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Vibrating butt plugs or anal vibrators are sex accessories that were specifically designed to provide anal stimulation.
They are popularly used by both men and women. Most anal vibrators are created to feature a slim shaft so that it is easy to insert, and also come with ridges or bumps for stimulation.

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What Are Anal Vibrators?

One of the main purposes of anal vibrators is to massage the prostate gland.

Stimulation of the prostate can provide male users with powerful orgasms, and many people refer to it as the G-spot in men. To ensure that they are more friendly with the prostrate, most anal vibrators are designed with a pliable shaft so that it is easy to position where you want it to go.

One of the most valuable things we can learn from open sexual lifestyles is that our programming is changeable.”

Vibrating butt plugs are also amazing when it comes to anal play, as they provide users with that feeling of fullness during use.

Note that it is very important to make use of a good anal lubricant when you want to play with your anal vibrators.

Types of Anal Vibrators

Sex toys created to provide the best anal stimulation are available in three different variants.

Vibrating Balls and Anal Beads

Vibrating Balls and Beads feature some beads or balls that are coupled together in a retrievable cord. They are also capable of producing different levels of vibration patterns and speed.

The toy’s insertion and pulling out is sure to give a pleasurable experience. When the anal beads or the balls go through the sphincter, they provide intense orgasmic arousals to the user.

The vibrating anal beads exist in a range of sizes from big to small. Those who make use of the larger ones are considered professionals or advanced users in anal play.

The vibrating balls and beads are mostly created using body-safe plastic, metal, latex, rubber, silicone, or glass, with a small ring that is designed to allow the user to easily extract it from the anus.

Vibrating Anal Probes

Vibrating Anal Probes are suitable for people who newly want to explore anal play, this anal toy is small and has a size similar to that of a finger.

Considered beginner sex toys, vibrating anal probes are smaller than butt plugs but possess the same or similar features when it comes to vibrating patterns.

If you are curious or open to the idea of anal play and wish to try it out for the first time, then vibrating anal probes are the perfect choice for you.

Designed with a smaller frame, the toy’s purpose is to easily slide through the hole and produce stimulating vibrations.

Vibrating Butt Plugs

These butt vibrators were designed to remain inside the anus while producing intense erotic vibrations.

The interesting aspect of its design is that these butt plugs can remain in the anal canal while you explore other fun activities with your partner.

Though some bear a remarkable semblance to penises, others exist in ribbed or wavy plug variants.

Vibrating butt plugs are mostly made with materials such as wood, metal, silicone, latex, stone, glass, and neoprene.

To explore fun fetishes and enact role-play ideas, you can purchase thrusting anal vibrators that come with attached ponytails.

From ass worship to spanking and anal sex, you can make use of these anal sex vibrators to fulfil most of your sexual fantasies.

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How To Pick The Right Anal Vibrator For You

As numerous anal vibrator choices exist in the market, while some may work perfectly to suit your needs and desires, others may not. Here is how to figure out how to select the anal vibrators that work best for you.

Choices for the Beginners

While you might feel hyped or excited to use an anal vibrator for the very first time, always bear in mind that your safety should come first!

For beginners, thin, moderate-sized, silicone toys are recommended to enjoy the wonderful stimulatory pleasures of the anal vibrator.

Usually, thin vibrators function in both ways as women can also use them for vaginal insertion besides the basic anal play. Vibrators made with silicone are soft and do not need that much pressure to be inserted into the anus.

As a beginner, you should consider choosing a toy that features a wider base and a thin tapered tip. It helps to tease with the toy rather than shove it in at the first go. Also, these thin anal vibrators are very useful in foreplay by using them to gently caress your partner’s clitoris, nipples, and neck till they become sexually aroused, Once you are both horny, you can proceed to slow anal penetration.

For Experienced Users

If you have already garnered enough experience in exploring the world of ass worshipping and anal intercourse, then you can also opt-in for some large, heavy, and thick anal vibrators for both men and women instead of the thin ones.

