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It’s easier to interact with other people these days, even though they’re miles away. From wanting to meet random strangers to monitoring your long-distance partner, technology makes distance irrelevant.
And when it comes to sex, you can genuinely think that somebody has come up with innovative strategies for dealing with distance.
Remote control love toys enable your lover to take control and manipulate your toy across a distance.
These toys function with various remotes and mechanisms, such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or with an app.

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Remote control adult toys indeed strike a lot of fantasy stuff! They’re making you give up control of your pleasure to your partner.

Other variations would enable you and your partner to design a customized stimulation with which you can masturbate.

While the sexual needs of individuals with an ASD may not be very different from others, the way in which information is communicated and proceesed can be.

Any of these toys are intended for long-distance use so that your lover can still make you climax from another place.

Others are built to be used nearby, so you or your partner can adjust the speed of the sensation whenever you’re getting intimate.

Whatever the benefit, the advancement of devices has revolutionized this kind of adult toys, making them easier to locate than before.

Here at Wicked Sex Toys, you’ll find all sorts of Remote Control Sex Toys including bullet vibrators, G-spot vibes, kegel toys, vibratory cock rings, all types of the butt plugs, and more!

It certainly exists, whatever you’re searching for, and we believe we can assist you in finding it.

What Is A Remote Control Sex Toy?

To those who are unfamiliar with the concept, a remote control sex toy is a toy that can be operated and controlled by others.

While these long-distance pleasure toys can be used as standard toys, not every standard adult toy can be used at significant distances.

Toys specially built for long-distance partnerships are run by Wi-Fi, which ensures that the other party can monitor and regulate their intensity and pace from around the room or across the globe.

Adult toys with a distinct remote have been in use for several years now, just when you had remote-controlled toy cars as a child.

Anybody will get a sex toy with a remote included which you could use to operate within a certain distance.

You may also grab an adult toy that is integrated with an app to deliver subtle sensations within such a distance, as well as those which can be operated remotely via Bluetooth and digitally from anywhere else in the world, as long as you have internet access.

This could be ideal for long-distance relationships, yet depending on the model you selected, allowing it accessible through Wi-Fi without adequate security and privacy preservation mechanisms can make you vulnerable to exposing sensitive details about yourself.

What Are The Pros Of Owning Remote Control Toys?

1 A fun experience to be enjoyed with your partner

No matter how exciting or uncomfortable the encounter might be, using a new sex toy together can be a perfect way to connect and open up to one another.

When handing off control to somebody else, they’re going to do something different from what you normally do.

It could be a different dynamic, or just the perception of someone else manipulating your enjoyment could give you unique dimensions to feel gratification together.

2 Multiple kinds of control

Remote control pleasure toys are versatile and therefore can be regulated by a separate device, wifi, BlueTooth, or perhaps even a mobile app.

3 Unique features

Most of these toys will allow you to customize vibration sequences, download personalized stimulation settings, and even vibrate along with the rhythm of music via Spotify or your favourite alluring audio file.

They might be a little more expensive, but they’re worth it.

4 Perfect for solo play and couple plays

For remote control vibrators, you don’t have to modify the sensations on the toy itself. You may take full advantage of the hands-free feature and regulate it without withdrawing it from your vagina during solo play.

Or sometimes when you’re wanting to spice up your sex life with your partner, remote toys can improve matters.

Whether you are together or miles away from each other, there’s a wireless adult toy that’s bound to connect you and make your sex life far better.

5 For long-distance couples

One of the aspects that makes it hard for LDRs is to figure out how to keep their sex lives fun and interesting. They never get to see each other whenever they want, but sustaining a level of intimacy can be difficult.

Remote vibrators and other toys, particularly app-controlled devices, are a great idea to maintain the spark alive bit by bit!

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Types of Remote Control Sex Toys

Those with specialized remote

These styles of adult toys come with a dedicated controller, others are wired while some are wireless, depending on the design.

They don’t usually offer a huge distance range, so they’re intended to be used in the same place, perfect for solo play and couple play if you want to give your partner control or manipulate and control your sexual pleasure.


Long-distance love toys are regulated over the Internet. These offer long-distance partners the opportunity to play even though they’re apart from each other.

You may control your wireless toy via the computer or your mobile device. All you have to do is install the app, and you’re ready to go.

These kinds of adult toys provide you with far more leverage. But, make sure you have a secure Wi-Fi link so that nothing will distract you from hitting the climax.

Bluetooth or Wi-Fi

Many wireless sex control toys utilize wifi or bluetooth technologies. Yet, such varieties of adult toys remain limited in distance, so you can just have them over short distances.

Your companion can control the sensations in a separate room.

Dicks are delectable, incredible biological structures. The whole apparatus, the size, the way it fits inside, and the precariousness of it all, makes me wonder why people bother to take an interest in anything else in life at all.


A wearable vibrator is very common these days since they are very versatile, compact, and erotic.

If you’re after discreet public sensations or kinky role play, a panty vibrator is perfect for you.

They normally link using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, so that they can be operated by your partner while you’re in the same area or when you’re outdoors.


How do you choose the best remote control vibrators for you?

The best way you can do this is to explore and check review sites. Figure out which one of them is the most revered and what people think about it.

And while we do have our tastes and preferences on things, a relatively favourable review of the product is worthwhile to consider.

Find out why you like it first before you pick something up.

You may opt for a remote-controlled vibrator that is fitted with a high-quality controller capable of generating just the suitable intensity.

How can I enjoy wireless remote control toys even more?

Probably one of the reasons that remote-controlled sex toys are so common and so efficient is that they don’t just deliver the physical gratification of a “regular” adult toy.

They activate all kinds of pleasant experiences for couples or single persons and enable you to bring more fun into or out of the bedroom.

Wearing one of these remote triggers and then handing over the remote control to your partner is handing over ownership of your enjoyment to somebody you trust.

There’s a power play factor here, and that’s a sexy idea.

How can I use remote-controlled vibrators?

A remote control pleasure toy will help you create a better, healthier sex life with you and your partner. You may use them, whatever you want to do!
You could also use these adult toys in public if you’re extremely cautious.

Practice it at home first and fully try it to make sure that it works and it’s safe when used in public. Fully comprehend how it functions and explore its characteristics.

If you use it for the couple play, establishing rules is important. Speak to your partner to let them know how you’d like to play it.

Allow your partner to realize how to satisfy you, and vice – versa, without exceeding the boundary.

With a few simple rules, enabling somebody to take control of your gratification can be quite sexy.

How far apart do remote control love toys work?

This will depend on the capacity and strength of the adult toy, which will be distinct for every remote control device.

The typical distance is up to 50 ft, just a few spaces apart in your home.

Nowadays, however, the convergence of advanced Bluetooth and wifi technology allows the development of remote-controlled vibrators that operate even though the remote holder is in a totally different place!

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