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A Guide to Choosing the Best Dildos
When choosing a new dildo it’s important that you know what type will work well with your body as this can make or break whether they are enjoyable in bed! There have been many different styles over time but today we look at some more modern options available that guarantee a mind-blowing orgasm, such as a double-ended dildo and vibrating ones, which can be amazing during foreplay or for full-blown, knee-trembling orgasms.

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What to look for when buying a dildo

1. Size

Not everyone has exactly the same sized holes so if yours isn’t quite fitting then try another size up/down until one fits better than others. You might also want something smaller inside too like anal beads, butt plugs etc…

If there’s no way around having two sex toys don’t worry just use both together! It doesn’t matter which hole either because every woman likes being pleasured differently by their partner depending upon mood and desire. Some women prefer larger sizes while many enjoy smaller versions, especially those using straps-ons and some a double-ended dildo. So find whatever works 🙂

You may want it to end when youre both ready to have another kind of sex, or you may want it to end with an orgasm and ejaculation.

There are also anal toys, designed specifically for penetration into the anus; these may include balls attached to the shaft. Anal play requires special care not least due to its potential risks, including infection, bleeding and damage caused by rough insertion techniques. However, most people manage without problems, provided proper hygiene precautions are taken and things are taken slowly. Silicone lube helps prevent friction burns between skin and dildo and keeps things smooth all round.

2. Material

Most silicone-based sex toys tend towards flexibility, making sure everything feels good against sensitive areas whilst still feeling firm enough where there needs to be some push e.g clit area and g spot.

Also remember, once inserted correctly, even harder glass and metal objects won’t hurt! Many lubricants contain silicon oils allowing softness yet staying slippery throughout contact. Most importantly, choose wisely, that is, avoid cheap looking products often containing chemicals that are not suitable for this kind of product. Choose quality brands only! Always read labels carefully! Don’t buy anything unless 100% confident! Remember safety comes first!

3. Shape

Dildo dicks come in various shaft shapes, ranging from straight through curved, and tapered/flared. They’re usually divided further down according to the shape at the bottom- OO shaped with balls and Suction Cup Dildos?”>suction cups- cylindrical at the bottom and can be either flat bottomed or domed. All kinds offer great pleasure though sometimes cylinders feel less flexible and oo shapers give greater control, enabling deeper thrusting action and extra stimulation along the entire length. Try several till finding the right fit.

For beginners start off small diameter. Then gradually increase girth over time. This allows gradual introduction leading eventually to more closely approximating the real cock experience!! As mentioned above ensure correct sizing or risk discomfort!

 4. Vibrations

A lot depends here really since vibrations vary greatly across manufacturers, meaning each model offers slightly differing levels. However, generally strong low-frequency buzzes stimulate clitorises causing intense sensations, whereas high frequencies create waves, stimulating the G Spot much easier and creating orgasmic feelings deep within!

Some USB rechargeable devices or vibrators powered with batteries have dozens of pulse settings, intensity levels, vibration patterns. Others simply pulsate continuously providing constant sensation! Experimentation should never stop. And yes men love watching ladies climax.

When you are having really hot sex with your honey, tell your friends. Brag. Let everyone know you have a satisfying sex life.

5. Price

Of course, prices range widely dependent partly on materials, brand, functions, plus packaging costs involved, and shipping charges. But ultimately cheaper models aren’t necessarily bad nor expensive choices overall much better, although obviously pricier items mean higher-end designs generally offering superior craftsmanship and longer-lasting performance!

Check the ratings on products within your budget range when making your next order. Here at Wicked Sex Toys, we stock products from tried and trusted manufacturers.

6. Dildo Realism (with veins)

For Vibrating Dildos“>realistic sexual experiences, consider dildos with veins and blood vessels. These mimic actual male anatomy perfectly! Texture varies considerably among companies, producing varying degrees of realism.

In general, softer textures provide smoother surfaces ideally suited to beginner users, whilst firmer texturing provides increased grip-enhancing power! Pulses that mimic blood flow add additional excitement, providing depth and perception and helping enhance arousal level immensely! Plus realistically coloured flesh tones add authenticity with added enjoyment.

Why Use a Dildo?

Dildos are phallic-shaped sex toys designed for vaginal and anal penetration. They are typically designed for use with a partner or with a vibrator. They are commonly made of silicone, plastic, rubber, and/or glass.

They can be used for solo play or with a partner. Some people find them to be safer for solo play, while others prefer to use ones in conjunction with sex toys like a vibrator.

They can also be used as a way to help people who are unable to have sex with a partner, such as those who are unable to have orgasms or people with physical or emotional challenges.

Types of Dildos

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Where to Buy Dildos

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