You can always choose from the latex material ones that easily penetrate and be pulled out while delivering the ideal level of vibrations.

The intense swing of the cordless and corded variants can be selected to enjoy anal orgasms and intense stimulation at its peak. Women can also make use of two toys at the same time for extra fun on the bed.

Functions Of The Best Anal Vibrators


Located at the tip of the vibrator, its function is to rotate in 360 degrees and is suitable for those who want to be adventurous with their partner. However, the circular motion provided by the swing function may not suit the taste of every user.

If you experience the slightest discomfort, then it is best to stick to only vibrations. Note that it is best not to try too hard in achieving or else you might harm yourself.


This is one of the basic functions of these anal sex toys, hence the name, anal vibrators. Once you turn the switch of the vibrator on, you can feel the suiting and gentle vibrations which can be increased or decreased to meet your satisfactory needs and comfort.

Women who use anal vibrators are known to enjoy intense arousal as these sex toys can also be used to stimulate the vagina, anus, and other pleasurable spots on the body.


This feature allows you to move the male anal toys both inside and out like a penis. Also called thrusting vibrators, they give an equal amount of pleasure to men during sex. They are hands-free, however, the user needs to be careful with its length as the anus does not expand the same way the vaginal cavity does during sex.

How To Use An Anal Vibrator

Firstly, have a conversation with your partner. Some might consider anal sex to be scary or inappropriate while others might jump at the opportunity and wish to experiment.

Surprising your partner with anal penetration is not the ideal way to go about things. You need to sit down and have a talk so you both understand the basics of it and have fun together.

Make sure to use enough lubricant, as the anus does not lubricate itself, unlike the vagina. Hence, you need a sufficient amount of lube for easy insertion.

Before trying to penetrate, slather a generous amount of lube on the vibrator and your anus, so that you do not cause harm to the tissues. Those who fail to make use of lubricants might go through an extremely painful experience.

If you are unable to lubricate the deeper parts of the anus, then you can make use of an injection to fill the cavity with lubricant.

Always start with a slow build-up. Don’t just rush straight for the anus without going through a little bit of foreplay to set the mood. One of the most amazing aspects of female anal vibrators is that can also be used to simulate various erogenous parts of the body to boost sexual arousal.

Take things slowly, let the anus embrace the sensations that come from the new device. You can also start by using your fingers before gradually moving on to the toys.

Wetness (or lack of wetness) is not an indicator of how excited a person may or may not be.

Benefits Of Purchasing Anal Vibrators

Anal vibrators are the best alternative to sex during periods. If you do not want to stain your mattresses, then get your hands on anal vibrators for women and explore some intense, penetrative adventure.

These toys do not only allow you to explore different fetishes and fantasies, but they also get rid of the fear of unwanted pregnancies.

The anal cavity has a lot of nerve endings that make it insanely pleasurable for both men and women to enjoy the powerful thrusts. Male anal vibrators are the ideal device for prostate massage and male masturbation.

In essence, anal sex requires a whole lot of fun, foreplay, and seductiveness to make it worthwhile and experience intense orgasms. Either as a beginner or at an advanced level, both male and female users need to make sure they are careful and do not themselves or their partners during play. Take it slowly and you will be surprised in the end!

Take Anal Play to the Next Level

Before venturing into a world of erotic fun with an anal vibrator, try taking the first step with a traditional anal plug. Starting your anal experience slowly with a toy that is smaller and without vibration is recommended for beginners who are new to anal stimulation.

Always make sure to use enough lube when playing with a sex toy, as they help increase anal pleasure and ensure easy insertion.

Once you’ve become accustomed to the sensation of anal penetration, then you can advance to using a vibrating anal dildo. Your butt play will experience a whole new level of orgasmic pleasure with its intense and powerful vibration modes.

