Bound to Please PVC Bed Sheet One Size Black

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Prepare to get a little messy with the Bound to Please PVC Bed Sheets!

This waterproof play sheet is the perfect way to get your bed (or any other surface) ready for a truly wild frolic.

The gleaming bed sheet will protect furniture from stains no matter what you throw at it. Drizzle lubricant, drip wax, or allow your juices to flow freely – it won’t matter. With this amazing Bound to Please kink accessory, you’ll be able to clean up whatever wet, messy fun you get up to quickly.

This beautiful PVC sheet will turn any bed or play space into a blank canvas for your imagination to run wild…Ideal for a variety of sensuous and erotic activities, including food sex, kinky medical situations, potions and lotions, and much more. Shiny, slick fetish? This is the ideal sheet for you! It’s also completely washable.

With the Bound to Please PVC Bed Sheet, you’ll wish things could constantly get messy — whether it’s because of lubricant or because of high water!

Features and Benefits

Waterproof PVC bed sheet: Bound to Please PVC Bed Sheet is completely waterproof. No matter how messy and wet you’re, you will not have to worry about fluids penetrating your mattress or cushion. The PVC material also makes it a comfortable surface for sexual play with its smooth nature.

Choice of two colours (red or black): There are two colours to pick from. But this product is available now in black colour.

Protect your furniture and bed from stains and fluids: This is a good protective covering to protect your bed or furniture from sexual fluids or squirts that can get on them during sexual play.

Mattresses, mats, and other surfaces are protected from lube, water, oil, food, etc.: It’s also a good protection for various purposes outside sexual play including food. It’s truly multi=functional!

Quick cleanup after BDSM scenes, watersports, squirting etc: Its PVC nature makes it very easy to clean after usage. No matter how floating your squirt is, you are well protected.

Machine washable: It is readily washable with a machine. So no need to think or worry about how to keep it clean again. Washing machines can help you out!

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No matter what wild BDSM or ordinary sexcapade you engage in, you can rest assured that your mattress or rug will remain dry once you go PVC. But it’s up to you to make sure that’s the only thing that stays that way — whether it’s watersports, Nuru massage, sploshing, or something else, as long as your bodies get slick!

Having this PVC bed sheet can be a great collection in your sexual gadgets.

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