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Despite being viewed as futuristic sex tech, remote-controlled vibrators have made it into the sex toy industry for years. (In fact, they are among the top sex trend for 2021.)
Initially, their promise was to make partner play more enjoyable and less awkward; remote control settings ensure that the vibrators remain in place while being adjusted, so a gap in pleasure isn’t caused.

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As remote control vibrators gained popularity, they went on to include synchronised stimulation so couples could share their affections during the whole date, as well as wearable pants and insertable bullets for couples who simply can’t keep their hands off one another in public.

The concept goes way beyond just a bit of risqué fun during date night. Technology has significantly improved, allowing remote control vibrators today to include Bluetooth and app-controlled toys (now referred to as teledildonics) for couples who are not just across the couch from each other, but across the country.

Depending on what type of toy you buy, it can come with a control cord or a wireless remote. This way you can adjust the speed of their vibration or get it heated up when you want without having to take them out.

All three people have to fancy each other; you can’t be knackered

It is natural for everyone to want to find the greatest vibration possible. What happens is you start looking for the right button, which might not kill the vibe entirely, but will disrupt the flow.

It’s easy to get rid of that hassle—you can do it by simply pressing a button that’s in the palm of your hand. Or you can pair it up with a smartphone app (like the Vibease app) and control it directly from there.

Ways a Vibrator Can be Remotely Controlled

Remote vibrators are adult toys which can be controlled by another person. They are considered alternative sex toys.

It seems straightforward, but there are many ways of remotely controlling a sex vibrator which includes;

With a separate remote

They have been around for quite a while now but just like you had remote control cars when you were a kid, you can get a vibrator that comes with a remote that connects to your sex toy within a certain radius.

Via an app, in-room

The vibrator works with an app control and can send discrete vibrations within a radius.

Via an app, anywhere with an internet connection

A lot of vibrators can be controlled both locally via Bluetooth and remotely from anywhere around the world as long as you have an internet connection.

Long-distance relationships can benefit from this, although sensitive information would be exposed if you made it available on the WiFi network without proper security or anonymization protections.

Some of the Most Popular Remote Vibrators 2021

Bullets, vibrating panties and hidden wands are all kinds of best remote control vibrators for people with vulvas, but those with penises can get into the action with wearable sleeves. Below are highlights of some of the most popular.

We-Vibe Chorus

This dual stimulating vibrator features 10 distinct vibration modes and is ideal for couples looking to bring some extra excitement to their romps. You don’t have to interrupt your pleasure to switch the stimulation up since the remote controls the flexible vibrator, once it’s placed. We-Vibe’s many love toys work with their app, so they can be controlled remotely by either you or a partner.

Lelo’s Tiani 2

Lelo’s Tiani 2 is perfect for couples at play as it is designed to intensify the sexual experience for both partners. Put one arm of the toy inside you and enjoy the sensation as the other arm suffuses your clitoris.

Although the Tiani is a powerful massager, it is discreet in size, so it won’t intrude on your favourite sex positions—and its vibrations will also enhance your partner’s experience.

10 Speed Vibrating G-Spot Egg

The 10 Speed Vibrating Egg features ten different vibration patterns and positions, all of them customizable by the wireless remote control love egg. Just use the wireless remote to control the intensity from up to twenty metres away, and you can switch from a comfortable, gentle position to one that is intense as well. It features a soft touch, a unique look, and has a key ring that can be attached to your keys.

Svakom Ella Neo Interactive App Controlled Vibrating Egg

This electronic egg has an advanced vibrating bullet design with intelligent features and an ergonomic design. Not only does this powerful love egg vibrator come with 10 settings and special app-powered abilities, but it has a Climax Made setting that will drive you insane.

Loving Joy Super Gybrator 7 inch Rotating and Vibrating Dildo

With the look and feel of a well-endowed gentleman, the 7 inch Super Gybrator has everything you need. You’ll like the textured detailing from balls to tip, but the fun doesn’t stop there.