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Female Anal Vibrators

As a woman, making use of an anal vibrator can greatly intensify sexual arousal and pleasure. It is crucial to note that it is unwise to use a vaginal dildo, clitoral vibrator, or G-spot vibrator to explore anal pleasure. Make sure to use a toy that was purposefully made to explore anal fun, and was designed with a flared base that stops it from getting stuck inside.

There are numerous fun ways to explore ass play including using an anal vibrator during masturbation with a partner. A vibrator with a multi-speed function could help spice things up and give you the excitement and arousal in all of your pleasure spots.

If you plan to witness lip-biting pleasure from both angles, try using a double penetrator! Just be certain to use a lot of sex lubricant on the anus as it does not lubricate itself. Start your ass play journey as a newbie, with a regular butt plug before advancing to a vibrating anal toy. This will help get you comfortable and accustomed to anal play.

Male Anal Vibrators

Also considered vibrating prostate massager, anal sex toys for men are designed to stimulate the erogenous zones in the anus and provide mind-blowing orgasms. Similar to the way women have a G-spot, men also have prostate or pleasure spots (P-spot).

This makes it possible for men to reach orgasm and maximize their pleasure by stimulating their prostrate with an anal vibrator. Known as a very sensitive region of the male anatomy, the prostate is a pleasure spot most newbies don’t know about.

Anal vibrators double as a prostate stimulator and massager, thereby enhancing pleasure, and intensifying sexual fantasies.

If as a man you’re new to butt play and you’ve never used an anal vibrator before but would like to give it a whirl, it is advisable to start with a traditional butt plug or practice rimming with your fingers.

Male vibrators are created with different materials such as silicone, plastic, rubber, etc. Make sure to use a water-based lubricant if you’re using an anal vibrator made with silicone. Some anal sex toys are harness compatible are can be strapped on, so you can plough your partner, and show them just how good intense anal lovemaking can be.

How to Prepare Yourself for Anal Play

Getting yourself ready for anal play requires the following basic preparation procedures on your part:


Slowly stretch your anal cavity to a point where the effect of penetration becomes a pleasurable experience.

I must confess, suspicious of those who denounce others for having too much sex.

Note that there is a certain limit to how wide you can stretch your anus without causing yourself harm especially as a newbie.

It is always sensible to start your experience with smaller toys then slowly advance to bigger and bolder toys with their varying features.

To slowly stretch your rear, start by inserting a finger in the ass, then carefully insert the tip of the vibrator, and then slowly work your way to full penetration. By doing this, you will avoid harming or putting undue stress on the body.

Be Mentally Prepared:

People often overlook that they or their partner who is new to anal play, need to be mentally ready before they can start the experience.

Even if you purchase the best anal vibrator on the market and start using it without first going through the proper mental preparation, the feeling of fear and guilt might set in and ruin the experience.

When using a butt vibrator, bear in mind that there is nothing wrong with gaining pleasure from this type of stimulation. Let go of fear, doubt, guilt, and shyness. Simply surrender to the orgasmic pleasure that is sure to overcome you.


Buying the best vibrator for anal sex becomes futile if you won’t enjoy using it. A lot of women and men make the mistake of not properly cleaning themselves before having anal sex or playing with their anal vibrators, which can lead to a messy and unpleasant experience.

Your ass does not have to be a dirty place, after all, we are not mindless savages.

Using a good anal douche can help fix this hygiene issue, or you can properly wash your anus with enough soap and warm water. You can also make use of baby wipes to ensure it is absolutely clean.

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Anal Vibrators FAQs

Do I need to use a lubricant with my anal vibrator?

Yes, this is very necessary! Unlike the vagina, the anus is incapable of lubricating itself, so using lube is important. Anal lubricants are thicker when compared to water-based lubricants, which means they last longer and prevent and do not require regular reapplication during sex.

How do I achieve the best stimulation and pleasure from my anal vibe?

This technically depends on your preference and what rocks your boat. For example, women receive intense pleasure from anal stimulation itself while men get theirs from prostate stimulation. Explore and experiment with your body till you find the preference that works best for you.

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