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The prostate gland is a tiny gland that can grow into a chestnut-sized gland in later years. It lies beneath the bladder and is accessed from the anus. Basically, it’s the male equivalent of the woman’s G-spot. Sperms tend to last longer and are stronger when the fluid it produces is present.

In a similar manner to the G-Spot, this specific area can also cause intense climaxes. But just how intense? Around a four-fold increase from your normal climax. No joke. The climax is that powerful.

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There are several challenges when trying to stimulate this spot. Your prostate is difficult to find. Fortunately, prostate toys can help you get in there and “own” that elusive P-spot. With a little daring and experimentation, almost any man can experience intense pleasure from a well designed and used prostate toy. Prostate stimulation is now so accepted and so liberally approved by our culture that new and exciting prostate play options are becoming available almost daily.

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No matter what you’re looking for, from an app-controlled prostate massager to a flexible body, we have the right product for you. Our selection of prostate toys at Wicked Sex Toys caters to your sexual cravings. All orders are delivered discreetly.

What is a Prostate Massager?

A prostate massager is a male sex toy designed to stimulate the prostate gland. Prostate gland stimulation is one of the keys to stronger and more satisfying erections. Erections that last long enough for men to experience stronger orgasms.

Any man who wants to have great anal penetration should own a prostate massager. It will help your sperm count and quality. It’s one of the most pleasurable sex toys for men.

To start, let’s go over anatomy. Males have a prostate, a small gland situated 2 to 3 inches beyond the anus. It’s packed full of nerve endings. Proper sexual stimulation can lead to intoxicating, full-body ecstasies.

Ejaculating typically feels good—localized to your genital area. However, when you use a prostate massager to “rev up” your prostate, you actually get an endorphin rush that sends ripples of pleasure throughout your entire body. Your body will respond by flooding your bloodstream with testosterone which will give you rock-hard erections and intensifying your sex drive. You’ll have an amazing “perk-up” all over. You’ll be more alert, more focused, and ready to take on the world.

Prostate stimulation is the best way to help a man achieve an intense, prolonged sexual experience. Most male sex toys for men are similar in appearance because they all strive to stimulate the prostate. However, this is one type of male sex toy which is specifically designed to hit that “prostate button.” This makes it the best sex toy for men.

Although there are variations, most of them are friendly to beginners. Some are small and vibrate quietly, while others have a slightly bigger profile. And some of them have an extra piece that stays put during use, helping to keep the vibe going while you move and have fun! This prostate massager is also great for couples and can be used by either partner, alone or with a partner.

How To Use A Prostate Massager

Using a prostate massager is very easy. In the same way as any other anal toy, you’ll soon discover it’s a fun, easy way to provide yourself with extra orgasms.

First, you’ll want to coat your sex toy with lube and also include your anus. (Be sure to use plenty of lube.)

After you’ve warmed up your sphincter, gently insert the tip of your finger into your rectum. Be very careful not to thrust your finger in too far or you could injure yourself. Start with gentle circular motions and work your way up to the point where you can actually begin to gently stretch out the muscles of your sphincter. Rest frequently, and as you gain experience you can add more of your fingers. The prostate massager will start to find its own position, and you’ll be able to start to feel more and more relaxed.

Once you’ve been using your prostate massager for a while, you won’t need to do this prep work every time. You’ll be able to skip this part and move right into the fun stuff.

Change the amount of pressure you apply. You can adjust the prostate massager manually or adjust how you are positioned. You can even sit on it for a deeply stimulating experience! Alternatively, you can rock it back and forth to mimic the stroking motion of your finger on the prostate.

The fun part is exploring the different vibration patterns. If you have a vibrating prostate massager, you can simply relax and let the machine take care of the rest. A variety of patterns can be tried, and the fun can last hours.

You could even have sex with it in! Using a prostate stimulator can increase orgasm and ejaculation to a level that makes it highly enjoyable!

You can choose whichever method suits you best. Play around with your new favourite toy and get creative!

Different Types Of Prostate Massager Devices

Sex toys are all about variety, and prostate stimulators are no exception. They come in all shapes and sizes, from the simple and cheap, to the very posh and expensive. Some are designed to look like a penis and are usually made of soft, rubbery material. Others are more discreet in appearance, and are often (but not always) battery operated. The best and most common is the insertable, curved section attached to a base to prevent it from slipping into the anus.

Over the course of time, as technology improves, so will these devices. They’ll have a growing list of features, which will make them a more valuable tool for men.

