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Sex toys essentials are the important items that you didn’t realize you needed until you are running out of them.
Nothing is worse than losing power at the wrong time, so buy more backup batteries or purchase a better charging device.
Always keep your selection of adult toys such as your vibrating cock ring, Hitachi magic wand, nipple clamps in good condition, so that when you’re ready to step up towards more play sessions, you are confident that they’re powered up, completely ready, and safe to go.

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Everyone’s definition of adult anal toys and sex essentials may vary depending on the sort of sex you’re planning to have and who you’re sexually engaging to.

Among the most important love toys essentials you would want to splurge on are condoms, lubes, adult toy cleaners, and secured storage boxes!

Wicked Sex Toys operates to help partners have the best sex toys for couples for guaranteed sizzling sex life. Also, for every person to develop intimate pleasure by offering high-quality love toy essentials and selected toy collections in a confidential and stylish approach.

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We have available battery packs and chargers for vibrators including antibacterial cleaners to maintain them always box fresh.

This is the perfect spot to find all the extra stuff, must-haves, and replacement parts you didn’t realize you wanted!

Make sure that all your pleasure toys are in the highest shape for the coming years! Everything you need in taking proper care of your most precious sex toys, be it a cock ring, anal toy, or butt plugs, everything is over here at Wicked Sex Toys!

With a vast array of trustworthy brands to select from, our sex toy essentials are the ultimate additions to your adult toys. So purchase the most relevant love toy essentials online now!

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Golden Rules In Maintaining Your Adult Toy

  • Do not use a sex toy that is not intended for that purpose.
  • Before introducing a toy anywhere within your body, try to ensure that it is perfectly safe and clean.
  • Clean your adult toy before and after your sexual play using an antibacterial sex toy cleaner or while using a clean fabric.
  • Do not ever use in body parts that are swelling, wounded, or inflamed.
  • Never use the same toy from the anus to the penis or even from the anus to the vagina.
  • Use a lubricant that is compatible with your love toy. Water-based and silicone-based lubricants are preferred for optimum enjoyment. Whereas oil and vaseline are not suitable for most love toys, they will cause serious damage to latex related materials, particularly condoms.
  • Never use a sex toy that isn’t water-resistant inside a tub or while taking a shower.
  • Don’t allow any liquid to seep inside your sex toy’s battery compartment.
  • Make sure that your water-resistant adult toy is closed firmly before submerging in water.
  • Uninstall the batteries if the toy is not in operation.
  • We encourage using extra heavy-duty batteries or alkaline batteries to guarantee the long lifespan of your toy.
  • Vibrators and adult toys manufactured from Cyberskin or specific life-like components need the use of an antibacterial toy cleaner to guarantee that they retain their realistic texture and prevent cosmetic degradation while in storage. Pat clean then allow the item to dry entirely.
  • Those adult toys crafted from jelly or realistic materials should be kept separate from one another and other latex toys, as keeping in contact with them will allow the colors to fade and the material to deteriorate.

Different Kinds Of Lubricants

Water-based Lube

Water-based lubricants are thinner and feel more like natural lubrication that women could normally produce.

It dries faster than other forms of lubricants, so you will need to apply more, for this effect, it’s not the ideal way to stimulate the penis manually.

It is suitable for use with silicone lubricants and latex products.

Silicone-based Lube

Silicone-based lubricants are fantastic in many things; penetrative sex, anal sex, manual stimuli, or having an erotic shower play, because the water wouldn’t wash off the silicone.

While using love toys, be mindful that silicone lube shouldn’t be used with silicone adult toys as the same components would bond and become stickier, more like gum.

It is fully safe to use along with latex condoms and non-silicone materials.

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Oil-based Lubricant

We suggest using unrefined organic coconut oil if you’re using the toy on your skin or inside your vagina.

Petroleum jelly is not approved for use as a lubricant since it contains paraffin or petroleum, which is an element that may interfere with the natural flora of the vagina.

Also, you should not use liquid paraffin, mineral oil, paraffin oil as lubricants.

