Mates SKYN Intense Feel Non Latex Condoms 10 Pack

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Skynfeel Synthetic Polyisoprene


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Packaged: 5 x 2.5 x 1.4 inches

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Packaged: 12.50x 6.3 x 3.5 cm



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Do you want to ejaculate more often? Are you looking for a condom that will help you make it in more than half an hour?

Mates SKYN Intense Feel Condoms are a modern design featuring a raised pattern on the most sensitive spots. Mates SKYN Intense Feel Condoms will increase your pleasure and increase the intensity of sexual intercourse. It can be used with any length.

Mates SKYN Intense Feel Condoms come in a 10 pack with a value for money bundle that includes a Passionate Pleasure Ring.

Condoms for men are not so common anymore and there are hardly any brands that can compare with Mates SKYN Intense Feel Condoms.

The Mates SKYN Intense Feel Condoms are some of the most intense modern condoms on the market. You have probably seen condoms with a wave design or raised dots and assumed that those are very good. This is not always the case and many of the brands out there are too basic. Mates SKYN Intense Feel Condoms have a modern design and raise the level of stimulation.


  • Vinyl-protected and odour-free (no fragrance or aftertaste)
  • Oilsafe and easy to remove
  • Contains no latex (or other non-natural materials)
  • Ultra-smooth surface
  • Lubricates
  • Keeps your body wet and in constant moisture with a non-latex material
  • Designed for improved sensitivity and temperature control
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Usage: For vaginal sex

Take control of your pleasure

This silky smooth condom is made from ultra-silky silicone with an XL width. It’s thicker than other Kamasutra condoms so it’s more flexible and easier to insert. It was created for couples who want to take control of their pleasure. It features an internal lubrication line that channels semen away from sensitive areas and an innovative teat that gives direct access to your partner for a more intense experience.

With a flexible, lubricated interior, this condom protects your body and pleasure and can be pulled off easily, making it a handy quick-strip option for men. Experience a firmer, more comfortable condom with an impressive fit to enhance sensation and improve control. This new generation of condoms made from silky-smooth silicone is ideal for those looking for a smooth fit and increased lubrication.

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For more freedom when you make love, this condom is extra flexible and is easy to use and remove. It has a longer girth and a reservoir teat for a better fit.

Mates SKYN Intense Feel Condomsre extra soft, extra thin and highly elastic for the ultimate in sensitivity. Experience a firm, premium condom with a smooth feel and deep, luxurious texture.

Bare for your most erotic desires, this ultra-soft, body-fondling condom allows you to discover new sensations when you make love.

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