Anal Sex

Anal sex is the insertion and thrusting of the erect penis into a person’s anus, or anus and rectum, for sexual pleasure. It may also include oral sex performed on the anus, called anilingus,  or other forms of anal penetration. It’s not just for gays and bi-sexuals anymore. Even straight people are having it more often than ever.
While many people think anal sex is only for homosexual relationships, it is not uncommon in heterosexual relationships either. It can be a very pleasurable part of a relationship for both men and women, and there are several different ways it can be done. Anal sex does not always involve penile/vaginal penetration, and it can be enjoyed by people of any sexual orientation.
Many people feel strongly about the topic of anal sex. In some cultures, it is considered taboo, even between consenting adults. This is often because of the perception that anal sex is somehow “unnatural” or “unhealthy.” Religions often emphasize this in their texts and emphasize it as a concern for young males. Some countries consider it to be a crime, punishable with corporal punishment or death. Anal sex, on the other hand, is perfectly normal and acceptable, and can even be a significant element of someone’s sexual life.
Stimulation of the body 
The presence of nerve endings in the anal region and rectum makes it possible for either partner to experience great pleasure through anal sex. The sphincter muscles, composed of multiple nerve endings, contract and relax to either enhance or inhibit pleasure in anal sex.
Despite anal sex’s lower frequency than most forms of sexual activity, the relationship it has with authority and submission, along with its taboo aspect, draws people to it no matter what their sexual orientation is.
Apart from penetration of the penis, people may also engage in anal sexual activity by using sex toys like dildos, plugs, beads, pegging, anal masturbation, and fisting, in addition to various sexual positions. Anal fisting is the least commonly practised activity, mainly because most people find it difficult to relax enough to accommodate a fist-sized object going into their anus.
Being anally penetrated in a male partner can produce an appealing sensation since the inserted penis rubs against the prostate as it passes through the anal wall. Some people experience pleasant sensations and may experience an orgasm. Men sometimes describe prostate stimulation as producing a more intense orgasm, seeing it as more pronounced and powerful, enduring longer, and producing greater feelings of euphoria as compared to orgasms only inflicted through penile stimulation. Located near the rectum, the prostate is the larger and more developed male counterpart to the Skene’s gland in women.
Most women need direct clitoral stimulation for orgasm. Nerve endings in the clitoris are specially tuned to stimulate orgasms. There is more to it than the exterior glans.
A single nerve, the pudendal nerve, projects an anterior anal nerve that splits into the perineal nerve and the dorsal nerve of the clitoris, stimulating the clitoris indirectly by anal penetration. Even though there are many nerve endings in the anus, their purpose isn’t exclusively to induce orgasms in women. Anal stimulation alone is not enough to induce orgasm in a woman.
Usually located behind the female pubic bone and attached to the urethra, the G-spot is a seriously debated area of the female anatomy. The G-spot is believed to be a connected area of the vagina to the clitoris. Anal sex may be more enjoyable and lead to orgasm for some women if the clitoris or a G-spot region is stimulated directly.
All sexual orientations engage in anal sex
A man to a woman
The tightness of a woman’s anal muscles enhances the sensation for the man who is penetrating her during anal intercourse. It is also thought to be more pleasurable for the man when he assumes the dominant role during anal sex. Society associates anal sex as being taboo, therefore it is more appealing to men because it is forbidden. Finally, it is an option for the man to penetrate his female partner deeper.
For some women, being a receptive or “bottoming” partner during anal intercourse has uncomfortable consequences, or they engage only for the sake of pleasing a guy. However, for other women, such activities are more enjoyable or preferable to vaginal sex.
One study found that heterosexuals find anal sex to be enjoyable, thrilling, and highly intimate compared with vaginal sex.
Some women opt to have anal intercourse during their menstrual cycle as opposed to vaginal intercourse. In anal sex alone, pregnancy is very unlikely, as sperm must somehow be transported to the vaginal opening for pregnancy to occur. Due to this, many couples use anal sex as a contraceptive method while not using condoms.
Anal sex between males and females is typically viewed as a method of protecting virginity because it prevents conception and leaves the hymen intact. 
People who engage in anal sexual activity without ever having had vaginal contact, particularly teenagers or young women, tend to be thought of as virgins. Often referred to as technical virginity. 
Anal sex may be viewed as only foreplay or fooling around by heterosexuals. Petting is defined in marriage manuals as “literally every caress and affection a couple exchanges but does not mean sexual encounters.”
A man to another man
Anal sex has always been often associated with male homosexuality in the past. The reality is that many gay me who have sex with men (whether they identify as bisexual, gay, heterosexual, or undecided about their sexuality) still do not like to engage in anal sex. 
Men may refer to themselves as top and bottom when having anal sex with other men. Those who are versatile can be described as those who enjoy both roles.
Anal sex is an expression of intimacy by gay men that provides pleasure and is often seen as their version of intercourse. It has also been suggested that gay men might experience it in the same way as heterosexuals do during vaginal sex. 
However, some men who have anal sex with men question their masculinity by being receptive. Additionally, some men participate in other types of masturbation for a greater level of sexual satisfaction, to maintain technical virginity, or as a substitute for anal sex.