This is completely safe while using high-quality ceramic, glass, metal, and silicone sex toys.


Condoms could prevent unnecessary pregnancy and sexual diseases. They’re easy to obtain and simple to use, making sex much greater!
They exist in numerous designs, forms, and textures that enhance the pleasure for both partners.

And making your lover place the condom over your dick could be an attractive part of the foreplay, particularly if you apply some lube.
Condoms can also prolong ejaculation, so intercourse lasts a lot longer.

You may use condoms for anal play, oral sex and vaginal intercourse to shield you from sexually transmitted infections regardless of how you would do it. And that’s the most sexual part of it: condoms let you concentrate on satisfaction and your partner without thinking about conception or sexual diseases. In reality, safer sex is great sex because it prevents tension from ruining your mood.

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Foreplay Enhancers

Desensitizing sprays are items that could be used on your penis to help delay climax, enabling sexual contact to last long.
All these desensitizing sprays utilize minimal anaesthetics to numb your penis when you’re having sex, enjoying all the pleasure yet maximizing your erotic time.
Men may also use erection cream, which mainly contains substances that allow sufficient oxygen-rich blood to flow into your vessels, thereby increasing the strength of your penis.

For women, arousal gels have compounds that increase blood supply to the erogenous areas where they are used. That is indeed what happens throughout your body once you’re stimulated and turned on, the stream of blood rises in the “erogenous areas” of your body, including your clitoris and nipples. It promotes the flow of blood to the activated regions, producing a warm, tingly feeling that lasts about 20 minutes.

Sex Toy Cleaners

Providing your sex toys with some loving care will always make them look great and extend their lifespan for further use.

Rapid-acting, sanitary cleaners that are safe to use on any form of sex toy are your best choice.

Water-based formulations that are antimicrobial and ideal for all sex toys are the ones to buy.

Batteries for The Best Sex Toys

It’s useful to read your sex product details closely to see whether the batteries will be included with your chosen sex toy.

If no batteries are included, you’ll have to purchase those before you confirm your order and check out to make sure you have what you need to indulge your new sex gadget right away.

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Sex Toy Storage

Most of these sex toy storage methods give preference to a discreet and stealthy presentation and design. You could be in a position to conceal your sex toys in plain view with any of these items.

These sex toy containers and dildo boxes come in all colors, forms, and sizes, from mini bullet dildo bags to medium-sized boxes to big ancient Roman-style sex toy compartments.

Try to ensure that your toys are properly washed, disinfected, drained, and dried before they are stored.


What’s body-safe silicone?

Body-safe silicone is non – hazardous and safe from toxic substances. Adult toys that use body-safe silicone are suitable for penetration and erotic play.

My love toys smell strange, what might be the problem?

Having an odor on your sex toy is not unusual, but it doesn’t occur in all the toys. Most vinyl, PVC, or rubber sex toys will smell quite intensely due to the nature of its materials, especially if they are still new.
It does not mean exactly that the toy is hazardous and is likely to diminish through time.

The easiest solution is to get rid of the pungent smell is to wash your sex toy using sex toy cleaner or mild soap and detergent, then let it dry before using it again or when storing it.

How do I store my sex toy and sex toy essentials?

Devices should not be kept in direct contact with some other products, particularly if the ones you’ve got are manufactured by several companies, as reactions associated with the various substances used may occur.

You must place your adult toys and goods in a cool, dry place, out from direct light. But detach the batteries after each use or protect the batteries with its battery isolator.

And, if kept in place, rechargeable devices can be partly loaded to better prolong the battery life.

Preventing moisture would go a very long way in retaining the sex toy in good shape.

Is it possible to share a vibrator with someone else?

If anyone, with yeast, bacterial, or highly contagious sexual infection, used a porous vibrator, the disease may transfer to another person.

So, putting a fresh condom on the vibrator every time it is used will provide basic protection.

If you share a vibrator composed of non-porous materials, like high-quality silicone, you might want to use it with a new condom for safety and security.

Additionally, wash with soapy warm water or you may also use a sex toy cleaner. This could help in preventing the spread of infection from one person to another.

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