Lady Bah Bah Inflatable Sheep

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Why limit your creativity by using the same shape or same breed over time, or simply go for the “same old” sheep you may have had to date? That would be like putting the ‘blues’ on a Ferrari and saying “Hey, that is a pretty fast ride. Why can’t I have a car like that?”

The only thing better than a new inflatable sheep is an inflatable sheep in every colour and style you can imagine. Have some fun with this sheep. Pick your favourite animal design or get it customised (if using a stock inflatable). 

Want it blown up larger? We can do that! Want it blown up smaller? We can do that too and more for big events like Halloween or large private parties and we also make novelty sheep inflatables for the kids.

This sheep can be blown up and used in almost any inflatable situation. Use it as a prop for weddings, corporate gatherings, fundraisers, family gatherings, birthday parties, trade shows, conventions, family reunions, holiday parties, company events, parades, fashion shows, sports events, TV/Movie/Stage Productions, festivals, festivals, sporting events, carnivals, weddings, birthdays, Christmas, Halloween and even if your in-laws are coming to visit…you know, just in case. 

Use a sheep at your wedding, baby shower, birthday, or any event for the ‘right’ reasons…and let the sheep tell stories.

The Lady Bah Bah Sheep (with the addition of a ‘handle’ to help her/him keep a more ‘presentable’ stance) is a perfect decoration and centrepiece attraction. She is durable and can take most of the abuse that would normally be heaped on a less sturdy or ‘bulky’ inflatable decoration. 

Lady Bah Bah Sheep is made from a proprietary, high quality, strong, durable, waterproof, wind-resistant PVC. A sturdy handle (like the ones you might find on an inflatable bowling ball) keeps it upright. The handle does not slip. 

We also recommend the use of a hose (not shown) so that if you need to move/blow up the sheep indoors, you will not have an issue getting it back into the vehicle. Lady Bah Bah Sheep (as with all our inflatables) has a special stub attached to the bottom of the back so that the sheep can be removed via an attached chain.

  • Length: 35″
  • Width: 22″
  • Height: 36″
  • Weight: 5 lbs

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Lady Bah Bah sheep is an inflatable sheep that is made to look like her namesake. The Lady Bah Bah sheep can be both colourful or solid.

The price is right and the sheep is unique – the Lady Bah Bah sheep is the only one you’ll find with a wide-eyed expression, and her face can be covered up or not. Choose any colour you like and the Lady Bah Bah sheep will make any room or garden look like a sheep farm.

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