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At Wicked Sex Toys, butt plugs are our speciality. They’re such a simple sex toy, but there are just so many things you can do with them! These rectal sex toys provide a unique kind of anal pleasure. It is hard to describe, but you will fall in love with it once you try it. You feel like you have been filled up when the blutt plug enters.

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What’s the point?

Pleasure, butt Plugs feel great. Your anus is full of sensitive nerve endings, and they feel fantastic when stimulated. The male G-spot, also known as the butt hole, is the gateway to the male P-spot and the vaginal A-spot.

The butt is not a magical place that only gay people can visit, like a leather bar or the Liberace Museum

Purposes Of Butt Plugs

Pleasure for starters

Your anus is full of delicate nerve endings that are pleasurable when aroused. Your butt is the entry point to the prostate or the male G-spot, and the road to the vagina’s G-spot and A-spot.

Achieve a mind-blowing orgasm

Anal orgasms are legitimate, anybody with a butt can experience one, and a butt plug can make things easier. All the nerve endings inside your rear entrance are essential to making the anal play feel so good. Butt plugs are perfect for penetrative play if you like the sensation of being loaded or stuffed. Men may use a butt plug to trigger a prostate orgasm, while women may also use one to subtly trigger the A-spot or G-spot, leading to a fantasy known as the female orgasm.

For women, if the butt plug is lengthy, it can often reach the A-spot, situated a few inches lower than the G-spot inside the vaginal canal, that may be reached through anal penetration. The anal and vaginal canals are neighbours, thus the diameter of the vaginal canal reduces as you insert the butt plug inside. This increases the likelihood of your partner finding your G-Spot. And if your partner has a cock, it will build more friction that feels good around the penis’ shaft. You might encounter the elusive blended orgasm.

Satisfy your kink

Butt plugs are a flexible piece of toys for your collection. They can be a perfect complement to your regular oral and penetrative sex with a dick, a dildo, and much more. You could use a butt plug for any sexual interaction, regardless of sexuality, sex organs, or gender identity of the users. It can be used while on a submissive butt play, wearing it in public, and during penetrative sex.

Stretching your anus

Though butt plugs are not equivalent to anal sex, they’re a fantastic way to build up to anal sex, if that’s anything you and your partner would like to consider next time. They are used to expand your butt hole to get you prepared for larger stuff, be it huge toys, or a penis. This is termed as anal training, teaching the anal sphincter to relax while gradually increasing the butt plug size till you’re fully prepared for penetrative anal intercourse. It’s all about starting small and eventually making your way up.

Type of Butt Plugs

There are different colours, different shapes, sizes, and textures for butt plugs. Some are designed to look like penises, while others are ribbed or wavy. Many have a thin tip that is wider in the middle, a notch to hold it in place once it is inserted, and a flared base to prevent complete insertion into the rectum. Some plugs have an egg-shaped penetrative part. Plugs that are long, flexible, and curved are designed to penetrate the sigmoid colon for prostate play giving extra stimulation.

The most common material for butt plugs is latex. Silicone, wood, metal, glass, stone, and many other materials can be used.

Standard Butt Plugs

The basic model is a standard butt plug and perfect for first timers. If you have ever imagined what one looks like, you probably have a picture of one of these. They don’t have a lot of bells and whistles, but they still give you a good dose of pleasure.

Tail Butt Plugs

We love tail plugs here at Wicked Sex Toys. You can take advantage of the furry tails to tease and tickle your partner, as they give you a chance to explore roleplay and pet play.

Jewel/Princess Butt Plugs

Jewelled butt plugs are anal toys with a little more glitter, and they’ll bring a little more excitement to your anal play sessions. These anal plugs come in various sizes and colours to match your style to your mood. Add a little sparkle to your sex; If you’re looking to spice things up, these might just be the perfect anal toy for you!

