shapes, and smooth or phallic texture covered in beads and bumps designed to provide you with that intense stimulatory pleasure you’ve never experienced before and would never want to let go of.

For instance, the Original Magic Wand is considered as one of the most loved classic vibrators that exist. We highly recommend you take it for a ride!

What are the major differences between classic vibrators and other vibrators?

Perhaps you’ve come across a vast range of vibrators in your search for a play buddy and their various distinctive categories were quite overwhelming, making it difficult for you to decide on your preferred choice of vibrator. Well, let us make that decisive process a bit faster by equipping you with the right knowledge on vibrators.

As you might probably have guessed, a vibrator is a sex toy that vibrates to provide stimulation. They can however come in a range of sizes (big or small), shaped like a rabbit, penis, lipstick. or microphone, and are designed to target and stimulate the clitoris and other pleasure spots.

Some are also insertable into the vagina and possess different modes of vibration speed and patterns, depending on the brand. Technically, what you need to understand is that if they vibrate, then they are classified as vibrators.

However, what sets your classic vibrators apart from the other vibrators out there is their elongated shape which was specifically designed to suit insertion.

The effectiveness of a vibrator depends entirely on you, your preferences and the feature of the vibrator that will offer the best stimulation based on those preferences. After all, the main purpose of a vibrator regardless of its shape, is to deliver ecstatic pleasure. So why not find one and give it a try? It might be just what you need!

How to use a classic vibrator

Seeing as the main purpose of classic vibrators is to achieve internal stimulation, they are relatively easy to use.

What works best is to slather a generous amount of water-based lubricant on the vibrator, then slowly insert it inside you till it fills you up. You can switch on the vibrator before insertion or after insertion, depending on how the product was designed and where the buttons are located.

The buttons on some of the products are easy to access and operate during play while others are not really designed that way.

Depending on your level of experience using a vibrator, you can start with the lowest speed setting as you hold the vibe inside you and let it rock your world with that beautiful stimulatory massage feeling.

However, as soon as you’re comfortable with that speed and the numerous patterns it has to offer, then you can increase the speed and explore all the vibration settings according to how wild you want to get.

Features about vibrators you need to consider before buying

The classic vibrator has a traditional design that has stayed unchanged for decades. Because of this, it is referred to as a traditional sex toy.

However, this does not necessarily mean that the device is outdated or ineffective. In fact, most classic vibrator manufacturers have directed their creativity into creating some daring and amazing toys with designs that are exquisite.

Classic vibes are known to feature a slimline design which is actually a trademark look for them. Plastic materials are widely used for classic vibrators and are extremely popular among women due to their insanely cheap price.

If you are thinking of adding a classic vibrator to your collection of sex toys, here are some factors to keep in mind.

Vibration speed, patterns, and power 

Before purchasing a vibrator, you need to know if it is going to perform well in terms of vibration settings like, the speed, patterns, and level of intensity offered.

Technically, the battery-powered vibrators are the cheapest out there and really quite common, while the rechargeable ones are a more expensive variant.

Rechargeable vibrators are much more reliable because you do not have to worry about the cost of constantly replacing batteries before you can satisfy your sexual needs.

Noise Level 

This is very important especially when you wish to explore your fantasies or urgently satisfy your urges in public locations and do not want to be heard.

So when buying a classic vibrator, make sure the product is whisper-quiet. Do not believe whatever info you see on the packet that promises whisper-quiet vibration, always test to confirm.

You could also view the product description for information on the decibel level. Any level below 40db is definitely very quiet.

Product Dimensions 

Always be certain of the dimensions before purchase to make sure you’re happy with the size of the vibrator.

You do not want to purchase something bigger than what you can handle, or smaller than your preferred size. Sometimes the images found on online stores can be misleading, so always make sure it is exactly the way it looks in photos.

Material Type

There are three main material types used in the production of vibrators. They are body-safe rubber, silicone, and plastic. Plastic is considered the most firm out of all three, body-safe rubber has an extremely soft and much more flexible texture, while silicone provides that soft velvety feel with skin-safe anti-allergenic properties.

It is common to see well-known brands making use of only medical-grade silicone for the production of their sex toys.

When purchasing a vibrator or any sex toy for that matter, make sure to avoid anything that contains phthalates (also known as chemicals used to increase the product’s flexibility), as these chemicals are known to cause certain health risks.

Fortunately, none of the vibrators we sell contains phthalates or materials that are harmful to the body, and our silicone toys offer higher values on quality and comfort.

With all these amazing features outlined, why don’t you buy a classic vibrator today?

For every woman who burned a bra, there’s a man burning to wear one.”

You can find your quality classic vibrator at Wicked Sex Toys. Our products are offered with the highest quality and highly competitive pricing that is sure to beat most of our competitors.

You will definitely find what you’re looking for with us.

Get shopping today.

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