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People just love sex, and yet they still want to explore and find the perfect approach to get the highest satisfaction. When traditional sex is no longer satisfactory, anal sex could be an alternative method or option.

If engaging in anal play isn’t at the top of your priority list yet, then ramp it up! These attractive anal dildos may be used by couples or even during solo play to stimulate particularly the sensitive erogenous anal regions, including the prostate and the vaginal wall. They are the top picks amongst gay and lesbian couples as well as with straight couples who adore anal play and pegging.

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dildos may be used by couples or even during solo play to stimulate particularly the sensitive erogenous anal regions, including the prostate and the vaginal wall. They are the top picks amongst gay and lesbian couples as well as with straight couples who adore anal play and pegging.

When it comes to sex, the most important six inches are the ones between the ears.

More suited to anyone new to anal sex than traditional dildos, the anal dildo has a slight curve to induce prostate arousal and has a rounded base to keep the dildo from slipping further inside. Anal dildos are often usually smaller in girth for more convenience, while long anal dildos are created to hit the target pleasurable spot.

Introduce pegging to your arsenal or an arousing self-pleasure act while you’re hunting for the perfect anal dildo. Here you’ll find all the anal dildos we have at Wicked Tickle. Whatever turns you on, our amazing range of anal dildos includes stylish, compact designs, gigantic, supersized versions, and everything else in between. You may modify your anal dildo encounter and sex toy collection to suit your specific desires and level of satisfaction with a wide variety of versatility and materials only from Wicked Sex Toys.

We also offer a wide selection of premium anal trainer packages that will help anyone steadily improve their comfort level through a diverse array of anal inserts. Remember to keep anal lubricants, especially when you’re still new to anal toys. The proper anal lubricant will help you to achieve comfortable, relaxing backdoor play without irritation or discomfort.

What Are Anal Dildos?

Standard vibrators & dildos are crafted for vaginal use and appear to be short and straight, but this implies that they may quickly get trapped inside when used in anal sex. That’s why you should ensure that you use devices primarily made for anal stimulation, and the same goes for dildos and vibrators. The distinction between the two is evident in terms of style and form. Anal dongs are created with a smoother, rounder edges along with a broader base. Anal dildos are usually safe due to their large rounded base, which prevents the toy from reaching further and, most significantly, making it easier to remove the toy.

If you’re a beginner in the field of anal sex, the very first aspect you should realize is that anal dildos are designed and built to help you loosen the butt hole so that anal sex will be less painful but more gratifying. Because the prostate is a bit tighter and drier than that of the vagina, anal dildos are intended to widen the anal opening. Some anal dildos are fitted with a vibrator for maximum satisfaction. All these sex toy models are made both for men and women.

How Do I Choose The Best Anal Dildo?

Almost everyone is hoping for their desired anal dildo because that’s the best way to achieve satisfaction without causing any distress. There are many variables and attributes that you can pay attention to when selecting the right anal dildo.

Choosing the right material and texture:

The right choice of material plays an important role in an anal dildo as it is directly linked to ease of entry and smoothness. The tissues within the anal canal are delicate, which is why the most commonly used materials are silicone, latex, PVC, glass, jelly, metal, natural textured material, body-safe rubber, and many others. Enhanced textures to your anal dildo can help you enrich the whole experience with extraordinary satisfaction and enjoyment. The smooth textured anal dildo is for quicker and easier penetration, or you might pick a rippled one for an extra fun anal play experience, or you may go for a real-life pattern with veins on it.

Choosing the perfect shape and design:

There are female anal dildos, male anal dildos, short or very long anal dildos, the styles and choices are infinite. The anal dildo comes in different forms from standard or curved including the ones designed for prostate stimulation or the butt plugs and shaped anal beads. There are also anal dildos developed with special shape that sometimes appears irregular with wrinkles and curves in separate areas. The thin or thick sections of the dildos are designed to stimulate the right spots in your butt for an explosive orgasm.

Choosing the right size:

Using anal dildos, you could satisfy your butt hole with intense pleasure and enjoyment. Anal play must never hurt or feel unpleasant, so the dimensions of the vibrator or dildo must be taken into account when buying it. Another factor to bear in mind is that the overall size may be different from the extent of the penetration. So, choose the correct length of penetration to prevent hurting your internal organs, it’s always best to start while trying to build up your strength and endurance. Tiny anal dildos often are ranged from four to six inches while long anal dildos are offered in ranges of seven to twelve inches.

Also, girth is another aspect to consider when buying anal toys. The small ones are around 3 to 5 inches. You will find a girth of 5 to 7 inches in mid-sized and long anal dildos. Dildos with much more than 7 inches of girth are built for ultra-long dildos, best suitable for extreme hardcore sex plays, performances, and penetration.

If you prefer a big anal dildo, use it wisely to prevent damage to your butt hole and your general wellbeing. Often add a lot of lubricants to facilitate penetration and for enhanced sensation and pleasure.

I have a fantasy that might be fun. Why don’t we try it?

What Are The Different Best Anal Dildos Style?

Here are the primary types that you can pick for your ideal anal dildo.