With the flip of a switch, this lifelike dong will gyrate and vibrate your way through 7 joy functions and can sit securely on any flat surface. It includes a 7 speed, remote-controlled, real feel suction cup dong that vibrates and rotates for maximum pleasure.

CalExotics Venus Butterfly G-spot Vibrator with Remote

This butterfly-shaped sex toy with wings is ergonomically shaped to engage the entire vulva and thus will appeal to sex-seekers. You can use this alone or with a partner since it has 12 functions, waterproof material, and a remote control sex toy that can be reached at a distance of 32.5 feet.

A bonus: its memory chipset will remember exactly what you want the next time.

We-Vibe Unite Remote Controlled Clitoral Vibrator

Because We-Vibe is known for its hands-free and couple-friendly toys, we just had to include one as well. That’s especially important since this vibrator offers both clitoral stimulation and G-spot stimulation. You can use the wireless remote control alone, or pass it down to your partner.

What’s the deal with wireless, remote-controlled vibrators?

Adult toys allow couples to bond more deeply while sparking a great dialogue about their wants and desires.

Getting your hands off by experimenting with different methods and techniques is a great way to observe what your body needs, and you might be surprised to find that you do not need anyone’s hands (or anyone else’s, for that matter) to accomplish your objectives.

These high-tech devices are perfect for partnered sexl, especially if they have a Bluetooth connection or wireless control. And they are great to use on your own as well.

Most people have tried FaceTime sex and masturbating together, but now there’s the added pleasure of sharing with someone. Some remote control pleasure toys allow you to adjust vibrations in a way to suit a partner’s desires.

With some form of secure phone application that lets them control each other’s devices, long-distance couples can masturbate together as well as masturbate together. It is possible to be miles apart and literally come together with these devices.

If both of you are “up to it,” you can give up some control to your partner and let them take responsibility for the settings, adding a little zest and spontaneity to your sexy time.

You can also use remote vibrators paired with certain apps to control your settings no matter where you are if you are in a long-distance relationship or quarantined in different locations.

Why Should I Buy a Remote Vibrator?

When you’re with someone close to you, bringing in this novel technology can make your relationship erotic. And with today’s society of social distancing—where some people are quarantined away from their partners or are beginning a new intimate relationship from afar—it is more valuable than ever that this technology is available.

SM is an art. Doing it well requires more than a bag full of expensive whips and exotic electrical toys, a closet full of fetish clothes, or a basement filled with bondage furniture.

In case you’re still on the fence and hesitant about adding remote vibrators to your cart, It is believed that using toys together with your significant other strengthens your relationship beyond the physical realm.

Note that before moving into partner vibrators, you need to know which vibes suit you best. Knowing your preferences and communicating them to your partner will naturally result in a deeper discussion about pleasure.

Things to Consider When Buying A Remote Control Vibrator

Pick your pleasure

You can find all sorts of different remote-controlled sex toys out there. So, the first thing to do is decide what kind of remote-controlled vibrator you want


Are you looking for the naughty element of getting buzzed in public or are you looking for one in private to connect with long-distance lovers? What vibrators are you attracted to?

Many options are available out there.

Consider sound

Whether it’s in your living room or out on the dance floor, having a buzz saw go off while you’re dancing isn’t just indiscreet, it’s also distracting … and a little unpleasant.
You can have a remote-controlled vibrator that will rock your world without leaving anyone else in the room clued. Particularly in public, discrete is sexy.

Range matters

Aside from quality, another thing you get for your money is range. You’re going to feel like a broken television set if your partner has to point the controls within a foot or two of you. So not sexy at all.

Go for quality

A cheap, flimsy thing that vibrates and claims to be sex toys are plentiful. They can be titillating and fun, but it’s a high-quality, well-designed sex toy that really gives you an unforgettable night.

Vibrators that deliver on a high level are equipped with high-quality motors. These motors deliver more power and deliver that power in a more efficient manner than most low-cost novelty devices.

How to Use A Remote Control Vibe

These are some ways you can put this technology to use.

Check your Internet connection

If your Internet connection is poor, you will experience difficulties using many high-tech sex toys. Test your connection before using the toy, and place the play area near your WiFi signal.

