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Doc Johnson Golden Girl Anal Jelly is a thick, smooth jelly that is perfect for your next anal adventure.

The specially formulated mix of oil and water-based ingredients provides a lasting slickness that will make the experience much more comfortable than ever before!

It is also great to use with toys during masturbation or on any occasion when you’re getting intimate in the back door. By adding some anal lube to the equation, your partner’s entrance becomes a little easier due to a special desensitizing ingredient.

Tight and delicate, the anus doesn’t lubricate itself. As such, a quality anal lube is necessary for any type of play involving this area.

Those looking to add an extra layer of cushioning in their backdoor adventure will find that anal lubes are thicker than your standard lotion-based personal products. This particular one has an added desensitizing ingredient which means you can explore more without worry!

Please note that this oil-based lubricant should not be used with latex condoms or latex toys.

Key Product Features

  • This product helps ease entry by de-sensitization.
  • Two ounces of desensitizing lubricant to slightly numb the anal entry area.
  • It comes in clear gel form.
  • Moisturizing and long-lasting
  • High-quality
  • Petroleum-Based
  • Comes in a handy 1.9-Oz./ 53 grams container
  • Ingredients: Clear Gel, Petroleum, Anal Desensitizer, Octyldodecanol, 2-oz Lube, Nonoxynol-15
  • Doc Johnson Label

The anal lube is specifically formulated to facilitate anal sex. Permeation and pure pleasure are enhanced with its slick and long-lasting moisture!

A small container of Anal Jelly will provide you with enough slick, long-lasting lubricant to be used for anal intercourse.

The product contains ingredients that desensitize the area and allow it to be penetrated more comfortably than without using a lube. This is especially useful for lesbians who want their partner’s experience as pleasurable as possible when they are penetrating them.


It’s a slippery slope…

It works great. I’d recommend it to anyone looking for an anal lube. It is worth buying this one based on our experience with other products.


Ready for anal joy?

Golden Girl is a hypoallergenic lube that has been popular for 6 years. It stops pain and discomfort while also making any objects slip in effortlessly to the anal area, even thick ones!

Golden Girl is recommended for golden boys as well. The thick lube has been around for years and continues to be popular among its customers – both men and women alike!

Customers like that this product can be used with all of their sex toys, but it also desensitizes the anal area preventing discomfort or pain during a pleasurable experience. It’s hypoallergenic which means no irritation from fragrances either!

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