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When it comes to anal play, a jewelled plug is the ultimate male sex toy for pleasurable anal stimulation. It’s not just an instant orgasm for men, it stimulates the prostate gland and has amazing relaxing effects on the pelvic floor muscles. For women, it can stimulate the G-spot which is much more sensitive than the clitoris and can lead to intense orgasms. The plug also brings with it a sense of achievement and a feeling of completion since it literally swallows the entire toy, allowing the wearer to dive deeper into the blissful abyss of total satisfaction.

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Introduce a little sassiness and bling into your butt. If you want to be discreet but noticeable, you need a plug that will illuminate the brilliance and radiance of your butt of love. We’ve got just what you need. A collection of plugs that will illuminate the brilliance and radiance of your royal butt.

Dont be afraid to be told what works and what does not. Dont feel that your masculinity is being threatened if your partners giving you some direction.

Plug Collection Has Something For Everyone

Diamond plugs are perfect for butt stuff. They’ll make your booty so tight and radiant, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them. There are many plugs and variations of plugs in this collection to fit your needs and personality.

You’ll find our plug collection has something for everyone. Whether you’re into kinky domination or you just want to experience a new form of luxury, there’s a plug that will be perfect for you. Some plugs have a single precious stone, plugs that have multiple stones set in a variety of patterns plugs with chains, and plugs with ropes. Experiment with what feels good to you, and when you can’t get enough, you can go ahead and add them all up!

Variety Of Jewelled Plugs On Offer

We offer a wide variety of jewelled plugs. They’re all made with the highest quality materials so you know they’ll be safe to use and won’t harm your body or your sex life. The plugs are available in various shapes and sizes. The handles can be either a traditional round base or a heart-shaped one. The gemstones are faux (they’re not real) but they’re high-quality and mimic the brilliance of the real thing. Go for diamond, ruby, different colours of amethyst, and many others.

Your jewelled plug will be a great starter anal sex toy. It’s small so you can start out with it and then, when you’re ready, you can move up to a larger plug like the tapered version. Or you can purchase a set of different sizes if you or your partner are thinking about anal training. We also have a set of different types of gemstones if you would like a choice with your jewels.

Remember: Sex isnt just an activity—its an idea.

If your princess is already getting the best, how about giving her an occasion she’ll never forget with a diamond plug?

These plugs are designed to provide intense butt plugs for anal stimulation. Each one has a jewel set into the base for an even more intense sensation.

I think only half of life satisfaction is found by achieving what you believe you want; the other half comes from appreciating what you have already achieved.”

This is a great sex accessory that will turn your lover on and give them a great look at your ass, the kind of look that will make them crazed to see your beautiful butt hole.

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