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Dildos have been used for pleasure for thousands of years. They were common in ancient Rome and their use was even written about in several classical books. They’ve been used for pleasure ever since.
Dildos made in the early years were made of leather, wood, and plant stalks. While having sex, Dildos can intensify pleasure. Various materials and sizes are available, so you can choose according to your preferences before exploring your sexual desires.

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Dildos are a fantastic sex aid for women. They’re used to give women an intense, almost “muscle-lock” sensation that often leads to multiple orgasms. Women use them to orgasm even when their partner isn’t around.

A dildo is not an ordinary sex aid. It can help you explore various penetration methods, especially anal, and allow you to test the waters before you take the plunge with your lover. Maybe you’re unsure if it’s as good for you as you think it is. Dildos can be used alone to achieve a similar effect without all the anxieties of having a lover with you.

An anal dildo should either be smaller or larger than a vaginal one

A dildo gives you a close-up look at the vagina or anus of your loved one as they accept it. The act of watching your partner tug at the dildo as their excitement grows can become somewhat seductive. During oral sex, the Dildos can be used as a pleasure toy. The sex toy can be used to perforate and pleasure your lover all at once!

While men sometimes have trouble maintaining erections, women can take quite a while to reach climax – this can make sex an uncomfortable and frustrating experience. The use of Dildos can provide relief from these problems. He can keep penetrating her with the dildo even if he reaches the peak first, or even if she simply takes longer than he does. He gains energy and keeps her excited. Thus, if he starts playing again, she still has a strong need to satisfy.

Whether you are looking for a dildo or a dong, we have them for you – all of our models are durable, and we update the site weekly with fresh styles!

You may want vibration – or you may not. Dildos and Dongs from Wicked Sex Toys stimulate the senses without requiring batteries. Pick from a wide selection of sizes, shapes, and materials to find the perfect fit.

For beginners, we offer simple dildos. Choosing different textures and materials using glass dildos, silicone dildos, ceramics, and stone dildos will be a lot of fun. Whether you’re after a lifelike cock or dongs of every size, we have them all. In addition to double-ended dildos, we have a variety of harnesses and cocks for partner play. A vibrating dildo will add an extra element to the experience. Besides suction cup dildos and double penetration dildos, other options can be explored. The way we see it, we have a dildo for everyone!

Dildos Of Various Types

Dildos come in so many varieties. You can examine the different types we have to offer, as well as a little about each so you can choose what appeals to your taste.

G-Spot Dildos

G-Spot dildos do just that, stimulate and energize the g-spot. Women who may not normally experience vaginal orgasms can benefit from such dildos.

A curved dildo allows for easy access to the g-spot. Getting lost will no longer be an issue. All the attention it needs will be given to it.

Realistic Dildos

The next best thing to the real deal is dongs realistic dildos. Realistic dildos will mimic as closely as possible the appearance and size of a human penis with balls.

It’s even possible to get models with testicles, veins, and even the sensation of a man’s anatomy, making it look and feel real. The illusion is rounded out by a realistic dildo that squirts.

Anal Dildos

There’s nothing better than anal dildos for a fun night in. Anal vibrators can be found in a variety of shapes, sizes, and types for both men and women.

Anal dildo is composed of prostate massagers, anal probes, and butt plugs. Male anal toys can be used to massage the P-spot.

Women can experience intense orgasms through the combination of anal and clitoral stimulation.

Giant Dildos

Among dildos, there are massive ones, and then there are giant ones.

They have incredible girth and length, far exceeding anything you can see in the real world. Additionally, they are often shaped oddly, which adds to their charm.

Usually larger than 7 inches, giant dildos come in an array of sizes, colours, and shapes. A beginner should not attempt them, large dildos can be challenging to get in, but once you do, the sensations that follow will make it all worthwhile.

These giant sex toys are meant for those seeking a truly satisfying sex experience. For the brave and unafraid! The use of giant dildos requires a serious sex toy enthusiast.

Double-Ended Dongs

The double dong is the perfect way to satisfy your sexual desires. This type of sex toy has two ends that allow couples to be pampered at the same time.

