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Wand vibrators over the years have gained an outstanding reputation for helping women achieve mind-blowing explosive orgasms, making them really popular and beloved sex toys. You can certainly always rely on a wand vibrator for a pleasant time. However, there are certain details you need to know before using this bad boy.
A vibrating wand is different from a traditional vibrator in that most of them are not suited for penetration, but rather for use on external body parts and clitoral stimulation.
Instead of being phallic-shaped (shaped like an erect penis), wand massagers usually feature a large, round head and a flexible neck that bends easily and vibrates to cover a wider surface area as opposed to more pointed adult toys.
Wand Vibrators vary from cordless to plug-in, and rechargeable wand variants to meet all your erotic desires.

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Some Of The Best Wand Vibrators You Need In Your Toy Collection

There is a reason why wand vibrators are called “magic” wands, and it’s a damn good reason too. Most people think all vibrators are love toys shaped like a penis and are meant to mimic the vibrations of penetrative sex.

They’re wrong! These vibrators are much different from the classic vibrators and are not shaped like a penis. They are wards! And are known to be the strongest vibrators delivering the most powerful vibrations in the adult toy game.

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Wand vibrators are amazing and the best go-to sex toy for those who wish to experience deep, intense, rumbly vibrations that your average vibrator is incapable of delivering.

We suggest getting a wand with a large head similar to the size of a golf ball if it’s the small wand vibrator variants you want or a wand with a head the size of a tennis or pool ball for a big wand vibrator.

It is also recommended that you listen to the sound of the wand vibrator before purchasing it. A good wand vibrator will give a humming sound when turned on and not a squealing sound.

Also, if you want your wand vibrator to service multiple body parts, then we recommend you get one with attachments. Below are some of the best wand vibrators that are sure to deliver intense lip-biting orgasms.

Le Wand

Packed with 10 unique vibration speeds and 20 varying vibration patterns, the Le Wand vibrator is a powerful and elegant toy that most users purchase because of its size.

However, if you prefer something smaller, then the Le Wand Petite vibrator is ideal and just as intense as the original. The vibrator has a run time of about 3 hours after being charged.

Although it resembles a microphone, the tone you will be singing while playing with the Le Wand vibrator would be of a different sort if you know what I mean.

The Original Magic Wand Vibrator

Commonly known as Hitachi Magic Wand, the Original Magic Wand gained its popularity as far back as the 1960s, when a Japanese company Hitachi unveiled the toy which was originally meant to be a massager, to the U.S. market.

Originally designed as a tool for muscle massaging, the Hitachi soon was found to have sexually soothing qualities that made it one of the most popular sex toys in history.

Funny enough, Hitachi briefly seized sales of the device back in 2013 because of its association with masturbation and erotic pleasures. However, Vibratex, a known distributor of sex toys convinced the company to keep selling which led to a quick rebrand and the device was renamed as Original Magic Wand.

Till today, the Original Magic Wand continues to be one of the most popular vibrators in existence, especially the corded versions which are known to be stronger and more durable than their cordless counterparts because of the low-voltage power they run on.

Although the Original Magic Wand only features two speeds, and its design is yet to be updated since its creation, it remains a lot of people’s favourite wand massager.

It is the ideal choice for beginners who seek a toy that is less intimidating to start with. However, note that it is not whispering quiet and might be a bit noisy.

Hype Massage Wand Vibrator

Designed to ignite that beautiful sexual creativity of yours and aid you to explore numerous fantasies, this wand vibrator offers ten intense vibration modes and is smooth on both ends. It has a run time of about one hour per charge and takes two hours to be fully recharged.

So it is best to make sure that you plug in your toy before leaving for your daily activities if you intend to use it after getting home.

Mystic Wand Vibrator

Ahhhh, the Mystic Wand is one hell of a sexy vibrator! A true machine when it comes to erotic pleasures. The distinctly shaped ridges on its head and the curve of its handle are what make this wand vibrator a beauty among the rest.

The mystic wand also features an attachment (sold separately) that is designed to deal with g-spot stimulation if that is what you require. However, the toy is not known for being quiet in terms of noise.

