Sliquid Organics Natural Intimate Lubricant-125ml

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Alfalfa*, Aloe Barbadensis*, Cyamopsis (Guar Conditioners), Extracts of Hibiscus*, Flax*, Natural Tocopherols (Vitamin E), Organics Natural Ingredients: Purified Water, Plant Cellulose (from Cotton)

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We realize how frustrating it is when other chemical products do not give you the feeling of a safer environment and how using non-organic, pre-made lubricants (including synthetic ones) can harm the body’s natural equilibrium and that is why Sliquid natural intimate lubricant was created.

It is an organic gel that is all-natural and contains 95% organic ingredients. It will give you a comfortable feeling, an enjoyable sexual experience and will not damage your sex life but make it better.

It makes all your sexual activities much slicker and reduces the chances of a condom tearing. It is free from smell and taste, making it unlikely to cause any irritation or allergic reaction to your genital area.

It is a natural moisturizer that gives a safe and natural relief to the body. It helps to increase lubrication by soothing the vaginal lining making the sex wetter, slicker and more pleasurable for both men and women.

The Sliquid organic lubricant will introduce new sensations to your sexual life. It will help to increase arousals, sexual pleasure and will additionally enable the sex to last for a longer duration.

Sliquid organic natural intimate lubricant is free from ingredients like parabens- which disrupts the normal function of the hormone system, and other synthetic materials like glycerin- which can attract yeasts and make the vagina much prone to yeast infections.

It is also good for inhibiting the growth of certain infections in the vagina, such as candida, and for improving vaginal dryness and inflammation in women. That means a healthy body equals fun, enjoyable sex.

Product Key Features

  • Organic Aloe Barbadensis Decolorized Leaf Juice
  • Vitamin E 
  • Organic Extracts of Hibiscus
  • Plant cellulose (from Cotton)
  • Non-staining, unflavored and unscented.
  • Compatible with latex, rubber, plastic, and silicone toys.
  • Natural and organic ingredients guaranteed.

Benefits of the Sliquid Organics Natural Intimate Lubricant

  • It is a water-based product.
  • It provides you with a lesser risk of irritation or allergic reactions when used. 
  • It is better for the Vaginal PH.
  • It is more eco-friendly because it contains no chemicals.
  • You will discover more pleasure in every intimate way. 
  • The product will not compromise your health in any manner.
  • It makes your sex life much better and enjoyable.
  • It can be used by anyone, male or female, for anything.
  • It makes sex a lot safer. 
  • You can use it for anal sex

Buy this product today!

You can enjoy a much safer sex life now with our Sliquid organic natural intimate lubricant. Not only will it balance the PH level in the vagina, but it would also reduce any risk of infection and allergic reactions from chemical, non-organic lubricants. It is also ideal for anal sex and can be enjoyed with adult toys too. It is not sticky, it does not leave stains, and it is eco-friendly. 

This is the product to help both men and women increase their sexual libido, and have their sexual intercourse last longer. Your sexual life will become less frustrating but more comfortable and enjoyable with this product. Buy this product today and choose to have a safer and enjoyable sex life.

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