Doxy Adult Sex Toys
Looking for the ideal sex toy?
If you have tried other full-sized wands but find yourself seeking much more, say hello to Doxy.
The Doxy is 30 percent stronger than the original Hitachi version from which it was copied.
It is called a Magic Wand because it will give you a serious orgasm, when you want it to.
How serious, may you ask: How about hitting up to 9,000 RPMs of ecstatic vibrations produced from a medical grade PVC head that was intentionally designed to target all your sweet and sensitive spots.
The doxy is neither for the faint of heart. It is for those who are confident enough to own it.
The Doxy is a brand of vibrator that is designed for women by the British. It was created in the effort to satisfy a consumer demand for the Hitachi Magic Wand in the United Kingdom and many users agree that it is one of the most effective wand vibrators available in the industry.
As of 2020, Doxy is produced by CMG Leisure, a subsidiary of CMG Inc. in Callington, Cornwall, England.

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