A woman to a man
A woman may finger the outer or interior areas of a man’s anus to stimulate his sexual desire, as well as stimulating the perineum (the area between the scrotum and anus of a male), massaging the prostate or engaging in anilingus. A dildo or other sex toy can also be used. In pegging, a woman sticks a strap-on dildo into the anus of a man to perform sexual activity.
Anal sex is often rejected by heterosexual males due to its perceived femininity, reveals their vulnerability, or is contrary to their sexual identity (such as being a gay sign). 
There has been little research regarding how many heterosexual men wish their anus could be stimulated sexually. According to anecdotes, it is a considerable number of people. In addition to the limited data we have on penetration, the external contact of the anal ring by fingers or tongue is rarely documented, although it is almost certainly a typical sexual behaviour for men regardless of their sexual orientation.
A woman to a woman
For lesbians, anal sex involves fingering, anilingus, or getting access to a dildo or other sex toys.
Comparatively, fewer studies have been done about anal sexual activity in women who engage in sexual relations with other women. 
A lesser number of women in same-sex couples practice anilingus.
Anal Sex Benefits
1. Anal Orgasm
Do you know what’s intense? It’s anal orgasm. The anus is crammed full of super-sensitive nerve endings, many of which are connected to the genitals. An intense one can get your motor running.
Anal sex can also be very pleasurable for cisgender men and people assigned male at birth. It stimulates the prostate, leading to waves of intense orgasms. These orgasms are so powerful they can be felt all over the body.
Anal stimulation for both cisgender women and people born as a female can include indirect (via the G-spot and A-spot) or direct stimulation. Indirect means rubbing against the right spot; direct means going straight for the goal!
G-spots and A-spots can also produce full-body orgasms, just like the prostate. The right stimulation can result in female ejaculation, which is a delightful experience.
2. Anal sex is more interesting
Anal sex is a type of sex that many people are afraid to try, but it can be a very powerful turn-on for some people. Being able to do something strange or wrong can be highly attractive to some people.
While anal sex is neither of those things, if you didn’t grow up with the act or your views on it were shaped by certain views, it may be perceived this way.
3. A new way to discover your body
You’ll never know what an enjoyable part of your body can feel until you experience it. Breaking away from your routine is the perfect way to keep things fresh and interesting in the bedroom with your partner or when you do solo play.
4. Exploring your sexual desires
Do you have any kinky desires? Being open to a new experience can increase your sexual acuity. Taking responsibility for your pleasure is incredibly liberating.
Discovering the back roads might inspire you with a craving for exploration that’ll help you discover new and exciting pleasures.
5. Bring in new sex toys too!
We are talking about a whole new world of pleasure. With the butt’s sex toys, anyone can give and receive pleasure.
It’s a great idea to start with anal toys before you go full-steam back there.
Start with a small butt plug to feel the sensation and progress to a dildo or full-sized dildo when ready.
Using a different toy or sanitizing it before sharing lets you share the love if you’re both interested in it.
6. Intimacy can be built in all of these ways 
There is no more intimate experience than sharing same-sex interests with your lover!
You must communicate well and spend a lot of time trying out different postures and angles to find what feels best to you.
It’s amazing how much intimacy two people can achieve through so much talk and play.
Points to Ponder
It’s important to be prepared before trying any new sexual adventure, like anal sex. By taking the right precautions, you are more likely to have a safe and enjoyable experience. And when you feel ready, your chances of enjoying the experience are higher. 
What you should know before you start.
1. Unlike the vagina, the anus is a dry, tight fit
The anus lacks lubrication. It is a bit of a wonder to observe the vagina. In response to arousal, the vagina releases its lubricant. In contrast, the anus does not. Therefore, you have to supply it. When anus tissue is not lubricated, it can tear, causing pain and bleeding.
2. The anus tissue is also more sensitive than the vaginal tissue
A protective tissue and skin layer surrounds the anus, protecting the lower half of the gastrointestinal tract. Due to its thin, delicate tissue, the anus is more likely to bleed and tear from penetration. Consequently, it is more likely that partners will pass on diseases, viruses, or bacteria. The tears in the skin can pass bacteria from one partner to another, even if neither has sexually transmitted infections (STIs).
3. For the anus to allow penetration, the anal muscle must relax to allow it to penetrate comfortably
A small muscular sphincter located in the anal region protects the rectum from outside influences. However, this muscle needs to relax for anal sex. It makes the experience more pleasant, and it reduces the risk of discomfort or tears. As you become more used to anal sex, you need patience, not just when attempting penetration, but also as you relax.
4. Bacteria reside in the anus just as they do in the vagina
It’s not just STIs that can be spread via anal sex. Unless precautions are taken to clean up after anal penetration, bacteria can be easily spread in the anus and the area near the anus.
Remove your condom before having vaginal sex and replace it with a fresh one. Be sure to wash thoroughly after anal sex if you aren’t wearing a condom or are using a toy or your hands. There are bacteria, including hepatitis A and E. coli, that are spread through unsanitized anal sex.
