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A 101 Guide to penetration toys
This guide will help you find the best anal or vaginal (or both!) penetration toys to enhance your sex life. You’ll learn about some of our favourite products and tips on how they work, as well. If that isn’t enough information then this page contains links where more detailed guides can be found. It’s all here in one place!

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What are Penetration Sex Toys?

The term “penetration sex toys” has become a bit of a buzzword in the sex toy industry. Think bullet vibrator, wearable vibrator, rabbit vibrator, double ended vibrator, silicon dildo and anything else that can be used for internal stimulation. These days they come with vibration patterns and various vibration modes, pulse patterns, a plethora of intensity levels, and wireless remote control, all designed for hands free extra stimulation for solo play or couples play. This article will explain a bit about penetration play so that we all have an understanding on this subject before getting into the fun stuff!

I must confess, suspicious of those who denounce others for having too much sex.

Sex therapist, Samantha Jones encourages dual stimulation of erogenous zones, and says that you should make your first sex toy, whether for solo fun or couples toys for couple fun, something that excites you. You want mind blowing orgasms. Be aware of your feelings and ease yourself gently into using the best sex toys. You might like to try a finger vibrator or vibrating cock ring, or other sex toys for couples that enhance the current experience to begin with. You want to feel connected. Sex therapists suggest that you might want to avoid ‘long distance sex toy’ devices in your partnered sex. Partner play should remain in partnership, and you should not let your sex swing to become very individualistic in nature.

Types of Penetration Toys

There are many different types…and sizes too….of penetrative devices out there today.

  • Anal dildo These look like regular dildos but they fit up your ass instead for anal play. Anal toys come made from any number of materials including silicone rubber/glass etc., some even include vibrating functions which make them great if anal stimulation isn’t enough alone without adding vibration at times.
  • Prostate massager  If used properly these products cause little discomfort because their shape allows natural lubrication and simple insertion. The prostate area lies deep within our bodies making its use difficult until now (thanks to technology). Some models also contain multiple massage features, controlled at the click of a remote button.
  • Anal beads  Beads range  widely depending upon size & material type; plastic vs glass being two popular choices along side metal-alloy and steel ones…they’re usually covered by lube when inserted though sometimes need more care especially when wielded by those inexperience with anal sex.
  • Vibrators –  A large drawback of having intercourse with fingers, dicks, strap ons etc….is a lack of control over one’s own pleasure during sexual activity. Using a classic vibrator while stimulating oneself internally..or externally… or both… has become easier with a plethora of vibration settings and speeds. Vibrators are your classic g-spot stimulator and are great for penetrative sex.
  • Rabbits –  Rabbets vary greatly based primarily on length. In general, rabbits generally fall between 5 inches long upwards.  Rabbit style vibes work best placed against clitorises during penetration since most people don´t find themselves able to reach orgasm through penetration alone.
  • Bullets –  Bullets tend towards lengths ranging anywhere from 6″+. Bullet styles may be either curved such allowing easy entry inside vaginas.  Or straight offering internal thrusting ability similar to longer cock shaped items. There exist bullet options featuring dual motors giving added power.
  • Strap-Ons Staple On versions run about 4 – 10?, often sporting balls attached directly above vaginal entrance thus providing additional stimulation once penetrated. There are also vibrating strap ons for extra pleasure.

How to get started with Penetration Sex Toys

When exploring new territory always start slow using safer methods then move on to something bigger.  For example: first, try fingering yourself off gently until climax. Then add penetration objects like small butt plugs, to stimulate further.  Once comfortable go ahead slowly insert larger toys. When ready proceed forward gradually increasing speed till reaching maximum depth possible given anatomy limitations(ie tightness). As time goes increase intensity level accordingly keeping safe. If anything becomes painful, stop and remove the object gently.

Select the right penetration sex toy for you

There are many factors to consider when choosing which toys work well with your body. So how do we know what we are going to enjoy before we buy it? Here is a list of questions that might help: Do I want something small and discreet or big and intense?  Are there any parts, such as balls etc., attached so they have an impact on my g-spot/clitoris area too (for women)? Is waterproofness important? Because penetration can get messy and you may want to play in the bath or shower.

Use lots of lubricant during penetrative sex

As you are having intercourse, use a water-based lube to protect the vaginal or anal opening. This will keep your orifice moist and make penetration easier for him (or her). Lubricants can be messy so bear that in mind.

Get properly stimulated with foreplay

You need some kind of prelude before he enters there; this could include oral stimulation if it pleases both parties! It should also involve touching each other’s genitals lightly beforehand – just enough contact is necessary but not too much because then things could get overheated, ending the party too soon.

