Smoothy Prober

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non-toxic vinyl rubber


None Required

Size Imperial

8" x 1"

Size Metric

200mm x 25mm (widest)



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The Smoothy Prober is an amazing sex toy that can be used anywhere (vaginally or anally), and it’s perfect for both males and females. It’s easy to use, it features a round head, a stylish ribbed end and it’s perfect for uncovering that elusive g-spot or prostate.

With its transparent pink colour and stylish design, the Smoothy Prober is an easy-to-use tool. 

Smoothy Prober: Features

Smoothy probers are strong jelly rubber diddles that feel as good as they look, and can be used anywhere. Suitable for both males and females, this pink sex toy comes in a translucent colour. 

An end of the toy contains a smooth, vaginal probe that can be used for stimulation of the vaginal or anal areas. The other end contains a four-beaded, anal probe.

Smoothy prober also includes the following features;

  • It comes in a 200mm x 25mm (widest)
  • Requires no power to function
  • It’s made with non-toxic vinyl rubber
  • It has a bulbous head and a sumptuously ribbed end
  • It has a four-beaded anal probe
  • It weighs about 0.125000 pounds

Smoothy Prober: Benefits

Combining form and function, the Smoothy Prober is both attractive and useful. Compared to other tools of pleasure, this one is beautiful and offers a whole lot of advantages to both partners. 

The benefits are as follows;

  • Easy to use
  • It’s perfect for finding that elusive g-spot or prostate
  • Manufactured to the highest quality from soft, jelly rubber
  • It can be used vaginally or anally
  • Lightweight
  • Sleek design
  • For both male and female

Smoothy Prober: Reviews

The product is excellent. When you find the right position, beaded ends will have you shaking. After the first ridge is passed, the other end feels tight at first but slides in easily with lube. My experience was that it was easy to insert up to the beads after a few days, but I held onto it so it wouldn’t disappear which was embarrassing. (Anonymous)

The beaded probe is a great anal toy to start with, and then you can move on to the smooth side afterward. As well as being easy to clean, it is also durable. (Anonymous)

You can easily use it, it’s easy to clean and it’s a great starter in foreplay. Using this product was a wonderful experience for me and my partner. I would recommend it to anyone. (Anonymous)

Why Buy Our Smoothy Prober

There is no gender restriction on the use of this sex toy. A good product to use feels good to hold and looks good. If used in the right direction, it can give maximum pleasure and even locate the g-spot.

You can enjoy an amazing smoothy prober shopping experience at Wicked Sex Toys today.

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