Happy Rabbit Vibrator Wand

The Happy Rabbit Vibrator Wand features the best of both worlds. Not only does it have bunny ears at the tip, but it is also waterproof. For those who love the stimulation the iconic bunny ears offer in regular rabbit vibrators, then this one is the next best thing to happen to you.

It features nine pulsing and escalation modes, three-speed levels, 10 vibration modes, and is made with body-safe silicone material that is delicately contoured, giving users an easy grip and control of the toy.

Jopen Impulse E-Stimulator Petite Wand

The Jopen Impulse E-Stimulator wand although not round in size, features a slanted tip, and is capable of covering a larger surface area if you want it to.

What makes this wand truly special is the electro-stimulation feature that was added to boost the intensity of orgasm.

Note that it is advisable to first apply the impulse conductivity gel before usage to protect the toy and maximize the pleasure and effect of the e-stimulator.

The sensation derived from the e-stimulator is similar to being pricked by pins and needles, but has more of a tingly feeling than a painful one, making this vibrator unsuitable for some people.

You can choose the level of impulse you would like to experience by selecting from seven vibration modes and five e-stimulator settings.

CalExotics Embrace

The Embrace wand is definitely the right direction to turn to if you are in search of a dual-purpose vibrator. Its unique design permits the stimulation of your clit with one tip, while the other tip stimulates the G-spot.

In addition to this, both ends come with separate motors. This special wand comes packed with seven intensity settings that help you explore and figure out what level of intensity works best for you.

Lelo Smart Wand 2

Toys from Lelo are top of their class for a good reason. Not only do they have a beautiful appearance, but they are also made from quality body-safe materials, making them top-notch.

Finally, thanks to their unique design, their toys are highly effective. A recommendable wand vibrator, the Lelo Smart Wand is equipped with eight distinct vibration patterns and eight-speed levels are made with buttery silicone material and feature an extra-large shape that is perfect for usage during partnered sex.

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The Lelo Smart Wand has a handle that makes it relatively easy to hold thereby making solo or partnered playtime so comfortable. Even better, the wand vibrator is very discreet with its whisper-quiet vibrations, despite having a very powerful motor.

Doxy Die-Cast Wand

These wands are famous for their unmatched power, therefore explaining their premium pricing.

Although the Doxy wand is mostly available in cordless versions, the corded varieties also exist and provide more intense vibrations at a lower voltage while guaranteeing unlimited playtime as long as there is power. The corded versions feature a 10-foot cord and are not a bother to most Doxy users.

The Doxy Die-Cast Wand vibrator is packed with three superb vibration modes that are sure to ravage your mind with an intense orgasm. Also, users of the Doxy wand are unable to resist its beautiful, sleek, titanium and aluminium body.

How Are Wand Vibrators Different From Other Vibrators?

Wand vibrators or wand massagers were specifically created to be used externally unlike rabbit vibrator dildos which work best when inserted. The wand vibrator is typically not an insertable toy and basically focuses on clitoral stimulation with little or no focus on the G-spot.

The wand vibrator’s appearance usually features a large, bulbous flexible head that is capable of sending vibrations to a large surface area thereby stimulating broader pleasure spots. What most people are unaware of is that the clit is actually larger than they realize and many women have come to notice that using a wand vibrator covers a wider surface area and sends more powerful and intense vibrations that lead to explosive orgasms.

Besides being similar to wand vibrators in this respect, bullet vibrators were also created to cause clit stimulation. But, in contrast to the wand’s large tip, bullet vibrators are much smaller and have a narrow tip.

Also, the stimulation derived from the vibrations of the bullet vibe might be too precise and intense for some women to handle, which makes the wand vibe a preferred choice as it offers vibrations with lesser intensity when compared to the bullet, but with more allover rumbly sensation during masturbation.

This does not mean the wand isn’t powerful. On the contrary, the wand vibrator’s powerful and relentless motor is sure to take your pleasure bar from 0 to 100 every time.

Due to the wand’s large and unique design, it can accommodate a large motor that boosts the quality of these rumbly vibrations. Also, the size makes it easier to stimulate most of the entire vulva region and delivers intense vibrations that are sure to completely stimulate both the external and internal clitoris. Its design also makes it easy to grip, and move, giving you enough control over how deep you want the stimulation to get.

Even better, the clit is not the only region the wand can satisfy. You can use the wand vibrator to stimulate other erogenous regions like the labia, testicles, nipples, and all other zones that come to mind.

