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It’s a dream to masturbate in the bath or shower. It is indeed private, nobody can hear you, and you’re able to wash up afterwards. And, while in the shower, sex is at its greatest. It’s wet, it’s exciting and it’s breathtaking!
Immediately begin your morning with a hot, sensual shower that will bring you joy the whole day through, or relax with a warm bath to help relieve some of the stress. Enjoy clit stimulation, genital, or G-spot arousal in your preferred aquatic settings! Get somewhat naughty while you wash by having an intense vibrator orgasm in your shower or tub. Wherever you intend to get hot and steamy, your Waterproof Vibrator Sex Toys made from body-safe silicone is suitable for any type of intense underwater sex.

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So when you’re eager to get wet and wild, let us offer you a wide variety of completely waterproof vibrators. Wicked Sex Toys waterproof vibrators are safe to use in the bathtub, shower, swimming pool, all of your most pleasant water sex activities. They are especially created to keep water out of the compact battery components.

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Wicked Sex Toys’ highly-rated waterproof vibrators are multi-speed and USB rechargeable, so you’ll feel satisfied that you’re having the finest waterproof vibrator available. Our Waterproof Vibrator Sex Toys come in a huge variety of designs, sizes, and shapes, from clitoral vibrators to G-spot stimulators, you’ll get the precise look and style you want to make your orgasms all the more pleasant.

If you are so inclined, take your enjoyment to the shower, bath, hot tub, and even into the pool. Both you and your partner could go down and naughty using your waterproof vibrators. This is the perfect time to indulge and get wet! Shower time has never been this much exciting!

What Is A Waterproof Vibrator?

Waterproof vibrators have become more popular nowadays. You can easily buy these toys, implying that you can have a lot more bathing or shower fun. Unlike those vibrators that have a cord and those that have visible mechanical pieces that any fluid can penetrate, these special vibrators are water-resistant. They come in different forms such as the finger vibrator, clitoral, bunny, and G-spot vibrators. They are great for while taking a shower or bringing along while on holiday since they are always rechargeable and therefore can give you pleasant sensations that you want wherever you are. You can be as wet as you’d like using these waterproof sex toys, which can also be used to rub and stimulate yourself or your partner while submerged.

Where Can I Use Waterproof Sex Toys?


If both you and your partner enjoy having a shower together, this vibrator could be a wonderful inclusion to your routine. The blend of hot water and vibrating sensation will produce a satisfying encounter that you truly can’t forget. You could also hand over the toy to your partner, then have them take control of your pleasure, allowing you a hands-free ride that’s likely to make your shower hot and sizzling.


Perhaps bath time is your favourite portion of any day that you always look forward to, your valuable time alone which allows you to wash off the burden and relax. A waterproof vibrator can be completely submerged, helping you to loosen up underneath the warm water in total privacy. This satisfying toy allows you to explore clitoral stimulation, penetrative sex while feeling the sensation of water filling you at once.

Hot Tub or Intimate Pool

If you’re on an exciting trip and love to experience an outdoor shower, a relaxing hot tub or an intimate two-way pool, waterproof vibrators are a great addition to enhance your sexual encounters. Use a waterproof bullet vibrator every time you need the additional pleasure, and it’s normally discreet, which is a plus whenever you travel or spend quality time on holiday. For couples, these vibrators are ideal for a honeymoon, a wedding party, an anniversary celebration, or some special moment. Waterproof vibrators are the best way to get intimate with your partner while introducing some variation to your sex areas.

The Best Waterproof Vibrators

The waterproof vibrators are created with numerous designs, sizes, and colours, based on their target purpose. They can be penetrating or non-penetrating. Many of these vibrators have also been created to relieve muscle pain while in the shower or bath. And most innovations are portable and have a rechargeable battery or remote control.

Waterproof G-spot Vibrator

Crafted with an angled head to ensure effective arousal of the g-spot. This provides everything from an enticing murmur to a rewarding rhythm in a compact size. The controls make it simple for you to find your desired pattern and optimal intensity.

