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Food and sex are two of the main fundamental drives of human beings. No wonder Aphrodisiacs are labeled after the Greek goddess of passion and pleasure, Aphrodite. They have a reputation for making sex more achievable and pleasant.
Yet there is factual data behind all the buzz, even with the old tales of popular aphrodisiac foods such as dark chocolate and oysters. Well, there are certain foods, teas, herbs, and supplements that enhance sex drive and boost libido. These aphrodisiacs almost always reduce male sexual dysfunction, increasing sexual stamina, and orgasm, creating increase sexual desire

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All too many men still seem to believe, in a rather naïve and egocentric way, that what feels good to them is automatically what feels good to women.

What’s An Aphrodisiac?

From the dawn of time, men and women have been looking for aphrodisiacs, any food or substance with aphrodisiac properties that induces or enhances sexual reaction or desire. Aphrodisiacs affect a variety of mechanisms that stimulates nerve endings, influence the brain, blood supply, and hormones; some potentially increase male and female fertility and improve the likelihood of good reproduction. Typically made from herbs, animals, or minerals, aphrodisiacs have been sought for centuries.

What Can People Expect When Consuming Aphrodisiacs?

Like most alternative treatments, the effect of natural aphrodisiacs appears to be more subtle than prescription drugs such as Viagra, but real. Many supplements are based on effective ingredients in vital products, usually plants, which have been processed and refined for much more potent effects.

Most of these function on the brain, through enhancing sexual desire, while others act specifically to increase blood flow and efficiency, especially for men. Another way to identify an aphrodisiac is to feel its efficacy in a brief period. You will be able to observe the effects on the same day that you take the solution.

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What Is The Role Of Culture In The Effects Of Aphrodisiacs?

Each individual and every culture would have its concept about which food or supplement will enhance sexual feelings or be identified with fertility. Early sources of evidence-based aphrodisiacs occur in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine. In a fusion of traditional knowledge and contemporary science, several of the most powerful natural aphrodisiacs are completely acknowledged, many of which are already available in refined supplements.

Natural Aphrodisiacs


Without including oysters, you can’t talk regarding aphrodisiacs. The brine molluscs have long been regarded as an arousing meal, and there are facts to support that. While many disregard them as just a tale, the significant amount of zinc in oysters is ideologically compatible with fertility and sperm quality. Zinc is a major element in sexual maturation and plays a critical role in the synthesis of testosterone, the main sex-drive hormone of men. They do possess essential amino acids that encourage better sexual performance.


Chocolate is among the world’s favourite “comfort food,” but it was considered a potent aphrodisiac to the ancient Aztecs. This triggers the release of oxytocin, which contributes to a sense of desire and attachment. Chocolate has a chemical composition of feel-good substances.


Biting a pomegranate is incredibly attractive! Consume it fresh with the seeds on it, or sip it like juice. Best known as a ‘food of love’ since ancient times, pomegranate is tasty, rich in antioxidants, and has previously been shown to significantly boost testosterone and sexual desire between both men and women.


Ginseng, a traditional Chinese herb, is essential for general health and strength. This is another source with a lot of myths surrounding its sexual functions, but it has stood up to clinical investigation. Several experiments have shown that ginseng Is beneficial in both men and women in increasing pleasure and efficiency, as well as in enhancing reproductive function. Also, ginseng optimized erection consistency among men and sexual satisfaction in menopausal women. A caution, though, Ginseng can worsen hypertension, so anyone with high blood pressure should be careful.

In a cemetery. Having sex in a graveyard is the ultimate bad thing to do – which is why lots of us did it in our 20s. Even if you’re way past that, cemeteries make people feel sexy because they’re creepy, not to mention often deserted at night.


A plant that grew in the Andes. Maca increases the sexual activity of both men and women and facilitates proper ovulation in women. It helps improve libido and vaginal stimulation and moisture. It normally comes as a powder, crushed and dried from the root. Relatively bitter, but it’s better when combined with smoothies, soft beverages, desserts or other food products.

Horny goat weed

This is known to be an old kind of herbal aphrodisiac. A crop native to Asia, widely known in Chinese traditional medicine. This contains a high concentration of Icariin, which has been found to have Viagra-like efficacy and can encourage stronger, longer-lasting erections, but with fewer side effects. Horny goat weed is present in most blended natural aphrodisiacs; it is also contained in a capsule combined with other power plants. For men, it keeps the blood circulating more efficiently in the right spot by freeing up the blood pathways, but be sure to avoid consuming it before any surgical procedure because it makes the blood thin.


Amino acid L-arginine enhances reproductive wellbeing by boosting circulation. This has been proven that it helps men achieve erection and satisfaction. The L-arginine supplement may improve productivity if taken 2 to 3 hours before sex. Beans, nuts including seeds are healthy sources of L-arginine.


Without the groggy, sleepy effect of taking an antihistamine, amino acid histidine has usually invigorating effects, making you more conscious and alert. It has been shown to consistently improve pleasure and has been confirmed to trigger orgasms in women who have never had it before, as it activates the gag reflex. Allergy sufferers, those with eczema, asthma, or food sensitivities should be vigilant since histidine will make their health issues even worst.

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This component is derived from the trunk of French maritime pine trees and is an important natural aphrodisiac as well as a fertility stimulant for both sexes. Pycnogenol is scientifically known to cure erectile dysfunction and promote sperm motility and has significant aphrodisiac effects in women.


Will aphrodisiacs help you?

Numerous assumptions are made regarding the efficacy of aphrodisiacs, but you need to distinguish reality from fiction. Oysters, rhino horns, chillies, and even chocolates are eaten by individuals in the hope of improving their sexual prowess. The concept is that they’re driving up libido and adding a spark to your sex life. This is also the case when you firmly believe that something is going to work, it increases your sexual appetite that can be credited to mind power.

Is there any risk of consuming aphrodisiacs?

For the most part, taking something perceived as an aphrodisiac is not going to hurt you. Be vigilant, though. Companies can offer supplements without any permission or safety testing by the MHRA. This is why you’ll often see the disclaimer that they are not meant to detect, treat, heal, or avoid any illness “on the packaging. The only way to identify that you are purchasing a safe, high-quality product is to check for a third-party company-approved label. Each of these seals means that the product comprises what it says it does, at the standard it claims it does, and does not contain dangerous amounts of toxic substances.

Feel free to contact your physician before taking any aphrodisiacs and to be able to ask questions regarding your sexual health. Your doctor can evaluate any underlying health issues, make recommendations, or refer you to a trained sex therapist.

Are aphrodisiacs more effective when offered as a gift?

Gift-giving may be a valuable romantic beginning as accepting a gift activates oxytocin, a “feel-good” hormone that encourages attachment and bonding in the recipient’s brain. The oxytocin release happens regardless of the kind of gift, whether it is jewelry or a chocolate box or some sort of aphrodisiac. But the idea of an aphrodisiac offered as a present, under the right situation, maybe profoundly seductive.

If most aphrodisiacs are not scientifically established, why then do people use them?

Most of us are curious about aphrodisiacs, because no matter what science suggests about these concoctions, you can not ignore the placebo effect. When you’ve got a bit of chocolate and you think it’s going to contribute to much more stamina, then, you might just realize that you can go on yet another round or even more.

Which alternative options to aphrodisiacs could work?

When you’d like to find more ways to maximize your sexual appetite, there’s a lot of fun stuff to try. Doing something sexual will encourage you to be more intimate, so don’t skip masturbation, reading erotic novels, or looking at porn. Taking the time for foreplay often significantly reduces inhibitions and keeps your blood pumping, making the body more alluring, which will result in better sex.

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