Avoid distractions

When using a toy that uses Bluetooth, you should keep your phone and toy as close as possible to maintain an internet connection, and set your phone to do not disturb mode so that phone calls, texts, and email notifications won’t distract you from the moment.

Fly solo first

Nothing ruins a perfect orgasm like feeling fuzzy at the controls or dropping out at the most sensitive moment. New toys usually take a little time to master.

Play, fantasize and learn your brand new machine at home before you take it on the town. This way, when you decide to take it out in public, both of you will be proficient at getting straight down to business (and pure, uninterrupted pleasure).

Be discreet

Although flirting with a little indiscretion can be fun, make sure that you are aware of your surroundings — and the people with whom you’re interacting.

That nice, old couple sitting next to you? They probably don’t want to know about the shenanigans happening under your tablecloth.

The public has not consented to join you and your partner in this fun in public. You and your partner have consented. You should always keep your pleasure under wraps!

It’s all about putting your pleasure in the hands of someone else with remote-controlled vibrators. Having control over another person feels really sexy, but before you consider running out the door carrying a vibrator tucked into your pants, discuss the rules of play with your partner.

I can count all the lovers I’ve had on one hand.. If I’m holding a calculator.

You may have different opinions about what’s sexy, or even about which frozen foods aisle is the best place for that.

Have fun with it

If your Internet connection is down, buy a standalone sex toy since remote vibrators are a fairly new technology. That way, you can continue playing even if something malfunctions.

Don’t forget foreplay

Technology alone isn’t the only means for enjoying a virtual romance with a loved one, and mixing old-fashioned techniques with new ones will only make for a more fulfilling experience. Try sexting, sharing sexy tracks, and experimenting with various camera angles.

Remote Vibrators FAQs

How far apart do remote-controlled vibrators work?

Every model of remote-controlled vibrator will have its own unique strength and power, and the “standard” difference is 50 feet from the vibrator, or several rooms apart in your house. These days, however, modern Bluetooth and WiFi technologies make it possible to create remote control vibrators that can function even in different locations!

What do you do if your remote vibrator stops vibrating?

Usually, a vibrator that stops vibrating means that it needs charging or its batteries changed. Once that is done, it’ll continue vibrating as if it was wired up. In any case, if charging your vibrator doesn’t fix the problem, this, unfortunately, means that your vibrator is broken and needs to be replaced.

How do you charge your remote vibrator?

Depending on the particular vibrator you choose, it may require batteries that need to be replaced from time to time when they run down. Most battery-powered vibrators have small “watch” batteries, and they can be easily stored.

In addition to batteries, other vibrators can also be charged with a charging cable which can either be attached to a USB port in a laptop or other small electronic device or to a standard wall outlet. These vibrators usually take between 1 and 3 hours to fully charge.

How many speeds does a remote vibrator have?

These depend completely on the vibrator. Some of the most traditional and classic vibrators have 5, 7 or 9 speeds. In contrast, some high-tech vibrators, which are becoming more popular, offer between 10 and 20 speeds and unlimited vibration patterns that are unique according to the vibration frequency and intensity – they’re like the Morse code of pleasurable, sexy vibrations!

Can you use a remote vibrator on your partner?

I’m sure you can! But unfortunately, the human body is very limited in what it can do, so fingers, mouths, and genitals can only do so much. This is why adding in a vibrator is such an amazing idea!


It broadens your horizons and allows you to sex by teasing and touching more parts of your partner’s body than you would be able to without one.

How loud are remote vibrators?

At first, vibrators were perceived as an extremely noisy toy which made it impossible to keep quiet. Pleasuring yourself with a vibrator often resulted in your sleeping companions or housemates knowing exactly what you were up to. 

As a result of today’s technological advancements, many vibrators, especially small ones such as eggs or bullets, are extremely quiet and cannot be heard at all. (Of course, there are still some vibrators that can make loud noises – such as magic wands or other big vibrators – so you still have options if you want to be loud, proud, or totally unashamed of what you’re doing!)

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