Vibrating Butt Plugs

There’s a reason why vibrating butt plugs are so popular — they feel amazing! You can choose a model with different vibration patterns to get a better simulation experience. Vibrating butt plugs are great for giving your sex life a boost! They’re fun, discreet and can be used anywhere you’d like! And with remote control, you can change settings and intensities on the fly. Best of all, the vibrations can last up to four hours.

Prostate Massagers

The prostate is a secret that many men aren’t aware of, especially women. Luckily, it’s easy to use a prostate massager and reach. Want to feel good while you’re having fun? The Prostate Massager is a great way to achieve that. This is one of the best sex toys for men. It hits all the right places. Easy to use and comfortable, prostate massagers are made to be discreet. You can use them during solo or partnered sexual activity.

Anal Training Kits

Many men enjoy the sensation of the plugin on their ass, but for others, it’s not enough. Anal training kits allow you to start small and work your way up to larger and larger sizes to stretch your anus to its limit! One plug might get you started, but it doesn’t offer the level of convenience that you’re looking for.

Inflatable Butt Plugs

When it comes to the most intense orgasm, you’ll want to try an inflatable butt plug to feel something different. You can pump them up to give you the perfect fit and get stimulated in all the right places. It can be used during sex to provide you with an intense and pleasurable sensation. From basic shapes to more exotic and adventurous options, inflatables are a great way to spice up your sex life.

Beginners Butt Plugs

It might seem a bit daunting if you are new to anal or prostate play. First time? Start with the smallest size, and work your way up until you find the one that works for you. Start small, and take your time getting used to the new sensations. They’re also great at preparing your body for anal sex; you’re more likely to enjoy the experience. Once you know how to use the toy safely, you can advance to more advanced anal toys.


Nothing says ‘I love you quite like a special gift for your lady. THE expanding butt plug is the ideal choice for long-lasting pleasure.

Expandable butt plugs offer more than just a bit of fun; they’re a great way to stimulate you during solo play or to have a little variety. Because they’re expandable, they’re also great for those who need to make their butt-hole a bit wider. It has flexible arms to give you a unique sensation. It looks like a small flower.

The arms are soft and flexible; once you’ve pushed the components together, you’ll have an easy time sliding the bulb into your body. And because it expands when you need it to, you’ll enjoy a greater sensation when you’re done.

This buttplug is a lot more fun than you might think. It can stimulate your prostate gland and create intense sensations. Give it a try and see how much fun rectal play can be.


Tunnel or hollow butt plug differs in one fundamental way. These plugs are usually made from glass, metal or silicone. There is a hollow centre throughout.

Hollow plugs add an exciting twist to any sexual encounter. They allow you to use other sex toys simultaneously, in particular vibrators. You also get to see the gape that the plug leaves, which can be very appealing to some people. Just insert them into the hollow part of the plug.


An XXL butt plug is designed for the true anal pros on the other side of the scale. The biggest plugs on offer allow you to stretch your butt right to its limits.

They’re perfect for those with the most demanding anal sex desires. Choosing the right one depends on how it makes you feel. Wider ones stretch your muscles more, while longer ones stimulate deeper.


USB plugs contain USB sticks, making them among the most unusual plugs available. You can plug it directly into your PC via the port on the base. The invention came about after the inventor asked some strippers what they could do with their butt plug.

Originally intended as a joke, these plugs are now available to buy. This plug is fun to play with and easy to hide. What else could you ask for? Get yours today!

Opening sexually is opening to this flow of life-force. And love is the key to this opening.”


Wireless butt plugs vibrate. They all come with a remote control or an app. This allows you to hand control your plug to another person.

Even if you live miles apart, you can still have the same sexual pleasure! These are a favourite among kinky couples because you never know when you will feel vibrations. Some can be operated over the Internet, making them ideal for long-distance relationships.

Wireless butt plugs are easy to use, discreet, and give you an erotic thrill whenever you want. Pick up one of these and see for yourself!


The Electroshock butt plug is probably the most extreme option on the market. These can come in various shapes, and all will come with a set of wires attached. The cables are plugged into a power box or socket in your house and allow the plug to give you small electrical shocks while you wear it.