Vibrating prostate massagers

These prostate massagers are one of the best ways I know to experience an intense, long-lasting prostate induced orgasms. Often they’ll have different vibration patterns, so you can find the one that works for you, or you can experiment with different strengths until you find the pattern or intensity that makes your orgasm the best it can be.

Vibration is a great male enhancement technique. It stimulates the nerve endings in your penis to increase blood flow and sends tiny electrical signals to your brain that gives you a sense of euphoria. Vibration is especially helpful if you have ED. But don’t expect to wake up one day and find a new erection. With regular use, you will probably notice an improvement.

Many prostate massagers also come with a remote control, so that you can adjust the settings without constantly reaching down.

Prostate massagers with perineal arms

Their bases are similar to standard versions, but they have a second arm instead of the usual flared or T-bar base. The device rests on the perineum (the layer of skin between the scrotum and the penis) and massages the prostate from outside.

Prostate massagers with cock rings

A male sex toy with two functions! Whenever they experiment with anal sex, many men find that their penis isn’t hard enough to stay that way. That’s where these prostate massagers come in handy. Blood is trapped in the penis when the cock ring is worn, encouraging erections, which is enhanced by the prostate stimulator.

Comehither prostate massagers

They’re one of the coolest prostate toys. They look a little like rabbit vibrators, but aside from vibrations, the arms move back and forth in to simulate the motion of rubbing a gland.

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Different Materials of Prostate Massagers

This sex toy is usually made from metal, or from a silicone material. Neither of these choices is a huge limitation when it comes to choosing a prostate massager. These two materials will give you everything you need when searching for your perfect prostate stimulator, you will still have an orgasm that is second to none.

Silicone prostate massagers

Comfort is the major benefit of using a silicone prostate massager over a metal one. It is far more flexible, and easy to use. The silicone prostate massager typically appeals to beginners because it is simpler to use than a stainless steel model. Vibrating prostate massagers are usually made from silicone, so you’ll need to choose one made from this material if you want vibrations.

Metal and stainless steel prostate massagers

You can think of them as the sturdy older sibling to the prostate massagers. Inserting them feels cold, hard, and punishing. Stainless steel toys allow you to exert much more pressure, so if a light massage doesn’t work for you, this might be the answer. As an additional perk, they’re easy to heat or cool, so you can play around with temperatures if you like!

The only important thing to note is that if you choose a silicone prostate massager, you should never use it with silicone lube. It will break down the silicone prostate massager and cause some nasty reactions to happen inside your rectum. In contrast, stainless steel toys are compatible with any kind of lubricant. To clean them, simply wash them in warm water with mild, unscented soap or wash them with a sex toy cleaner.

Waterproof toys can be submerged in water and gently scrubbed while submerged. Splashproof toys, on the other hand, cannot be immersed in water. If you want to clean them, just run them under the tap or clean them with mild soap and a damp cloth. Water should not reach the charger, power port, or buttons.

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For toys with remote controls, cleaning the remote is minimal. To keep your prostate toys fresh, you should store them each in a satin or velvet pouch once they’ve dried up.


How should prostate massagers be cleaned and maintained?

There are several important considerations when using prostate toys. For example, the main material the toy is made of will determine what type of sexual lubricant you can use with it. If the toy is made of body-safe silicone, you can’t use silicone-based lubricants; instead, use a water-based anal lube.

To clean your new sex toy, you can use water and soap, or you can use one of the many types of sex toy cleaners available. You may also want to refer to the sex toy’s manual for directions.

How does it feel to use a prostate massager?

Those of you who have explored prostate massage may have an idea of what it involves, and why it might be beneficial.

The experience of a prostate massage can differ greatly depending on the individual, and every man will have a different experience. Using different prostate stimulation devices can also make a significant difference; vibrating prostate massagers, for instance, create a very different sensation.

Other than pleasure, what benefits does prostate massage provide?

Prostate massagers are one of the oldest medical techniques used for male sexual health in treating chronic prostatitis. It was only in the 1990s that doctors started using prostate massagers along with medication. Nowadays it’s one of the most effective remedies for treating erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. Others believed that these massagers prevent prostate cancer.

Prostate massagers are well known for their pleasing effects on men, who have given the prostate gland the nickname “P-Spot.” A growing number of people are aware of prostate massagers since the internet boom began. There have then been various prostate toys created as a result.

More and more people are becoming comfortable with anal stimulation and using these sex gadgets as the taboo surrounding anal play has diminished.

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