  • Classic shape dildos are somewhat similar to the vaginal dildo. These are being used as anal dildos for both males and females. The structure and skin of these dildos often reflect the real skin of the penis, and the object is flexible and strong. The concept contains a shaft, a dildo head, and a base that is just slightly wider than the shaft girth.
  • The vibrating anal dildos are equipped with a special vibrating device, either at the bottom of the dildo or in the centre of the shaft, taking the anal experience several notches up. The premium vibratory anal dildos have a vibrating system that uniformly distributes stimulation across all parts.
  • Ejaculating anal dildos spray or squirt fluid if desired. It comes with a secret storage tank that can be filled with fluid depending on your preference. Using this dildo, you are utilizing a release mechanism that squirts out the fluid, creating an illusion of male arousal, which makes this another popular option to generate an impression of actual sex.
  • Realistic anal dildos are precisely what they seem like. The concept reflects a real erected penis throughout every aspect, from that same natural shape to the appearance of the veins, the texture of the skin, the mobility, and the structure. They are the perfect alternative for those who are aiming for a bit of realism in their solitary fantasy adventures.
  • The suction cup anal dildos are fitted with a suction cup at the bottom. Such dildos may be mounted to any flat and solid surface while indulging in hand-free thrusting motions. They are available in a multitude of sizes, shapes, patterns, materials, and textures, including the vibrating and ejaculating actions, so there is no limitation to achieve your desires.

How To Use Your Anal Dildo?

Before anal play

Patience is the secret to use all sorts of anal sex toys. Keep your muscles relaxed so that it will be quick and relatively painless while mounting your dildo. Turn yourself on depending on your preference, whether it’s through radical porn videos, or unrestricted erotic fantasy. It is indeed extremely important to be ‘in the mood,’ because if you feel uncomfortable or overwhelmed, sometimes it makes penetration more challenging and less fun.

Start slow

You shouldn’t just force it in, but insert it slowly and carefully. Use it to rub and stimulate the genitals, including the vagina, clitoris, penis, or anus. You ‘re teasing yourself here while you’re acclimating to penetration. Once your muscles have adjusted again, move a little deeper, continue going in and out slowly, and respond and adapt to the way you feel.

Build a rhythm

If you’re confident already in using an anal dildo, you may explore with different modes and rhythms. Choose the best position and pace you’re comfortable with, and go along with it. Observe the change between a slow, gradual movement and a fast, sporadic motion.

Use lots of lube

You will always need lube for any form of sex toy stimulation, which is especially relevant to anal dildos. Make sure to apply the lubricant on your cock before using it, and placing it in your butt. Not like the vagina, the butt couldn’t self-lubricate even if in a state of stimulation and arousal. The kind of lubricant you use will rely on the composition of your dildo. Typically, instructions will be included, informing you which lubes are acceptable and the ones which could damage your new device. Silicone-based lubes are longer-lasting and better suited for anal penetration. However, if the anal dildo you have is crafted with silicone, the silicone-based lubricant will ruin your toy, so you should opt for the water-based lubricant instead.

Cleaning and Sanitizing

Just like any other sex toy, make sure you keep your anal dildo in a cool and dry storage area, away from direct contact with daylight. Sanitize the dildos before and after usage. The tissues throughout your anus are very vulnerable and can quickly acquire infections. Silicone, glass, and metal anal dildos can be washed with a mild soap solution and a standard sanitizer. While anal dildos made from plastic, jelly, rubber, including Cyberskin, are porous and may demand special care. Since anal dildos operate with your backside, it is important to obey all the basic principles of using an anal dildo to generate long-lasting pleasure and not threaten your health and well-being.


Is it safe to put an anal dildo in your backside?

There are quite a lot of people incorporating dildos and other sex toys for anal activity, so you wouldn’t have to hesitate to use them for yourself. Only remember to take extra precautions, including using a suitable anal device and sterilizing it before and after each session. Pain is also a pressing issue, therefore it is important to slow down and ensure that the anal region is properly cleaned and very well lubricated. The anal toy must also be properly disinfected because insufficient care and cleaning can lead to infection, pain, and irritation.

What to do if it gets stuck inside you?

Once the toy is stuck inside it, take note that the muscles in your anus are tight and poised to clench. Just relax, take some time in the toilet, concentrate, and breathe. Aim hard not to stress the muscles too much, let it come out naturally with a gentle push. But when you don’t end up being able to remove the object yourself, opt for professional help. However many ERs across the country have managed to recover a multitude of things, household items, and many others, from so many other people’s bottoms.

How can you make anal play as safe as possible?

You should guarantee your safety before engaging in anal sex. This pertains to the prevention of acquiring sexually transmitted infections. You may have to share your latest STI results as well as agreeing to be exclusive to each other or, if you don’t, you should use condoms all the time. Also, you need to wash your insides extensively before you indulge in anal intercourse. Flushing off just before anal play will leave you feeling clean and more relaxed and erotic. Finally, you need to be gentle. Keep your cool and don’t rush. If this is your first time, a basic rule of thumb is more than a minute an inch.

Do I have to use an enema before engaging in anal play?

Enemas are not a mandatory requirement for anal play. It’s a personal preference, most of all. The intestine is where the faeces are kept. The rectum and the anus are not the intestines, they are just the pathways through which the faeces need to pass. When you poop before sex, you would have less of a concern. Also, having a bath or shower offers ample cleanup and relaxes anal muscles.

What are the potential risks of anal sex?

You may injure the sensitive tissue that covers your anus without adequate preparation. So, you have to prepare and establish yourself for anal sex, not doing so may further lead to unnecessary pain or discomfort. Too much anal play might also result in distended anus and hemorrhoids.

Will anal sex make you poop?

Yes, but it’s not always. And to deter excessive bowel function all through anal sex, avoid spicy foods and make sure that you poop at a certain point before anal play occurs. Or, if you are constipated, you might just want to postpone any anal play that day, because it might induce bowel movement.

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