Gregory Pecker Inflatable Willy

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Size Imperial

Length 27.5

Size Metric

Length 70cm Girth 45cm



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Gregory Pecker Inflatable Willy is the perfect gag gift for any adult who loves to party.

Inflatable drinks are great for bachelor, bachelorette, hen and stag parties, birthday parties, holiday parties, holiday celebrations and just about any kind of occasion that calls for a little alcohol. Inflatable drinks also make great gifts for baby showers and family celebrations.

All Gregory Pexcker’s inflatable drinks come with a drink holder that has a 1.5-litre capacity and a straw that is 4 inches long. Inflatable drinks are very easy to inflate and once inflated they stay inflated for several hours without any further effort from the person using the inflatable drinks.

You won’t find a cheaper inflatable drink on the market, so if you’re looking for a great gift that is guaranteed to be a huge hit, then you’ve found the perfect inflatable drink.

The Inflatable Willy was created to be the ideal gift for a stag, a bachelorette party, a wedding, a hen party, a birthday party, a bachelorette party and so much more.

Gregory Pecker Inflatable Party Shower Balloon Inflatable Cock Willy Inflatable Cock Willy – Pink is 1m high, 5m wide when inflated and weighs 1.5kg.


To inflate Gregory Pecker Inflatable Willy, locate the inflation control button inside the mouth of the penis. Press and hold the button until a stream of air comes out, then turn the button to inflate the balloon.

Be careful when inflating to prevent the male members from suffering painful erections.  Once inflated, the penis is extremely firm and robust.

To deflate, locate the inflation control button inside the mouth of the penis. Press and hold the button until air is let out, and turn the button to deflate the balloon. When Gregory Pecker Inflatable Willy is deflated, the penis falls into a perfectly curved position and the penis is no longer stiff.

To clean, simply rinse it with any standard household cleaner or soap and water.

The penis is non-toxic, ph-safe and latex-free.

Gregory Pecker Inflatable Willy is to be stored separately to avoid accidental inflation. To transport it, bring the balloon in its’ original packaging. For more information on care, usage and cleaning of inflatables, please refer to the manual.

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Gregory Pecker Inflatable Willy is the perfect gift for you and your friends.

Made from latex-free material which means no danger of an allergic reaction. It is hand-made, checked for quality and safety at every stage of production. Available on Wicked Sex Toys Store. Order now. We ship and deliver fast and discreetly. 

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