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Sex toys that look like the real thing
You might consider several factors when shopping for a new sex toy: performance, price, stimulation level,stimulation level, and the kind of vibe you are in the mood for.
Others are motivated by discretion, whereas others are driven by aesthetics. Although the best sex toys are powerful tools by themselves, able to elevate an ordinary orgasmic experience to an epic scale, people still desire their adult toys to be just as real as their partners. We present you Wicked Sex Toys’ realistic sex toys!
Honestly, these aren’t the toys you’d like to leave out for everyone to see. These will look like you’ve got a vulva or a dick in your bedside drawer, with their realistic shapes and flesh-toned colors.

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However, some toys are useful for keeping it real. Many of these toys have intricate veins, curved surfaces, and nicely-shaped heads, so if the plastic doesn’t get your adrenaline pumping, the sights are sure to.

Now let’s face it, every now and then you just need something genuine. A realistic adult toy is the perfect companion for solo enjoyment or to indulge your wildest desires together.

Recognize that pleasure can be expanded and experienced in virtually every part of the body.

At Wicked Sex Toys, you’ll find these Ultra Realistic toys and more! Whether you’re looking for a beginner-friendly sex toy or a more serious love toy, Wicked Sex Toys has the perfect life-like sex toy for your sex life. We’d be happy to answer your questions as real as possible. Feel free to contact us.

The Best Realistic Dildos For You

Our impressive selection of realistic dildos will spoil you for choice.

We have the real feel dildo for any body type or skin tone, whether you prefer large, girthy, thin, or a specific skin tone. The details in all of them are lifelike for the best aesthetic experience and overall satisfaction.

By closing your eyes, you’ll be unable to distinguish between them. A sensual raised vein guides you to real pleasure with this dildo, which resembles a real penis in appearance and feel. Featuring both hands-on and hands-free functionality, a lifelike dildo will become your go-to bedtime accessory.

You can even choose between hard and soft dildos, depending on which pumping style you prefer. They’re available in a variety of sizes and shapes, just like their real-life counterparts.

A real-life dildo can also have various features for different kinds of enjoyment. It can be stimulating to choose one with balls or one with a realistic vibration and cock ring to add even more tingling to your clitoris.

If you’re looking for the most realistic dildo to explore anal play, choose one with a wide base. Using adequate amounts of anal lube will also prevent any pain.

Choose The Best, Get A Realistic Vagina

Our realistic pussy selection should satisfy your need for a vagina that feels and looks real. A realistic vagina can vary greatly in shape and size, but all offer a realistic sexual sensation by enclosing the cock and causing stimulation in the area.

Men receive the most pleasure from realistic vaginas. These male sex toys fleshlike materials mimic the feel of human skin. A male masturbator feels like an actual female once you get inside; it makes sense why they are so well-liked. To further stimulate you, consider a vibrating realistic vagina to hit the male g-spot perfectly.

Take your pick from a hot porn star clone or a tight masturbation sleeve. Let us know what you want! There are also realistic butts and masturbation boobies and cocks in the Wicked Sex Toys collection.

Utilizing one of these vagina sex toys will have you in an instant climax. You can pick from a variety of realistic dolls, fleshlight girls, and pocket pussies for oral sex simulation. The interior of these masturbators features nodules and ribs that let you warm them up for a satisfying experience. Give yourself the experience of a lifetime by taking your masturbation to the next level.

Communication is the key to satisfying relationships; things like new positions or removing pornography from a home without your partner’s consent is generally not helpful

A realistic vagina is the way to go when you are alone or feel the need to relieve yourself without your partner’s assistance. Our realistic vaginas are made from materials such as rubber, silicone, UR3, cyberskin, among others.

The Realistic Butt To Fulfill Every Desire

A realistic butt masturbator will give you the best anal experience if you wish to simulate that sensation. You’ll get a lot of enjoyment from these realistic anal toys, which come with skin textures that are as realistic as possible.

A variety of tight, realistic asses are available for women, men and everyone, so there is bound to be one that fits every need.

The trick is to be a Master who offers so much- interms of life experiences and personal support- that the slave’s service is more than justified.

The most popular sex toys for men are realistic butts, aside from a butt plug, which has a variety of appealing features, including the way they feel, the way they work, and the way they make solo play more enjoyable. Featuring realistic openings, the high-quality material delivers a realistic and intense experience. You can also turn on a vibrating bullet with some of our models for even more fun.

Ultra Realistic SexToys FAQs

How should these realistic toys be used and maintained?

Realistic toys are generally easy to use. Consider adding a little lubricant to the opening if necessary. 


For regular use, keep your sleeve clean. To do this, simply wash your sleeve with warm soapy water. Does your toy vibrate? Make sure it’s waterproof. Is your bullet vibrator not waterproof? Be careful not to wash it under the tap! Try cleaning it with the best cleaning solution for sex toys instead.

Is there a size recommendation for a Realistic Dildo?

When choosing the right dildo, there are a number of factors to consider. Your first step should be to figure out what feels comfortable to you and what you enjoy doing. Afterward, it depends on your choice of dildo’s circumference and length.


When it comes to the size of your realistic dildo, its length and circumference are the most important factors. Depending on whether you are circumcised or not, your erect penis will probably measure three to five inches long. It is entirely up to you to decide what size of realistic dildo you find comfortable and pleasing.

Does lube work on a Dildo with a Realistic look?

Definitely! A condom or lube is necessary if you want to have an authentic experience during your solo playtime with a sex toy.


If you intend to use a dildo on your butt, don’t forget to apply anal lubricant first.

During partner play, can I use a realistic vibrator?

Playing solo with these vibrators is not the only way to use them. Your partner and you will have a great time foreplaying when you use these realistic toys. Using your toys can set the mood if lately things have been monotonous. There’s probably just one thing missing to make sex even more exciting.

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