For some, this kind of butt plug is enjoyable because the shocks provide small amounts of pain, heightening the pleasure you feel. Others find the shocks pleasurable, giving them an entirely new stimulation.


Even high-end, luxury butt plugs are available for the connoisseurs among you. Like the famous diamond-encrusted vibrator bought by David Beckham, these plugs are made of costly materials.

Gold, silver, and even diamond plugs can be found. These aren’t without their expected price tag, though, and some of the most expensive luxury plugs can cost several thousand dollars!


Rimming plugs are a variation on vibrating models. The critical difference, though, is how they vibrate. Unlike a typical motor, a rimming plug contains sets of beads that rotate around the inside of the plugin in a particular pattern.

What difference do beads make? Many people think that the rotations of these beads can make it feel like someone is using their tongue on you, hence their name!


Moving away from “pure” butt plugs, there are variations in a few different themes. The first of these are anal beads.

Rather than simply featuring a single bulb inside your body, anal beads have a series of small balls along their length. You can insert each ball one at a time, and often they will move from smaller to larger or larger to smaller.

The main reason anal beads are so enjoyable is how they stretch your sphincter. A regular butt plug will open them further and further until the whole plug is in, then close up again. Anal beads open the sphincter a smaller amount, then let it close up between each bead.

Harnesses & Belt

Butt plug harnesses are very similar to strap on harnesses. Rather than attaching a strapon to the outside of the harness, though, you strap a butt plug to the inside.

Some harnesses will come with a butt plug attached already, while others will let you put in your plug. Once you place the harness on, the plug is kept firmly inside your body. This can make wearing your plug outside or for an extended period much more manageable.

One of the most valuable things we can learn from open sexual lifestyles is that our programming is changeable.”

Butt Plug Materials

Porous Or Non-Porous Materials

An important point we haven’t discussed yet is the porosity of the materials. This can sound complicated, but it’s simple. Porous materials have pores (tiny holes) large enough for things to pass through. Heavily porous materials can even let liquids through, just like sponges. With butt plugs, we’re only interested in whether or not bacteria and germs can get through the material.

Due to this, each butt plug material is usually classed as porous (does allow some bacteria through) or non-porous (lets no bacteria through).

The problem with porous materials is that once the bacteria manage to enter the pores and get inside the surface of the plug, you can’t reliably get it back out again. No matter how much you sex toy cleaner you use, there will always be some leftovers inside the material.

This means that you should always try to purchase a non-porous butt plug. Non-porous materials include silicone, glass, and metal.


Silicone butt plugs are the most popular products on the market, and for a good reason! Soft, luxurious, and comfortable to wear, these are the ultimate in anal pleasure.

Metal and Steel

Are you looking for something a little harder? An aluminium or steel butt plug can give you the feeling you’ve been craving. You can even spice things up by experimenting with temperature play.


Glass butt plugs are a dream come true for the voyeurs out there. You get all the sphincter tingling pleasure of a butt plug, but you can even watch the action thanks to these transparent plugs!


Plastic is a material starting to disappear from the sex toy market, and for a good reason. While it is very cheap, these plugs tend not to last very long. They can often come with moulding lines that can feel sharp and pointy inside your body and can even be toxic depending on the plastic.

We don’t recommend using platic anal toys, Spending a little more for better material will make your butt plug experience much more enjoyable.

TPE/TPR & Cyberskin

Thermoplastic elastomers, thermoplastic rubbers and Cyberskin are all newer materials. Each is made from polymers, usually rubber and plastic, to create a unique mix of materials.

These materials, particularly Cyberskin, are some of the softest and most flesh-like feeling materials you can manufacture a butt plug from. This makes them a favourite among many simply because they feel nice.

Unfortunately, though, these materials are much harder to keep clean, and bacteria can even find their way inside the surface of the plug. They are also much more likely to become damaged, meaning that you have to be extra careful when using and cleaning them.

