Lubido Water Based Lubricant 500ml

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Water based lubricant


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500 ml



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You can’t go wrong with Lubido Original if you’re looking for quality and value when it comes to intimate lubes. With Lubido Original, you get everything you’ll ever need in a lubricant.

Vegan-friendly, safe for condoms and toys, and non-paraben-containing, this lube is convenient and effective. The formula contains ingredients such as hydroxyethylcellulose, aqua, glycerin, propylene glycol, 4′-hydroxy acetophenone, and 1,2-hexanediol.

Enjoy its silky smooth and non-tacky texture. As a paraben-free and latex-friendly skincare line, Lubido puts your mind at ease, so you can explore more freely. Lubido is odourless and stain-free, so it will go a long, long way with your favourite sex toys.

Why you should buy

  • Long-lasting, intimate play
  • Exploration of all body parts with smoothness
  • Safe for use with condoms
  • Parabens-free
  • Washes off easily and does not stain
  • With the pump lock and clip, there will be no spills

Product key features

  • BIG BOTTLE – A proven water-based lubricant formula that offers outstanding performance all-around.
  • STAIN AND ODOR-FREE – An odourless lubricant that lets you explore without limitations.
  • EASY LOCKING MECHANISM – No more messing around in the middle of a fun play.
  • VEGETARIAN AND PARABENS FREE – A popular and reliable lubricant.
  • A LABORATORY TESTED, HYGIENE WRAPPED LUBE – A water-based lubricant you can trust.
  • CONDOMS AND TOYS SAFE – This lube delivers the fun, you handle the rest.
  • CONFIDENTIALLY PACKAGED – You’ll be the only one who knows what goodness is packaged inside.

Featuring an easy-lock and spill-proof pump, Lubido lube washes off as quickly as it comes on, so you don’t have to worry about stains. This odourless lubricant only needs a few drops in order to do its job.

Important information

  • Be sure to read the ingredients carefully before use. You should discontinue use immediately if you experience skin irritation.
  • Avoid using on injured or irritated skin.
  • Before using it completely, perform a patch test on your skin if necessary.
  • Avoid ingesting.
  • There is a possibility that this product will irritate your eyes. Flushing your eyes with warm water or a standard eyewash solution should be done in case of eye contact.
  • If a reaction persists, consult a doctor.
  • Keep cool and dry.
  • Keep out of reach of children.


It’s awesome!

I have tried several lubes and found this one to be the best. You won’t feel sticky or tacky after using this product, and it’s affordable.

  • Lisa

The lube works great.

It’s a great lubricant that doesn’t stick to your fingers and lasts for a long time.

  • Phil

Best ever!

Our favourite so far. It lasts for a long time, so you don’t have to buy more halfway through and it isn’t irritating at all. No slime, no sting, overall a good product. Great value considering how long it lasts and how many pumps you only need to use.

  • Jamie

Works well with any dildo or vibrator.

This is an excellent product. Silky to the touch. Suitable for any vibrator or dildo. Cleans up easily.

  • Luiz

It’s the perfect lube!

There was no opening or squeezing of bottles with the pump dispenser. You won’t feel sticky or greasy after using the lube because it is smooth and silky. I highly recommend it. It’s definitely a 5 out of 5.

  • Anonymous

Lubido Water-Based Lubricant 500ml is just what you need to give your sex life a boost. Order today from Wicked Sex Toys and enjoy discreet delivery.

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