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Waterproof Bullet Vibrator

This can be mounted inside and available in several sizes, between 2 inches to 1, so tiny that it can’t handle a battery.

Waterproof Rabbit Vibrator

This type of vibrator has 2 precise stimulation motors: one for the clit and another for the g-spot. They introduce powerful vibrations to the adjacent nerve-ends from all directions, allowing more exciting and powerful orgasms.

Waterproof Clitoral Vibrator

It is intended primarily to trigger the clitoris. Its lightweight style makes it simple to use when in a bathtub or during shower sex and therefore is travel-friendly. It also features several vibration modes for intensified fun.

Waterproof Anal Vibrators

This type is crafted for anal intense stimulation, causing various vibrating patterns in the anus, and generating intense, satisfying pleasures. Most waterproof anal vibrators are non-porous, suitable in wet conditions.

Cleaning Waterproof Vibrator Sex Toys

  • They can be properly washed in the sink or the tub, or you could just rinse these vibrators well under a water faucet.
  • Clean your toy with non-scented, or gentle anti-microbial soap.
  • You may use a specialized anti-bacterial sex toy cleaner.
  • Don’t wash the vibrator using the dishwasher or placing it in boiling water. The heat could destroy or damage the vibrator’s composition, and instead, all you have left is just a dido sans vibration.
  • Don’t use any alcohol, acetone, alkaline, or acidic cleaners that are likely to react strongly with the vibrator content.
  • Let the vibrator dry using a clean cloth.
  • See to it that you wash the vibrator after some anal play. And, if you share a vibrator with your partner, you should always clean it thoroughly between each use.

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Storing Waterproof Vibrator Toys

  • Be sure that it is fully dry and free of all lubricants before storing it on its package or pouch. If you don’t have the container anymore, we recommend you buy a satin or silk bag to prevent dust.
  • The best option is air drying.
  • Optimize battery life by shutting the charger off once it is fully charged and also not leaving the waterproof vibrator in a fully drained state for longer than a week.
  • Do not subject it to extreme temperature.
  • You may use a mobile charger to load it even while in storage.
  • If you have a handful of other sex toys and would like to have them in their different compartments, but packed in one place, travel bags with partitions can also be the ideal method of keeping everything highly organized.


How would I know the vibrator is waterproof?

Most current vibrators have a rubber seal ring installed into the base but still check the manual to validate whether or not your vibrator is waterproof. It’s also necessary that you read the fine print to ensure the package or web definition specifies that the vibrator is waterproof instead of just splashproof. If splashproof is used, it would be able to survive thorough washing of non-electronic components but it shouldn’t be submerged. Battery-powered, waterproof vibrators are fully water-resistant when the well-sealed power panel is tightly locked, and many other rechargeable toys are safe even for underwater usage because of the manner the charging spot is secured.

Is it ok to use a waterproof vibrator?

Using a waterproof vibrator is a safe and enjoyable thing to know more about your erotic side. If you like some solo play or enjoy spicing up things with your partner in different sex positions, a waterproof vibrator would be able to bring another element to your sexual desires. Your sex life won’t be confined to your bedroom, and you can even add some orgasmic experiences in your bathroom. But when you’re pregnant or have severe health conditions or concerns, speak to your doctor before using a waterproof vibrator.

Are waterproof vibrators only for women?

Waterproof vibrators are for everybody; males, females, lesbians, gays, singles, and those with partners. A guy could use it on his partner and indulge in giving her satisfaction, or he would allow his partner to use it on himself and encounter the thrill simultaneously while enjoying a shower or immersing in a bathtub. There are several ways for guys to give but also receive satisfaction and pleasure using the vibrator, to the point that they’ll get hooked.

Why do people choose waterproof vibrators?

A lot of people enjoy waterproof vibrators as they could be used everywhere. As you get home after work and feel stressed and tired, or if you’re looking for some fun personal pleasure, a soothing bath or shower, alongside your fave waterproof vibrator, is indeed a sure way to boost your state of mind. They could offer an unparalleled shower experience to anyone. A waterproof vibrator could also provide some sexual excitement to your bathtub or swimming pool activity.

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