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Our fifth sense, the sense of smell, is hugely powerful, which is why the sensual scents you wear can be a distinguishing feature and can be overwhelmingly enticing. Research findings suggest that sexual interactions could be intensified where smell has been taken into account, with more satisfying sexual activities and higher levels of sexual arousal for all sexes. They will flood your sensory inputs with pheromones and attract you seemingly to other people, and vice versa.

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Natural scents found in fragrant oils and other aromatic goods are of crucial significance when it comes to sexual stimulation. Certain scents are overwhelmingly aphrodisiacs for women, while others are pleasant enough to mesmerize even the serious male. Everything you need to do is learn to trust the strength of these magical bedroom buddies.

My vibrator is sitting in plain view on my nightstand RIGHT NOW. And, so what? Sexual health is health. Tending to one’s health sexual or otherwise should be a source of pride.

So, if your sex drive keeps letting you down, then it’s time to indulge yourself with those delicious smells and just get back into play. Whether that’s eau de parfum candles, incense, diffusers, fragrances, air fresheners, essential oils, or some other product that brings aphrodisiac properties to your atmosphere, acknowledgement of smells and fragrance will add a different dimension of sex.

At Wicked Sex Toys, we believe that the delicious scent promotes positive body image, improve confidence, and provide a vital aspect of self-care. We are delighted to offer you a range of scented goods that will make you feel beautiful and motivated. Today, with our range of Erotic/Aphrodisiac Scents and Aromas, you may indulge in a completely alluring fragrance of sage, lavender, or ylang-ylang anywhere. Never doubt the power of a glamorous scent and the impact it can unconsciously convey to others.

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Scents Suggestions Perfect for Sexual Stimulation

Below are some of the scents that could sparkle your senses, trigger your aphrodisiacal sensations that could take your mood to a new level within minutes.


Vanilla is an aroma that we all know, it is pleasant, warm, and calming. It progresses steadily and is existent throughout the whole day and even beyond. Vanilla is long known to be a natural aphrodisiac. In the 1700s, doctors would strongly encourage the use of vanilla to male patients to withstand potency. And, traditionally, from the Mayans to the French, the smell has been attributed to sexual drive. The welcoming scent of vanilla has a melancholic effect, establishing a sensual mood.


Because lavender functions so well to relieve tension, it allows people to reduce their inhibitions inside the bedroom. It improves the volume of blood to the human genitals and increases the sensitivity of a person. You may use several perfumed lavender candles or go for lavender oil then start exploring one another with a nice massage. Or maybe a sensual bath with a drop of lavender oil, just to get you going.

Ylang Ylang

Considered to be among the most effective aphrodisiacs, ylang-ylang stimulates libido and sexual desire among couples. It invigorates you, amplifies sensuality, and is fantastic for sex exploration.


Jasmine is perceived to be the most seductive of all organic scents. It’s been used for romantic purposes for several centuries, especially in Asian countries. This exquisite white flower produces indole, a substance found close to the actual genitals, which is inherently related to sex. Jasmine is lush, but also gentle and seductive, creating sensations of exuberance and confidence. It boosts your morale and contributes to the intensity of energy. Historically, it’s been used to overcome impotency, dysfunction, and premature ejaculation, due to its potent erogenous benefit. You should mix it with sandalwood, citrus, and rose oil and go for a sweet-smelling bath.


Spicy but cool! The scent of ginger is already documented to enhance the systemic circulation, circulating blood to every section of the body, particularly the sex organs. Flavourful and warm scents can contribute to sweating, which would increase hormones leading to heightened sexual arousal.


It’s been around for over four centuries and is used as an aphrodisiac, one of the most popular male scents. Sandalwood has a dreamy, woody aroma that is ideal for aromatherapy oils and perfumes. Relieves stress, soothes muscles, and is very well regarded for its aphrodisiac qualities. Women are specifically activated by a sandalwood base note, contributing to a burst in attraction and a high mood all through sex. It is known to intensify sexual reactions and cause greater orgasms in men, ensuring a great time in bed. The soft, woody, aromatic fragrance increases bodily sensuality and allows couples to feel more sexually liberated.


The aroma of citrusy orange can become very invigorating, making people feel refreshed and even a little younger. It allows the shy first-timers to loosen up and discover the unexplored, just empowerment of the senses! No wonder, though, that the scent of citrusy fruits has found its way through skincare products, shampoos, and bath products. Apply a few drops of citrus oil close to the wick of the candle, then let the flame kindle a spark of excitement in you, as well!


Everybody will conclude that cinnamon is among the most pleasurable scents in the world. The honeyed fragrance of this spice has been shown to enhance the blood flow to the genital area. Dab just a little cinnamon oil behind your ears as well as on the pit of your mouth to smell as delicious and pleasant as the cinnamon.


Ginseng has earned its reputation for several years as one of the best aphrodisiacs throughout the world. It’s stimulating and aromatic, the zesty smell is nice, comfortable, and pleasant to wear. Its popularity as a sexual superpower is very well-earned as it tends to enhance libido, optimize performance, and enhance sperm quality and production.


The fragrance is sensual and sultry, without being so intoxicating. As an essential oil, amber can improve intimacy by boosting blood supply and rejuvenating hormones.


Peppermint stimulates the sexual appetite of women and enables them to experience multiple orgasms. The relaxing, minty fragrance often enhances confidence, refreshes the breath as well as is a remarkably good scent for the overall sensory experiences.

I was amazed on how early some of the sexual fantasies originate and how rigid and constant they remain across a persons lifetime.


Most woody base fragrances, such as patchouli, induce the best aphrodisiac responses as they can activate hormone receptors. Modern patchouli representations are stylish and sensual, with something like a boho-chic base.

Sensual Scents FAQs

What are the safeguards for the use of scents and aromas?

The smell can pull back memories, so don’t ever use the massage oil that brings back negative feelings connected with it to yourself or your partner. So, it would be best to express to your partner your plans to use aromatic oils and to select the scents that will suit both of you.

Don’t go overboard while you’re using them. Excessive use may also have anaesthetic and sedative adverse impacts. When using them in a massage session, always mix them with carrier oils such as jojoba, almond oil, sunflowers, and olives, because they’re too strong in their maximum strength.

Is scent an aphrodisiac?

The smell is connected to our sexual interest, and some experts suggest that hormones emitted from the glands mostly in the crotch and armpit serve as effective sexual attractors in the way that pheromones do. It will leave you feeling sexier and more desirable. The level of confidence that a perfect scent can offer, plus the sexy chemical mixture that it makes, can undoubtedly be a huge turn-on.

Why do I enjoy certain aromatic fragrances, but not the others?

We’re all conditioned to enjoy some of the smells and hate some. We are born with certain preferences and dislikes, as well as an aversion to some smell and taste. Our reaction to scent and fragrance is attributable to our experiences. Familiarity tends to modify and attach to certain scents, and we create an elaborate smell bank of perceptions and memories. All of this recorded knowledge dictates whether or not we like a scent.

Are natural scent oils safer than synthetic ones?

Modern perfumes are based on a combination of natural and man-made substances. But, each of them has equal importance to a perfume maker. Natural oils derived from flowers, fruits, and leaves, herbs, and resins are blended along with synthetic oils to intensify organic essences or to allow them to flow with scents that are very distinct from anything that you have smelled before.

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