Getting the sexy times going does not require a lot of sex toys.

These dildos dongs showing themselves well to group play, too; there are tons of ways to play. Known for their variety of materials, styles, and lengths, these toys are a must-have for any serious collector of sex toys.

Glass Dildos

In the realm of sex toys in general, and dildos specifically, these are the best of the best. Since they can be heated up and cooled down easily, glass dildos provide fun and exciting sex play.

It’s very hard for a man to ask questions about sex. The smart ones do.”

It is also very easy to clean, which makes glass a great sex toy material. Glass dildos can be cleaned with soapy water, disinfecting wipes, or just in the dishwasher to do the work. Many glass dildos cost more because they are viewed as premium items.


The strap-on dildo is perfect for both those seeking to be the “man” for the night as well as those who are looking to extend their existing repertoire.

The strap-on dildo allows you and your lover to enjoy different sizes, shapes, and girths every night.

There are two types of strap-on dildos:

Strap-on style — which has a strong base and requires a harness

Hollow penis extender – a strap-on used to ease erectile dysfunction in men, regardless of how soft or hard their genitalia is.

They all offer different ways to spice up your sex life. Strap-on dildos are perfect for role-playing and rekindling the flame.

What’s In A Dildo?

Use both safety and pleasure in the construction of your next new dildo toy. Toxic sex toys and those made from porous, but body-safe, materials should be avoided.

You cannot completely clean porous sex toys because bacteria can accumulate inside the dildos, causing infections and other skin irritations if they are used again and again.

The following types of dildo materials are recommended:

SiliconePopular among those concerned about sex toys’ safety. Toys made of silicone are safe for the body, hygienic, and can be used in temperature-controlled environments.

ABS Plastic — It is a safe and popular material for making cheaper toys that do not contain harmful substances. However, it can sometimes seem rigid and hard, making it difficult to enjoy.

Glass — This is a material not to be overstated. This material is easily cleaned and offers excellent temperature control, similar to silicone.

Metal — Aluminum and steel are the primary metals used in making dildos and dongs. Similarly to silicone and glass, metal offers easy cleaning and the ability to play with temperature, giving you a more varied experience with Dildo.

Wood — Because of the finish on wood toys, they are safe to play with, and they are not porous. It will not leave splinters on your skin.

Maintaining Your Dildo Properly

By taking proper care of your dildo, you will extend its life rather than having to replace it frequently.

In general, the following rules apply to most dildos.

Lubrication is Important

Lubricants come in three forms: oil-based, silicone-based, and water-based. Even though there are no right or wrong lubricants, not every lubricant works with every kind of sex toy material.

You must know what lube works with what sex toy, otherwise you could damage the toy irreparably, which would cost you a lot of money.

If the dildo or dong is constructed of ABS plastic, glass, or metal, any type of lube will work. Silicone dildos and dongs can be damaged by silicone and oil-based lube, so it is best to use only water-based lube with them.

Cleaning and sterilizing your Dildo

It is essential to properly clean and sterilize your toys, especially if you intend to share them with another person.

It is important not to leave bodily secretions on surfaces between uses, as this could cause bacteria to flourish, which could lead to an infection.

To clean most toys, warm water and antibacterial soap is sufficient. Nevertheless, full sterilization requires more effort.

Stainless steel, glass or silicone toys are among the easiest toys to clean and sterilize because they can be cleaned by boiling or cleaning them through the dishwasher.

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CyberSkin and Jelly toys are porous and can be cleaned with a sex toy cleaner, although residual bacteria are possible. When you’re sharing a toy made of this material, it’s a good idea to use a condom.

Keep your dildos cool and dry

Cleaning and storing your toys properly go hand in hand. Keeping your toys in a cool, dry place can prevent irreversible damage. In addition to the toys themselves, many of them come with a pouch or box that can be used to store them.

Alternatively, a Ziploc bag or watertight container is a safe, durable way to store your toys.

Anal toys should be stored separately from all other toys, to avoid exposing your partner or yourself to cross-contamination.

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