Anal Sex: How To Practice It Safely
One of the most exciting things you can do for your love life is experiment with anal sex. It’s not difficult to learn how to do it safely, and it can be very pleasurable for both of you.
1. Talk with your partner
Want to try anal sex? Have a “conversation” with your partner about it. Just casually drop the subject one day, and see where it goes from there.
If both of you are into it, go for it! There are lots of other ways to heat your love life without forcing anal sex on anyone.
Anal sex might be a bit much for them at first.
2. An enema may be beneficial
Worrying about being dirty down there? Cleaning up after a bowel movement can be done with a suppository, enema or by wiping with toilet paper or a sanitary napkin. You can use an enema as a last resort to ensure the lower half of your rectum is clean after a bowel movement, however, it is not required. Almost all pharmacies and drug stores carry these products.
3. Make sure your nails are trimmed
Your partner should never have to worry about you accidentally causing them any type of physical harm during sex. That’s why it’s a good idea to keep your nails short. Nail-cutting and -scratching can lead to sores in the anus, which can spread infections. So, be careful when having anal sex. Keep your nails short and clean. Scrub under your nails after anal sex and always use a latex/polyurethane condom to prevent the spread of bacteria.
4. Make sure you are wearing a dental dam or condom 
If you don’t wear a condom or use a dental dam during anal sex, you are at a much higher risk of spreading STIs. Using a condom or dental dam will reduce that risk. After anal sex, clean the anus and penis (or a toy if you’re using that) with water and soap or a sexual lubricant. Don’t share sex toys unless they have been cleaned and sterilized properly.
5. Find the sweet spot
Many positions can be used for anal sex. Missionary is one of the easier positions to manage. It’s important for the person receiving anal sex to have control over the depth and pace. If you use doggy style, make sure the person receiving anal penetration has control over where they enter your ass.
Just like a golf ball needs to be just right for you to sink that putt, so does your penis need to be in the “sweet spot” for you to have an amazing and very satisfying sexual experience.
6. Lubricant is a must
It makes everything so much more comfortable. Make sure it’s water-based because you’ll want to make sure it doesn’t break down the condom you are wearing. Also, keep a clean cloth handy to wipe up any excess lube.
7. If you’re playing anal with your partner, go slow and communicate with your partner
Don’t go straight for the goal — ease into it a little bit. Use plenty of lubrication, and take things slow. The first few times you do this, it’s okay to use only your fingers, and then move up to using two or three fingers. Or use a toy. It won’t be long until you find the whole experience is truly deliciously pleasurable.
8. Embrace the fact that some poop will probably be present
You have to deal with poop getting on you during anal sex. It’s just a fact of life. If this turns you off, you need to think about another form of sex. Anal sex might not be the best sex play for you.
9. After you’ve finished or before doing anything, clean up
After sex, be sure to clean up afterwards or else you’ll be putting your health at risk. Wash well after using the bathroom, and wash again if you have anal/rectal sex. Don’t put any kind of wet tissue in your vagina or anus after having anal/rectal sex. This can lead to infections.
Issues that concern the majority of people
Whether you’re just curious about anal sex, or if you and your partner have been thinking about trying it, these questions can help you decide if it’s right for you.
Whether you’re in a monogamous relationship, or you and your partner are just friends with benefits, having anal sex should be a mutual decision. If you want to try it, your partner should also want to try it. And both should be using protection!
1. What are the best safety tips for anal sex?
Condoms are a must for STI protection. They should be used every time you have sex, and a lubricant should be used with them, too. Scented or flavoured condoms may cause an allergic reaction, so best avoid it.
2. Will anal sex hurt?
Both yes and no. It can be a great feeling if done properly. Nonetheless, you should expect some discomfort in the first few days after an anal penetration process. It’s okay to stop if it becomes uncomfortable, and you can reduce the number of fingers or downsize the anal toy as you get used to it.
3. Does bleeding happen during anal sex?
Both yes and no. There’s a chance you’ll bleed the first few times. The bleeding will cease eventually, though. Consult your doctor if the bleeding does not stop, or if it becomes worse with each intercourse. There could be an underlying concern or it could be a result of rough penetration.
4. Does it affect my pooping ability?
Anal sex might make you feel like going to the bathroom after your wild night out is over, but won’t prevent you from pooping. The anus will not stretch out during anal sex, despite urban legends and inconclusive research that claims otherwise.
5. Other risks and side effects
STIs –  The transmission of infectious diseases like HIV, gonorrhoea, chlamydia, and herpes that occur during anal sex. The risk associated with anal sex is the highest among all types of sexual activity. HIV infection rates are many times higher among those on the receiving end (bottom) than those on the inserting end (top).
AIDS – Another factor that poses some risk to couples with anal sex. You can protect yourself from AIDS and other STDs by using a condom and water-based lubricant. To protect your anal sexual health, you should always wear a condom when you have anal sex with an infected partner.
Haemorrhoids – Pushing and stretching during anal sex may aggravate haemorrhoids, however, it carries a low probability of causing dilated blood vessels within the anus and rectum.

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