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The pleasures of backdoor stimulation are becoming increasingly popular as anal play no longer carries a stigma. The demand for anal toys and butt plugs is at an all-time high. It is important to find out what toys and toys combinations suit you best. Anal starter kit teaches you how to engage in anal play, allowing you to progress to bigger and more rewarding toys in the future.

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Whatever your level of experience with anal toys is or how you plan to expand your collection, a trainer kit from Wicked Sex Toys is just what you need.

Anal trainer kits are available for those who want to enhance their solo sexual experience as well as those hoping to please both partners. With our kits, you’ll find vibrating options, toys to stimulate the prostate or even the first set of anal beads you’ll ever own.

As you begin to orgasm, continue the stimulation through the orgasm. Lighten up on the stimulation during the first extremely sensitive moments but keep it going to enjoy those little pleasurable aftershocks.

In our anal trainer kits, we include a variety of plugs and toys that are perfect for everyone who is just starting. Make gradual progress from the smallest plug to the biggest one for the best sensations and most pleasure. The kits we offer feature silicones, stretchy jellies, and strong plastics, all of which are sure to satisfy your desires.

We cater to everyone’s anal fantasies, from anal beginners to experts.

Our Anal Training Kits are made of quality materials for comfort and satisfaction. Use them to stretch anal muscles and explore your limits!

Getting Started With Anal Penetration

If you’re new to anal penetration, you shouldn’t worry. You’ll discover that anal stimulation can be pleasurable once you try it out. Make the most of this time by training and experimenting with anal stimulation on your own or by involving a partner.

Are you interested in trying out a butt plug for the first time? Slow and steady wins the race. Whenever you use an anal butt plug or anal beads, be sure to lubricate them well so that the tapered tip can be inserted easily. Start with a starter kit, which is designed for beginners and comes with more compact anal plugs to practice with.

Anal intercourse is rewarding, but you need to experiment to find out which toys and sizes work best for you. The first time you engage in anal activity, take your time and do not rush.

It’s a good idea to start with an anal training set before you do any experiments. Using an anal kit will help you get your body used to taking in more powerful and larger toys. A variety of trainer plugs or anal beads are included in each anal trainer kit so that your body becomes accustomed to the feel and stretch of anal play.

After you’ve gotten used to feeling a sex toy inside you, you can move on to individual anal toys. Start with plenty of lubricants to facilitate the placement of your small plugs or beads!

The Anal Training Process

When looking for anal toys, you are likely to run into the term anal training. In essence, it’s the stretching of the anal sphincter so that it can accommodate larger objects. Increasing the size of your training objects will make inserting the smaller anal toys a lot easier and more comfortable.

Typically, the goal of anal training is to have enjoyable anal experiences without feeling any pain. Anal sex is outright avoided by many because of the possibility of pain, or because of a previous unpleasant encounter. You may be able to achieve painless anal play overtime if you slowly train your anus.

Some people, however, are searching for an even deeper level of comfort. By training their anus, they hope to be able to handle large objects with greater ease. This may be for a variety of reasons. Holding objects in the rectum gives you a feeling of fullness, and bigger objects give more of that sensation. Many people find it challenging. Getting to your goal slowly and steadily will be the most effective and least painful method.

Succumb To Anal Pleasure With Wicked Sex Toys

BDSM is a world of endless fun. It includes bondage, dominance, submission, masochism, etc. Sexual practices like anal play are more prevalent and gaining popularity. Penetrating your anus is no longer a male-only activity-and it’s free!

The pleasures and benefits of anal sex are now accessible to men, women, and people in between. The marketplace is flooded with new anal devices. Among all the sex toys at your disposal, how do you choose one?

There are a lot of items in our catalogue, and our anal training kits come packaged in sets.

Changing our idea of coitus and ‘how it should be performed’ is key to changing the larger society.

The training kits usually include two or three butt plugs in a variety of shapes and sizes. The best anal training kits help you prepare your anus to be penetrated with greater force. We have training kits perfect for everybody who is looking for new adventures and a chance to learn more about anal submission, regardless of their level of experience.

We are confident once you familiarize yourself with our anal butt plug and other training kits, you will enjoy using them. These plugs were made of metal, alloys, and body-safe silicone, materials of the highest quality. Our number one priority is to make sure the plugs are safe to use internally; after all, it’s your health that matters most.

With their round flat base for a more comfortable grip, along with a foolproof stopper, these stainless steel plugs adorned with sparkling stones are sure to stand out. Suitable for your royal training!

The anal butt plug training kits are designed to make sure that everyone can use them. No one is excluded. Our range includes various sizes and plug counts. Taking the plunge into anal penetration is no easy task, but we can assure you it will be very rewarding. You can rely on the plugs to keep you going until you achieve your goals. Or, if you simply want something to keep your butt entertained, these will do the trick.

It doesn’t matter what size and shape you use. Feel free. Be creative. Backdoor pleasure is our specialty!

Anal sex can bring immense pleasure, however, if you find it challenging to engage in it, then you may believe you are not meant to engage in it. But don’t give up just yet. The trick to making any butt accept anything is to teach it to accept it, and we have everything you need here on our site.

Were constantly being told sex equals frenetic, passionate intercourse. Its never nice, slow sensual lovemaking. Which is what sex post-fifty can be.

The best anal training kit is much easier to use than buying just one butt plug and pushing it in straight away because it gives you a series of butt plugs you progress through.

It is possible to steadily train the sphincter muscles to be more flexible using a tiny butt plug. You can then go up a size and keep going until you reach your desired size!


How do I begin anal training?

The first thing you need is some sort of lubricant. Some people like to use just their pinkie finger or a very, very soft condom. Others like to start with a butt plug. Whatever you decide to use as a “starter”, make sure it’s something smaller but with a flared base. Lube is the absolute must if you are using any type of “starter”.

How to apply lube?

The first thing you need to know about having anal sex is that before anything else, you need to properly prepare your ass. Anal intercourse can be an intensely pleasurable experience, but only if both partners are well prepared.

In the case of a relatively clean rectum, stretching out the anus would be necessary. The first step to anal play is quite a painful one, but if done properly, it is quick and easy.

This step requires a good lubricant. Choose a lube that isn’t irritating and suits your needs. Browse our lubricants category to find the right one for you. The lube should be applied directly to your anus, as well as the area surrounding it.

You might want to pull out your finger several times, then reinsert it, so that there is more lube in the chamber, as opposed to at the edges, where it is of no use to you.

Can anal training cause problems?

In most cases, you will not notice a significant difference in your daily life when you stretch your anals. After the anus has been stretched to a far greater extent than normal, it usually returns to its normal state within hours. However, if you do excessive amounts of anal stretching frequently, the damage may be permanent. Between these sessions, your body needs time to recuperate.

Overextending yourself can also be dangerous. An overly large, too fast procedure can tear the tissue lining the rectum, requiring surgery. However, if you go slow, use plenty of lube, and build up slowly, pain and damage shouldn’t be an issue.

For how long should I do anal training?

It depends on the individual. A few people can deal with extensive anal training. Others can only handle brief anal training. Pay attention to your body; it will let you know what it needs.

Just as you would with any other muscle training, rest between sessions as needed. If you feel like you must have several sessions throughout the day, a few hours of rest will suffice.

Don’t jump right back in at the level you were at if you’ve had some time without anal play. Because your sphincter and anal muscles gradually return to normal after a certain period. As you transition back up, you’ll have to go back down some stages if you do not use them regularly.