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Why would you want a Bullet or an Egg Vibrator? All these little sex toys deliver the same stimulating pleasures as larger-sized vibrators do, but are much more subtle and discreet, making them ideal for traveling and sexy solo play.
They both are the smallest, slimmest, and most compact vibrators! These vibratory bullet and egg types are small enough to keep in your purse, pocket, or bag.

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Tease yourself with any of these Bullet and Egg Vibrators from Wicked Sex Toys! They’re a must for any kind of sex toy collection.

A bullet vibrator is a fun and gentle little gadget that looks like a bullet and is guaranteed as your clit’s best mate.

While the egg vibrator is something of a multi-tasker, which can thrill and delight you in a lot of ways.

Whether you want an affordable basic bullet or choose to get more daring and spend on some of the most latest and innovative orgasm-inducing vibrators around, there is a mini sex toy for everybody.

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Available in a range of shapes, sizes, and textures, we’ve got the best set of bullet and egg vibrators.

You’ll find tons of styles and designs, as many of the best sex toy manufacturers are always imaginative in their innovations, from the glittery, glow in the dark to the food-shaped, and anything in between, they tried every possible vibrator features and designs.

Tiny in size, but huge in intensity! Great for a night in or out! Connect now to figure out what you’re searching for.

What Are Bullet Vibrators?

Bullet vibrators are another sex toy essential, even when you’re a novice to adult toys or a pro. The most significant thing about them is the shape, they are always shaped like a bullet!

They are lightweight and discrete vibrators that are made from plastic, glass, metal, silicone, or any other composites.

They are not intimidating, small-sized, and safely concealed when you’re not in the mood for moaning.

The shape does not matter, whether they’re longer or thinner or egg style, they still hold that bullet form.

All sexes can use a vibrating bullet vibrators to boost their sexual experience, whether it’s for solo play or couples play.

Or, if you’ve never attempted to masturbate with some support from a vibratory buddy, they’re the best starting point.

Advantages In Using Bullet Vibrators

  • The greatest advantage that most people agree on is the flexibility that exists with its design. Many of these versions come with distinctive shapes and various features. That clearly shows you can get a lot of them at once and experience each one individually without succumbing to a lack of passion and ideas.
  • Because of their form, they are perfect for accurate stimulation. You may aim the sensations on where you want them to be. While other people are using bullet vibrators directly towards the clitoris or its hood, you may also use them somewhere else.
  • The bullet vibrator is fairly easy to fit wherever you need to do that, you could use it on your own, or you may use it with your partner. And perhaps you should use it to stimulate your clitoris while he penetrates you deep and hard.
  • With a bullet vibrator, you may concentrate on your clitoris and its wonderful nerve endings, making it easier to reach orgasms.
  • If you’re worried about the giant toy cocks you encounter, the bullet vibrators are ideal for you. They’re non-intimidating but pleasant.
  • Most bullet vibrators measure at 3 inches, making them a perfect sex toy for travelling. You may carry it in your pocket or bring it with you while you’re on holiday.
  • They are flexible, ideally designed to fit into a selection of straps, harnesses, dildos, or just to slip into a pair of undies. It functions as both a vaginal and a clitoris stimulation tool. You should perhaps test it out for external anal activity, labia, breast, or some other erogenous region.
  • Bullet vibrators are the perfect option for beginners who are just starting their sex toy experimentation and collection since they are convenient to use.
  • They are fairly affordable and also very easy to maintain. And, they can survive and function properly for several years, making them a good investment and a safe choice to add to your list.

What Are Egg Vibrators?

This sex toy is quite identical to the bullet vibrators, but the distinction is in the shape. While this bullet vibrator is short and narrow and simply shaped like a bullet, the egg vibrator is more oval.

They’re tiny in size, they’re easy to bring around, you could just put it inside your knickers, and you’re ready to go.

The compact size doesn’t reduce their strength, because they’re not only limited to rubbing your G-spot, you can even use them to pleasure your clit and nips.

They support the reports of women that they experience orgasm from various forms of stimulation

Advantages Of Using Egg Vibrators

  • The egg vibrator is discreet in all facets: size, form, and even the sound!
  • These toys are enjoyable when used with your partner, particularly when they have a prostate. They are the right size and form to position on your partner’s perineum for subtle stimulation.
  • Because of its compact design, you can take it everywhere.
  • If you don’t want the noisy whizzing and buzzing tone with other vibrators, you’re going to like this egg vibrator.
  • It may be used for a variety of things, from anal or vaginal play to stimulation of the labia, clitoris, or testicles as well as penis.

What Are The Main Difference Between Bullet Vibes and Vibrating Eggs

There’s not much difference until you learn how to get around the two. Egg and bullet vibrators are among the most prominent in providing strong orgasms. Both styles are tiny in scale but powerful in intensity.

These are primarily clitoral vibrators intended to stimulate the vagina and clitoris.

However, eggs and bullets can be used to enhance other hot spots, including the breasts, perineum, prostate, penis, dick head, and much more.

But they may give various sensations to vibrator novices. Although bullets are specially built to strike your clit, eggs are a great way for those trying to stimulate their G-spot.

And as their names suggest, bullets and egg vibrators also have unique designs and shapes. Bullet vibrators are smaller in size, resembles a lipstick, whereas egg vibrators are normally bigger and spherical.

The word sex is too big; its a burden we all feel. We have to unburden it.

The method of control is another distinction between an egg and a bullet. Bullet vibrators are usually cordless, while egg vibrators are more diverse in this aspect.

Some eggs include a device that you or your partner could use to adjust the speed and strength of even more than seven vibration patterns.

Regarding anal stimulation, it is still achievable, but just on the outer anus region and the perineum. A good bullet vibrator or an egg vibrator can also be regarded as a men‘s sex toy.

However, there are newer models of egg vibrators with cords and other modifications that make them suitable for anal penetrative sex.


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