Jet Bruiser Large Ridged Butt Plug 7.5 Inches

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Size Imperial

Product Length: 7.5 inches, Insertable Length: 6 inches, Diameter: 2 inches / Packaged: 6 x 11 x 3 inches

Size Metric

Product Length: 19 cm, Insertable Length: 15 cm, Diameter: 5 cm / Packaged: 14.5 x 27 x 8.5 cm



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Take your booty play from the amateur to the advanced level with this jumbo-sized booty plug.

Jet Bruiser is a Pro sized butt plug with a black, carbon metallic finish made from PVC that looks sleek and menacing. Soft and flexible with a  tapered shape, this ridged plug is designed for easy and comfortable insertion.

Jet Bruiser gently massages your butt with a sensual ridged texture as it moves along you. It is 7.5″ long and has a sleek shape. It sticks tightly to any smooth flat surface and prevents such things like “over-insertion”.

Take it inside and savour the satisfying feeling it delivers as you slide it in slowly. Put it on any smooth surface and experiment. Tip in different angles, pushing and pulling, until you find the angles that hit your orgasm button time after time.

Below are some product features of this Large Butt Plug

  • Insertable length: 5 3/4″; With a whooping insertable length of more than 5 inches, Jet Bruiser is sure to massage your deepest spot. The feeling of having this large dildo inside of you is out of this world. It’s a must-have for lovers of large dildos.
  • Length: 7 1/2″; The Jet Bruiser’s full length is longer than 7 inches from the tip to the base. It will surely reach your G-Spot perfectly. This slim design makes it easy to insert. Your orgasm is just a matter of time.
  • Diameter: 2 1/4″;  With a diameter of more than 2 inches, Jet Bruiser will give you the fullness and the sensation you’ve craved for as the sensual ribbed texture massages through your vagina or anus.
  • Thick 7″ circumference; Jet Bruiser measures about 7 inches in circumference. You can’t imagine having that huge monster inside of you! Sure, there is no sexual feeling greater than that I guess.
  • Weight: 12 oz; With a weight of about 12 ounces, Jet Bruiser can hit your orgasm button time after time. It’s fuller, larger and longer.
  • Material: Phthalate Free PVC; Jet Bruiser is made from body-safe PVC which is phthalate-free. You don’t have to worry about body reactions after use as far as you clean it before and after use.
  • Texture: Ribbed; The ribbed texture is there to massage your butt with a sweet orgasmic sensation. This butt plug is for those who want a more intense female ejaculation.
  • Non-porous material doesn’t harbour bacteria; Jet Bruiser is made of non-porous PVC. You don’t have to worry about bacteria hiding inside any crevices. It’s totally non-permeable for microorganisms. 
  • Special Features: O-ring harness; Jet Bruiser is O-ring compatible and can be strapped for more intimate lesbian play or with your male partner.
  • Care and cleaning: Clean before and after use / Soap and water / Toy cleaner. This helps keep any impending bacteria to a distance. It’s advisable to use warm water while cleaning it.

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