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Some people falsely think that sex toys are either for single men and women or, maybe, for people in a relationship who indulge in some solo fun time. The fact is, there’s a lot of sex toys available that enable couples to achieve better, more satisfying sex together!
Many sex toys can be used or worn for penetration, those which can be used for teasing, as well as those that can be used to discover more of the sensations you both want during sex.
Your sex life might need some boost and a tiny dose of adrenaline. Sex toys are like sprinkles that you add to your already tasty milkshake!

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We have our guide to sex toys for couples for those who want to research how to use adult toys in their relationship and much more information. Sex toys for couples enable you and your partner to deliver a stimulating experience that wouldn’t have been possible with tongues, fingers, and sex organs alone. Ranging from activities and experiences that could get you both in the zone to actual vibrating, erotic toys that you can use on each other, there’s a variety of sex toys for couples to pick from here in Wicked Sex Toys.

Our highly selected list of the finest sex toys for couples features vibrators, dildos, anal toys, anal pegging toys, sex essentials, and more. They’re all created to make you share and enjoy pleasure and satisfaction, of course!

Wetness (or lack of wetness) is not an indicator of how excited a person may or may not be.

When you’re considering sex a team sport, you must get the right tools to be triumphant, and Wicked Sex Toys‘ collection of sex toys would ensure you both hold your minds and bodies in the game.

What Are Sex Toys For Couples?

When you and your partner would like a more fun time in the bedroom, pull out sex toys for couples to just get things hotter. There are a few things that you’ll have to discuss as a couple, and that involves picking a partner toy to assist you in the bedroom.

Doing the very same foreplay as well as position every single time can get a little predictable, so these sex toys are kind of romantic aid. Some of the most popular partner toys include couples vibrators, handcuffs, bullet vibrator, butt plugs, remote-control vibrators, cock rings, among several others.

Why You Should Use Sex Toys As A Couple?

Discovering amazing adventures in your sexual relationship doesn’t only give you a different outlook on what you’ve never dreamed you might experience, but it creates the strongest sexual connection possible. Partners who are using sex toys can interact better. Both partners need to discuss when buying and while using a stimulation or a penetrative sex toy in the bedroom.

You may also give each other greater clarity and better directions. You have to listen to your partner in this kind of play. For women, sex toys help to alleviate the amount of stress to reach orgasm. Even when clit stimulation can be obtained by using the tongue and fingers, it may not always be the choice due to limitations in the context of sexual position.

While using a vibrator, you’re taking the pressure off to achieve climax. When you’ve gained your first orgasm, it’s fairly easy for your partner to satisfy you and help you to achieve the next orgasms. On the other hand, sex toys significantly boost the confidence of men, as they are always the ones to do the work in making their partner reach orgasm.

Choosing The Right Toys For Couples

Discuss couples sex toy with your partner

You may be ready and willing to take the couple’s sex toy trip, however, ensure that your partner is on board too. You like it to be satisfying to both of you, then include your partner in the discussion of sex toys before you stack up to new gadgets.

Have fun with toy shopping

Whenever it comes to finding the right sex toys for both of you, select them together, you will have a great deal of fun while online shopping.

Start with the basics

In picking the best sex toys for couples, the most essential thing is that partners communicate about everything they’re curious about, what they’re comfy with, and what are off-limits.

There’s nothing wrong with starting with the basics. Always keeping it easy.

As couples are just starting on using sex toys, one of them could get overwhelmed if it’s a huge thing you chose or if it’s got a lot of accessories.

Sex Toys That Every Couple Should Own

Couples’ Vibrators

Multiple versions of the vibrator are now available in battery-powered or plug-in designs and have been around since the late nineteenth century. By actively stimulating the sensations, the tool helps to boost those that do not respond to the normal arousal methods.

Nowadays, there are couples’ vibrators with a range of speeds and settings that allow both partners to regulate the vibration intensity. They are meant to be worn during sex, offering G-spot and clitoral stimulation to the woman, and also a lot of excitement to the man.

Some creative vibrators have an app that allows both partners to monitor and regulate the speed of each other’s vibrations, enabling couples to interact in the bedroom even though they’re far apart.

Other common vibrators include the best finger vibrator. Also include the pocket vibrators, designed for external usage, typically four to five inches long and simple to tuck in your pocket, and a G-spot stimulator, a dildo that bends up to the end to hit the G-spot on the vagina’s roof.

I must confess, suspicious of those who denounce others for having too much sex.

But, if you’re aiming for the Rolls Royce vibrator that just tops all the rest in terms of enduring strength and stimulation, you are likely to grab the Hitachi Magic Wand.

Vibrating cock rings

A cock ring are among the best sex toys for couples to have. They can significantly increase the size, hardness, and endurance by reducing the blood supply out of your penis and enhancing your partner’s sensations during intercourse.

A vibrating cock ring is a silicone piece of stretchy material that wraps around the penis with a vibrator built into the side. The penis buzzes when inside your partner and can brush against their clitoris if it is correctly positioned.

