Loving Joy Toy Cleaner

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Features and Benefits

  • Loving Joy Sparkle Sex Toy Cleaner; This product will restore the lustrous appearance and feel of your sex toy.
  • Take pleasure in the sensual feel that it will add to your collection of sex toys.
  • Pump dispenser that is simple to operate. The pump dispenser is quite simple to operate. There is no problem or inconvenience in removing the liquid from its container.
  • 100 ml; Because it comes in 100ml containers, it’s tiny and unobtrusive enough to take in a handbag when travelling.
  • Leaves toys gleaming; This sex toy cleaning will undoubtedly leave your toys gleaming in preparation for genuine love and delight.
  • Maintain clean sex toys; The ingredients are developed to keep your sex toys clean and free of odours and sticky substances.

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Size Imperial

4 fl oz

Size Metric

100 ml



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When you play with an unclean sex toy it feels like eating a loose mint that has been rotting in the bottom of your purse or bag for weeks – sticky and covered in all manner if dirt.

It’s imperative that you keep your sex toys clean if you want to enjoy them fully. Even though it’s probably one of the least exciting aspects of playing with your products, cleaning them is essential for your health and the longevity of your toys. With Loving Joy Toy Cleaner, you can easily keep your sex toys clean.

Sparkling clean, not just ‌clean! Your toys will look as good as new when you take care of them! You will get the same shine as the day you bought them with this Loving Joy brand new product. Treat your toys with some love!

Use Loving Joy Toy Cleaner before and after playing with all your toys to ensure they’re clean. There is no soap in this product that could harm toys or‌ ‌you! The product has a sweet fragrance that cleans and rejuvenates adult toys. It contains antibacterial ingredients that are specifically formulated. You don’t have to worry about side reactions or bacterials still harbouring in your toy after cleaning.

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Taking the time to clean and store your sex toys correctly keeps you and your partners safe and your sex toys in top condition.

This sex toy cleaner from Loving Joy will be a great formula for your sex toy treatment. Wicked Sex Toys store have this Loving Joy Toy Cleaner and other collection of sex toys in stock for you. We sell at a great price, and you wouldn’t regret giving this toy cleaner a trial.

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