The wand is also able to deliver relief to sore muscles seeing as that is the original reason the first wand vibrator was created for.

Finally, Wand vibrators or massagers are available in different sizes, colours, price ranges, and designs. Make sure to do your research when searching for the perfect wand for you.

To make things easier for you, we offer all of the best wand vibrators in the market and have put them all in one place to aid your search. All products showcased on Wicked Sex Toys were personally selected by our highly knowledgeable editors.

How To Use A Wand Vibrator

Using a wand massager can be done in multiple forms and directions while making sure the ecstatic vibrations are not limited to just a small part of your body, but a larger area for incredible tingly sensation.

You can comfortably control the intensity of the vibrations by choosing how you want to give yourself that special massage. Take the wand close to your genitals and run the vibrations smoothly over it or focus on other pleasure spots like your shoulders, calf, nipples, or back.

For a deeper and more intense experience, press the wand tightly against those regions and you will surely discover that explosive orgasmic moment you’ve always desired based on any of these two preferences.

You can also the wand while having sex with a partner for foreplay, or direct clitoral stimulation, If your clit is your favourite pleasure spot, or you want to boost your experience during lovemaking with your partner and need something for the extra stimulation, then this toy is the one for you.

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Any way you choose to use it, the most powerful wand vibrator is a strong vibe with amazing speed levels and vibrations that is sure to satisfy you regardless of how much sensation you need.

A friendly tip to those unable to handle the full intensity of the wand vibrator or wish to dampen its vibrations is to place a towel or thick clothing between the wand and your skin.

Technically, whether you’re a newbie to the world of sensual play with adult toys or you seek to try something new and explore numerous fantasies, wand vibrators offer erotic intensity, power, and variety to meet those needs. Even more impressive is the fact that some variants come in discreet packaging, making them suitable for use almost anywhere.

Should you have more questions on the use of the wand vibrator or which wand vibrator is ideal for you, we are here to render our unreserved assistance.

Wand Vibrators FAQs

Can Wand Massagers Work on Sore Muscles?

Yes, they can! Wand vibrators are therapeutic on sore muscles as they were originally designed for this purpose. Although they were later repurposed to satisfy sexual pleasure, wand vibrators are still fully capable of relieving tension, pain, sore muscles, backaches, and the soothing of the nerves. 

The Original Wand Vibrator (Hitachi Magic Wand) till today remains one of the most admired massagers to rid people of aches and pains. But why limit it to just sore muscles when you can use it to achieve mind-blowing massages later on (if you know what we’re driving at!). After all, there’s nothing more exciting than a vibrator that can satisfy both your physical and sexual needs!

Are Wand Vibrators body-safe?

Yes! Wand vibrators are typically designed with 100% body-safe materials with most of them being made with FDA-approved smooth silicone, and an ABS Plastic handle, which has also been proven to be risk-free when it is in contact with the body.

Are Wand Vibrators Better as Wired or Wireless?

If you’re the type who likes intense vibrations, then it is best to go for a wand vibrator that derives its power directly from the source. This is what makes the Hitachi Magic Wand so famous as it is wired, and performs a great job at delivering intense, rumbling vibrations. 


However, choosing a wireless wand vibrator eliminates the hassle that comes with the constraints of wires, allowing you to enjoy pleasure at your convenience, irrespective of your location, without being restrained by the distance the wire allows.

Wand vibrators that are battery-powered even though are not as powerful as the wired ones, deliver fairly powerful vibrations, and can deliver satisfying orgasms.

Are Wand Vibrators Waterproof?

If you are the type that loves to explore some wet action in the bathtub, jacuzzi, or shower, you will need to first confirm if the wand you are purchasing is waterproof. Bear in mind that a water-resistant vibe is not the same as a waterproof vibrator. Hence, if your toy is water-resistant, it is best to keep its exposure to water-limited areas.

Are Wand Vibrators Noisy?

Even the best and most expensive wand vibrators can be quite loud. Unfortunately, this is a result of the power and intensity wand vibrators bring to the table. Most manufacturers of wand vibrators do their best at critically minimizing the noise level and achieve some success in this feat. However, wired vibrators can’t help but be noisy. 

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