Strap-on dildos

If you’re a lady who loves women, strap-on dildos encourage both partners to enjoy increased pleasure. One partner holds the bulb end and penetrates the partner using the shaft end.

A female partner may also penetrate a male partner with a strap-on dildo. It’s called pegging. Many straight men can now experience what gay men have enjoyed for generations, the deep sexual gratification of anal play and prostate stimulation.


Will sex toys desensitize my penis in the long run?

One widespread myth about sex toys is how they could leave you feeling numb right there. If this occurs after extended use, the result is almost always temporary.

If you ever need to, just refrain from using it for a few sessions to get your positive thoughts back.

How do I introduce my partner to couples sex toys?

Since you’ve never experienced using sex toys with your partner before, you’re likely to feel a little nervous about bringing up the idea of using them.

Start showing your partner pictures of different couples sex toys and tell him/her how you think the couples’ sex toys will make your sex life more exciting and fun.

You don’t have to figure out just how you feel towards your sex life right now; simply tell your partner how you hope these toys will make things better.

Made it very clear that this is not about a flaw or lacking skills in the bedroom, but rather a way to make each of you truly satisfied.

Are sex toys for couples safe to use?

High-quality toys with no toxic substances are harmless and safe to use. Only make sure to clean them properly, put them in clean, dry storage space, and then use them appropriately.

Proper implementation of this would significantly reduce the risk of developing sexual diseases and other infections.


Should I use a condom with couples sex toys?

Condoms make cleaning simpler since you wouldn’t have to clean the toy actually, that’s probably the biggest advantage.

It would be a smart idea if you are using the same toy during anal play and penetrative vaginal sex.

You need to disinfect rectally used toys before you even use them vaginally and vice – versa, and because you’re using a condom, you may just strip off the old condom and place a new one.

Can sex toy ruin the sexual experience for me and my partner?

Sex toys are a great addition to the overall sexual experience. Their versatility will help you improve your foreplay in a variety of ways.

But if this becomes a problem, just remind your partner that toys are not intended to override your partner’s commitment or desire.

How do I clean my toy?

Cleaning your Sex Toy is very important especially if you are using a lubricant in the process. Sex Toys need to be cleaned before and after use by using warm water and mild soap. You can also use a sex toy cleaner or isopropyl alcohol if you would like to ensure a germ-free environment. Many products are not waterproof so make sure to check the packaging first before jump-starting anything.

How should I store my toy?

Place your toy in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. You can store your toy together with other non-conductive toys in the travel case included with your purchase. It is also great to store your toy in the original box. The retail packaging is discreet and designed to keep your sex toy safe from prying eyes when not in use. They also make your toy easy to transport.

Which lubricant is best for me?

There are a wide variety of lubricants for couples, and each person is different so it can get a bit confusing. A great way to approach sexuality is as a team and deciding what works best for you.

The first line of defence against vaginal dryness and discomfort is the proper lubricant. If you choose to use a lubricant, pick a water-based formulation that is compatible with your favourite condom. Many men find that using a personal lubricant enhances their sexual performance as well as their partner’s satisfaction.

Lubricants reduce friction and irritation compared to sexual activity without lubrication. It is never a bad idea to have a reliable personal lubricant on hand.

What style is right for me?

The choices of what style of sex toys for couples to use are endless. Some couples feel a vibrator and a dildo are the best things for them, while others feel cock rings and nipple clamps are more appropriate. Yet others may want to try bondage and control devices. It all depends on your personal desires and needs. The need for toys is growing as people have gotten more open-minded about their sex lives.

What’s the difference between materials?

Every material, from ultra-smooth silicone to double-ended vibrator and anything in between, has its characteristics and distinct benefits. From flexibility and firmness to internal textures, many variables contribute to the pleasure a toy can deliver.

Latex toys come in a variety of textures, are usually inexpensive, are very flexible and tend to be somewhat porous; silicone toys are non-porous, which means they don’t tend to retain odour or fluids. They’re quite firm, which may be a better fit for people who prefer direct G-spot stimulation, and they require special care.

Silicone toys are also compatible with any type of lube you choose (silicone lubes are recommended). Pure silicone is a gentler, more forgiving material. It has no scent or taste, which makes it perfect for people with sensitivities to other toy materials.

Can I contract the infection through the use of sex toys?

Sex toys can be a great addition to your sex life when used correctly and in the right environment. One critical step that people tend to skip over is the proper cleaning of the sex toy, and this is where problems often occur. People will use any kind of cleaner, from household cleansers to hand sanitiser or just rubbing alcohol to clean their favourite dildo, and this leads to raw skin or small cuts.

My partner is turned off by toys. What should I do?

Sex toys may turn off some partners, especially if they are new to them. You need to respect your partners’ wishes, but you can educate them a little. At the end of the day, a sex toy is just to enhance sexual pleasure. Sex toys can be a good thing for a relationship.

Should I use a condom with couples sex toys?

Although silicone, jelly and other rubber toys are not porous and cannot harbour microscopic organisms, they are more difficult to keep clean. They retain dirt and bacteria that can accumulate in the pores of these materials. It’s a good idea to use condoms on these toys when sharing or using them in different orifices.

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