YES Natural Plant-Oil Based Personal Lubricant-80ml

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YES Natural Plant-Oil Based Personal Lubricant-80ml delivers 7x more lubrication than water-based formulas. This premium lubricant delivers rich, creamy lube with a superior glide. It is easy to apply and remove, with no sticky residue and has a fast-drying formula.

OB is also free of parabens, glycerin, mineral oil, mineral oil distillates, petroleum distillates, phthalates, synthetic fragrance, synthetic colour and other synthetic additives.

OB is made with the highest quality ingredients, such as Mavis and Diotima oils, which are enriched with natural preservatives for fresh, long-lasting performance.

Sensuous. Powerful. Simply moist.

Designed to nourish, satisfy and activate all skin types and conditions, OB will help promote moisture and freshness. The pleasant scent of this lube will leave your partner wanting more.

Your skin will remain supple and your natural moisture will be replenished with YES OB plant-based personal lubricant for your pleasure. It is a great lubricant for a variety of sexual activities. It’s like a little massage on your skin.

Naturally supports health

Lubricants are made up of chemicals that can cause undesirable health effects, including phthalates, which can cause reproductive and developmental issues in humans. VOC’s and chemical additives are also known to be a cause for skin irritation, which causes inflammation.

But natural OB plant oils not only promote wellness, they also support your wellness. They are a premium lubricant made with natural plant oils and water. They have a very light, slippery feel, as well as a pleasant herbal, citrusy scent, and can be used for a variety of sexual activities.

YES Natural Plant-Oil Based Personal Lubricant is safe, non-toxic and non-harmful to the body. It is non-GMO, vegan, and gluten-free. It is 100% plant-based, and free of chemical additives, and VOC’s. They have been tested for safety and performance.


  • Rich, nourishing oils and butters make this luxury lubricant deeply nourishing and long-lasting
  • The lubricant of choice for those who don’t like silicones
  • An increased feeling of ease and pleasure thanks to the long-lasting glide
  • Doubles as a sensual massage oil and an intimate lubricant
  • Nourishes and moisturizes delicate tissues in the intimate area
  • The formula soothes and nourishes the skin, so you don’t have to wash it off
  • Hypoallergenic: formulated to minimize allergic reactions
  • No synthetic ingredients, chemicals, or preservatives
  • Recommended by gynaecologists. 
  • Water-safe silicone toy suitable for silicone toys
  • Not condom compatible

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Yes OB plant-oil-based personal lubricant provides exceptional performance thanks to rich oils and butter. In addition to making you feel good, it replenishes your skin and senses without masking them. 

YES OB’s natural and organic ingredients are fully researched and formulated to help you change your whole world from the inside.

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