Loving Joy Slide Water Based Lubricant 50ml

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The general rule of thumb when it comes to sex is: the wetter the better. When it comes to lube, this logic works well because wetter is exactly what you get.

If you want less friction, smoother skin, and an overall better sexual experience, no matter your age, gender, or stage of life, this slide water based lubricant from loving joy is the answer.

Slide water based lube is the latest addition to the amazing portfolio of products from Loving Joy. You will enjoy ultra slippery, paraben-free water-based lubrication with this water-based lubricant that won’t stain.

If natural lubrication is not enough, this water-based lubricant by Loving Joy is the ideal choice for you. A small amount is all that is required to enhance sexual experience.

With Loving Joy Slide Water Based Lubricant 50 ml, you can balance the pH of your‌ ‌vagina‌ ‌while‌ ‌reducing‌ ‌friction. The most popular reasons for using this lube include its non-staining properties, easy cleansing, and water-disposal.

In conclusion, no matter what reasons you have for using lube, remember that it is a simple and fun way to get the most out of your sexual life.

Features and Benefits

  • Non-staining water based formula; This lube can easily be disposed of with water. You don’t need to worry about your linen getting stained. It is super cool for all around sexual play without hassle.
  • Safe to use with condoms; Loving Joy Slide Water Based Lubricant is totally safe to be used with any condom latex. There is no irritation nor side reaction with condom latex.
  • Ideal for when you don’t produce enough natural lubricant; You don’t need to worry about your vagina producing enough fluid, with this lube, you’re good to go on the spot!
  • Ingredients: Aqua, glycerine, sodium , citric acid, Sodium benzoate
  • Small and discreet; This product’s size of 50ml makes it very small and discreet without worrying about how it will fit into your handbag. Nobody will know what you’re carrying along. You can jump onto it anytime, anywhere.
  • Perfect for taking on holiday; Its discreet nature makes it suitable to carry along when travelling on a holiday. With this lube inside your holiday handbag, your sexual adventure will not be a shortcoming!

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