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It is quite common to masturbate. Some men reportedly masturbate a couple of times a day.
Although it is typical for many men to use their hands, some prefer to add a little more twist to enhance real sex with additional variations.

A masturbator is a great option for you to spice up your solo sessions. The best possible masturbation toy will intensify a person’s satisfaction greatly, whether you are still adjusting to male sex toys or those who have tried other sex toys before.

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Also labelled as strokers or pocket pussies, masturbators are an inexpensive, convenient way of improving any sexual activity, whether solo play or partnered sex. They are manufactured using a variety of materials, yet high grade and body-safe silicone or rubbers that feel authentic and natural plus warm to the touch are some of the most common choices. Just about all masturbators are built to feel and appear more like a mouth, anal region, or vagina, all tailored to fulfil your sex life smoothly. The masturbators do have a selection of tightnesses that enable someone to encounter various sensations, while others have ridges within them to stimulate erogenous zones.

A good orgasm is satisfying, but a great orgasm can be a revelation of your deepest being, unfolding the truth of who you are in ecstatic communion with your lover.

No matter which one you pick, you will feel amazing sliding in. We’ve collected the best masturbators in one segment at Wicked Sex Toys. Designed with excellence in mind, launched with a commitment to more pleasure, select the perfect masturbator today for a great night. Finally, you can choose the kind of stimulation you desire: vibration, heat, suction, or blowjob experiences. There are infinite possibilities!

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What are Masturbators?

Masturbators are tools created to maximize the satisfaction of masturbation. They ‘re the fancy term for fleshlights or pocket pussy. Most often, they take the shape of an empty, sculpted tube composed of flexible material like silicone and TPS. Even with its basic design, there are countless variations and improvements that sex toy makers have concocted to enable you to burst your delightful load.

How To Choose The Perfect Male Sex Toys

There is a wide range of male masturbators for all preferences currently on the market. And that is why, if you’re planning on having your first interaction with a male masturbator, we suggest you look at our Masturbators category. Through this you will get to compare the various styles that exist, so you could try and learn which sex toy is better suited to your needs or preferences.


For men looking to have something more lightweight and flexible to play with as a couple, there are small, open-ended fleshlights that encourage you to move further through while your partner stimulates your cock ‘s head. You may also have a cock from either end then meet in the middle for some fiery faux-frottage play. Some fleshlights deliver extreme textures on the inside of the sleeve to rub, stroke, and satisfy your willy with every move.

Vibrating masturbators

Masturbators are equipped with a built-in vibrating massager with various vibration patterns. What you have to do is position your cock inside, and you’re in for a sweet massage experience.

Hands-Free Masturbators

This type of masturbator is built to do most of the work you ought to do so you can just relax and enjoy your orgasm without needing to bother. From basic, but powerful models that use rotating beads stimulating your cock to highly sophisticated versions that provide suction and rotation producing an experience that will leave you wondering why anyone ever bothers with the actual blowjobs.

Ass Strokers

Once inside, the texture and shape of the sleeve cause you to feel like you’re penis is buried deep inside a tight butt. Such anal sex toy styles tend to have narrower openings to mimic the feeling of a clenched butt and give the very same level of resistance you would anticipate from a real one.

Blowjob Masturbators

These are strokers capable of simulating the feel and texture of an actual blowjob. The style and texture provide you with such a pleasurable experience. They also incorporate mouth-like accessories at the opening that mimic the unique sensation of the lips rubbing against the bottom of your dick as you move.

What Are The Other Important Factors To Keep In Mind?


We ‘re looking at the size of your sex toy. So when you travel regularly, go for something relatively small and more discreet. But also, if you do have nosey relatives, having a Fleshlight that happens to look like a flashlight isn’t a dumb choice.


Vaginal, oral sex, penetrative sex or anal play? You ought to select the one that’s going to get your imagination racing and your dick erecting the quickest. It is what’s inside that matters, as it is where the satisfaction chambers are going to strongly grip your dick and drive you to an intense orgasm.

Quality of Materials

Always choose the lube friendly types and made from materials that are body-safe. Try to stay away from latex, phthalates, or parabens. Opt for items created from silicone, thermoplastic elastomer, polyvinyl chloride, or a formulated polycarbonate mix.


Stick to your budget. The very first toy you purchase isn’t supposed to be extremely pricey, so you need to choose those toys from popular, high-quality brands Take baby steps and steadily work your way to some more exquisite toys.

People have to remember to be sexual. It takes effort and work; its a process.

How to use a male masturbator?

Unlike the vagina, male masturbators do not contain any lubrication. Initially, you need some handy sex toy lubricant. We recommend a good quality water-based lube. Take the time to graciously moisten and lubricate the stroker, use your finger to achieve a silky smooth and slippery tunnel for a better glide. Lubricate yourself and gently insert your penis into the masturbator. Take full control and direct your movements until you achieve the orgasmic and explosive climax.


Do the best male masturbators feel realistic?

Absolutely yes they do feel real. In many cases, they feel way better than a vagina ever could. Each product uses a unique blend of materials that gives a very similar feeling to the soft skin of the genitals. This is also due to the incredible speeds, perfect tempo, and pleasure chambers that another human could never match. Use them to give you amazing orgasms but don’t try to replace the bond and feelings of sex with another person.

What’s the difference between an automatic machine and a manual one?

Automatic masturbators are those that pump and stroke your penis without requiring manual manipulation, while manual masturbators are those that can only produce pleasurable sensations through direct personal management of the device. Both kinds have their ups and downs, each of which should be carefully considered before you buy anything, especially if you have a partner involved.

Does frequent masturbation desensitize my penis?

According to recent studies, men who have sex or masturbate too often may experience varying degrees of penile desensitization and/or erectile dysfunction. Careful, responsible, and mindful use of these products is always best, especially if you purchase one that promises different sensations, penile correction, or stamina training.

Are there any proven health benefits to using a masturbator?

If you get the right masturbator and use it exactly as directed by the manufacturer, there is a chance that you can improve things like your sexual stamina, the quality of your erections, and the intensity of your orgasms.

How often do I have to charge my masturbator?

Always check the owner’s manual for precise information regarding charge times and requirements.
There are a handful of options that either take standard batteries or plug directly into the wall, making the need for special charge times obsolete.

How do I properly maintain my device?

All devices are unique. So always read the instruction manual of your new toy to be sure you’re doing everything as intended by the manufacturer. But for the most part, however, high-end toys are the easiest to clean, dry, and store. They either come with their cleaning supplies (or at least a sample) and a convenient storage container or they’re made for quick and effortless maintenance through easily removable parts and interchangeable pieces.

Where should I store my new device?

Depending on the toy you’ve selected and the properties thereof, your storage options should always consist of cool, dry places in your home that are clean and kept away from direct sunlight and/or extreme temperatures. If your device comes with its storage container, be sure to use it at all times.

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