Do solo experimentation

Try doing something completely different on yourself: masturbation may help loosen up those muscles and prepare your mind and body for couples play.

Think about role play

If you’re into kinky stuff try thinking out a scenario where  one person plays another character in order to spice-up their sex life or at least add an element that they’ve never tried yet (like blindfolds etc). This can be very fun.

How to Choose the Best Penetration Toys for You

If you’re looking into getting a new toy, it can be difficult knowing what type of toys will work best with your body. There are so many different types out there that choosing one is hard! We’ve put together some tips and tricks on how we chose our favourite penetration products here at Wicked Sex Toys. Hopefully this helps others choose their next sex play product as well!! 🙂 Let’s get started…

1 : Make sure whatever penetrative device or object used has an easy-to use handle/grip (we love the super soft silicone handles). Also make certain any plastic parts have been made from BPA free materials like TPE instead if PVC plastics which may leach chemicals over time when exposed in water based lubricants.

2 : The girth should fit snugly around all areas where possible but not too tight – making them uncomfortable isn’t going to help anything 😉 Try using lube before trying these devices because sometimes people experience pain through friction during penetrative sex.

3 : Don’t forget about safety – always wear protection such as condoms. Never share objects between partners unless they were sterilized first. Always clean up after yourself afterwards! I

4: If budget allows, try more than 1 item while experimenting until finding something YOU truly enjoy having fun with!!!

5. To finish off; remember every person reacts differently sexually therefore please read other reviews online by users who already own said items prior to purchasing yours. This way everyone gets pleasure without being disappointed down below! Reviews are a great way to get a bit of extra information before you buy.

Best Penetration Toys for Couples – How They Work & What To Look For

This should give a good idea what type/kinds your partner might prefer when you get the chance to give them multiple orgasms on date night. We’ve seen quite varied answers on just what can spice things up for people who have experimented a lot, so just keep asking questions and looking at ways to mix things up.

In our experience most men like being penetrated by larger objects; but not always.  Some women love having their vaginas filled up until they’re completely full while others only enjoy simple small objects thrusting into their vagina. So we suggest experimenting with several sizes when buying anything specific – especially if money is not the main concern. But once again, ask your partner. The dialogue you build around choosing toys will help the relationship when using the toys. They should not replace oral sex, they should build your experience together.

Combine Penetration with Clitoral Stimulation

If you want to make your partner enjoy the experience of penetration, you can use an external vibrator and stimulate her clitoris at the same time as penetration. A clitoral stimulator is a great way for couples that have trouble achieving orgasm during vaginal intercourse or who don’t feel like they’re getting enough stimulation from their vagina alone .

Popular Penetration Toys to Start With

You’ll find that the most popular penetration toys are designed for women. However, men have also found many ways of using these sex tools on themselves or their partners as well! Below we have included some of the most popular penetration toys on Wicked Sex Toys.


What are the Health Benefits of Masturbating with Penetration Sex Toys?

To start, masturbation is a healthy sexual activity’ it’s good for men’s health and good for women’s health. While it may not be everyone’s first choice when thinking about sex acts that they want to do (and more often than we would like), there isn’t anything wrong or bad for you if this act has become your favourite way of enjoying penetrative sex. There’s no need whatsoever in feeling guilty after having masturbated – just enjoy yourself! If done properly though – getting off can feel amazing, relieve stress, release happy hormones, help you regain perspective and even give us all some much needed’me time’. And who doesn’t love those benefits?!

Penetration toys offer many physical health advantages as well:

  • Stimulate blood flow through vaginal walls which helps prevent UTIs/Bacterial Vaginosis by increasing circulation around genital area.
  • Helps reduce inflammation throughout body
  • Improves muscle tone & flexibility due to increased amounts of playtime
  • Promotes weight loss since it’s an active form (activity stimulates metabolism).

The best part however… You get ALL these great things in small doses while having the time of your life.

Polyamorous people can be hetero, bi, pan, ace, gay, or any other sexual identity.

Cleaning Sex Toys

There are a number of reasons why it is important to clean your sex toys regularly. Some people think that cleaning the toy before and after use with water will prevent any infections, but this isn’t entirely true as there can still be some bacteria present on them when not cleaned properly! Most manufacturers recommend washing all their products in hot soapy water or using an antibacterial cleaner. Do so thoroughly and after every use.

Wrapping Up

So hopefully reading about the best sex toy options and more about sexual pleasure gave you plenty of ideas. Toys come in all sorts of shapes and forms to take advantage of. At Wicked Sex Toys we have loads of retail links with manufactures and help you get toys without a lofty price tag. Buy today… Then… Go forth, excited ladies and gentlemen. Enjoy yourselves ; )

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