Fleshlight GO Torque

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Size Imperial

Packaged: 8.5 inches x 3.5 inches x 3.5 inches / Internal length: 7 inches, diameter: 0.5 inches

Size Metric

Packaged: 22cm x 9cm x 9cm / Internal length: 18 cm, diameter: 1.3 cm



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Want to make the best of your solo playtime?  

Fleshlight GO Torque is sure to provide you with the best sexual stimulation and satisfaction. It has a smooth skin and a soft interior that feels great to the touch, and the tight, ribbed interior fits so snugly that you can feel every inch of your erection against it to give an extremely realistic feel and unbelievable performance.

Specially designed to accommodate the full size of your penis, it delivers a unique level of pleasurable sensations to the user. It is a small portable masturbator, easy to clean and easy to use.

Smooth, velvety-soft, and easy to use, with a variety of different functions. It is transparent, light and has a compact design.

While using the Fleshlight GO Torque, you get a true flesh-like feel to your penis and scrotum, and it has a tight fit so you can really feel every inch of your erection against it. This toy provides an incredible feeling of realism that you can’t get anywhere.

It is perfect for masturbation, solo sex, or even sex with a partner! 

Why buy the Fleshlight GO Torque?

  • It is a premium and extremely satisfying masturbator.
  • It has a transparent material for a more visual experience.
  • Improved sexual satisfaction
  • Interior ribbed for maximum pleasure.
  • Flexible and durable.
  • It is easy to use.
  • Ideal for solo and couple play,
  • Makes it easier to achieve an orgasm.
  • It has the softest and most realistic skin feel.
  • The Fleshlight GO Torque has a strong suction that is easy to control.

How To Have Fun With The Fleshlight GO Torque

The Fleshlight GO Torque was made with the intention of allowing you to enjoy the same feeling and sensation that a woman’s vagina would provide. 

It provides the simulated feeling of having your erect penis inside a vagina. It is made of realistic artificial skin, and it has a suction cup base.

Simply slide into it and get blown away by the sensation it provides.

The Fleshlight GO Torque is designed to simulate real-life sex, making it the perfect toy to use while masturbating at home. This is a great toy to use for solo pleasure and as a foreplay toy.

Discover a new fleshlight pleasure.

The Fleshlight GO Torque replicates the experience of the actual thing that is so incredibly pleasurable. A unique double-layered sleeve design creates an authentic sensation in every inch of your body. 

The sleeve features a ribbed vaginal canal with a flared external opening that leads to an enlarged clitoris. Inside the canal, the texture of the sleeve matches that of a real woman. 

Now available in Wicked Sex Toys is the Fleshlight GO Torque.

All orders are shipped with discreet packaging. 

Buy today.

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