Butt Plugs FAQs

Who Can Use Butt Plugs?

Each butt plug should have a flared base. This stops it from getting sucked into your anus and getting stuck.

Will A Butt Plug Get Stuck In My Butt?

Each butt plug should have a flared base. This stops it from getting sucked into your anus and getting stuck.

Does Using A Butt Plug Hurt?

This is the number one question new users have. Luckily, as long as you take your time and use plenty of lube, you shouldn’t find butt plugs painful!

Are Butt Plugs Safe?

Usually, as long as you follow the standard safety steps and other necessary precautions, including lubricants, proper handling of the anal toys, and whether your butt is perfectly healthy, no haemorrhoids, anal fissures, or any prostate condition.

Are Butt Plugs And Anal Plugs The Same?

Most of the time, the anal plugs and butt plugs refer to the same thing. As long as you make sure it has a flared base, it will be safe for butt play, whatever the name.

Is It Possible To Have An Anal Orgasm By Using A Butt Plug?

If you know what you’re doing, you can use this to bring your partner massive amounts of anal pleasure. Anal play could activate the A-spot if you are female. Some have compared it to a G-spot orgasm, while others claim it’s way more explosive. A compelling, body-shaking sensation is attributed to the stimulation of the P-spot in the penis.

What is the Best Lube for Anal Play

We suggest the proper anal lube (water based lubricant) for anal play and anal intercourse because its quality is thicker than regular lubes. The extra thickness can shield the anus’ sensitive skin, and most of them have numbing and moisturizing benefits. But, water based lubricants can also be used and are preferred by some for penetrative anal sex.

Choosing A Butt Plug

It all depends on what you prefer for your very sensitive anus. Always know the material used in creating the anal sex toy and properly comprehend its shapes and functions. Seeing the extraordinary range of choices available to you can decide which butt plug you want to buy is a complicated task. Which one suits you the most?

Best For Beginners:

New users can make their first plug experience more enjoyable by making simple choices. It would be best to stick to simpler plugs, such as classic or jewelled varieties. Your first plug should be easy to insert and remove. Choose a shorter and thinner silicone plug with a narrow shaft. Silicone is generally more comfortable to wear, and you won’t feel as awkward as you get used to it.

Best For Couples:

Butt plugs aren’t just for solo fun! Both of you can wear them! Want a plug that works with your partner? Try electroshock, vibrating or hollow butt plugs! With vibrating and wireless butt plugs, you can be at the mercy of your partner’s control. It’s also fun to swap controls and play games!

Electroshock butt plugs are a good choice for extreme stimulation. Give your partner small shocks to turn the heat up. You might like to incorporate elements of BDSM into your bedroom, depending on your relationship. Hollow butt plugs allow your partner to see straight into your body, which is a real turn-on for some!

Best For Anal Stretching:

If big isn’t big enough, you’ll look for ways to stretch your anus further to accommodate larger plugs. A training kit will probably be the best choice for you, depending on your experience level. This gives you access to multiple sizes. This is all that most people will need, as the largest plugs will provide enough stretch. There are times when a different kind of plug is necessary.

The sheer size of these can make these plugs hard to fit into your body. Instead, try an expanding or inflatable plug. They will be easier to insert since they are not too different in size from other butt plugs. The closer they are to your body, the more stretch you will feel.

Best For Men:

Butt plug users are in for a treat because of their prostate gland! Any man interested in plugs should always use a prostate massager. The purpose of anal play is to stimulate the prostate, producing some of the most vivid and intense feelings. A prostate massager’s curved design allows it to target this gland ideally and give you a memorable experience.

Best For Women:

Women have an advantage when choosing a plug. There is no particular plug that gives women more or less pleasure. Any will do! It depends on what you prefer. Most women enjoy vibrating plugs, though. Vibrations can gently stimulate the vagina and clitoris, which is essential for some women to achieve orgasm. Thanks to the gorgeous designs, some women prefer tail, jewelled, or princess plugs!”

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