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What You Need To Know About Clitoral Suction And Stimulation
The pleasure of clitoral stimulation is without a doubt incredible. Many women require direct stimulation to achieve orgasm. Many vaginal owners, however, prefer to use suction over other types of vibrators because they do not like the buzzing, tingling, or numbing that the other types of vibrators produce. This can be achieved using the Clit suction device!
Clit suckers are exciting sex toys that stimulate your clitoral area on a whole new level. With the use of air pressure, the sucking sensation stimulates blood flow, creating a sexual explosion that will leave you craving for more.

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An orgasmic sensation is guaranteed with a clit sucking love toy, which pulsates softly and gently as opposed to some powerful vibrating toys. You can easily bring your satisfaction to the next level with a clit sucking vibrator, no matter if you are new to adult sex toys or a seasoned pro.

Your satisfaction is Wicked Sex Toys’ top priority. We provide both vibrating and non-vibrating clitoral stimulation devices, as well as classic and newer suction and clit hand pump devices. No matter what type of play you enjoy, we’re certain that you’ll be satisfied with our selection.

There are also classic designs of clitoral pumps, some of which have vibration as well as suction, either gentle or strong. The newest suction/stimulators include vibrations as well, which is great for thrill-seekers. Have a look at our best-selling latest suction vibrator and pumping clit toys!

Clitoral Suction Sex Toys: What Are They?

The clitoris is crucial to women’s arousal and orgasms. It has the greatest density of nerve endings of any part of the human body, and it is the most sensitive part of the body which most often causes women to have multiple orgasms.

Most of the clitoris is inside the pelvis, but it has some external parts. There is a rush of blood to the clitoris and labia minora, the inner lips of the entire vulva whenever sexual stimulation takes place. This leads to the clitoris becoming highly sensitive. Orgasm can occur if a clitoris is stimulated enough.

These types of sex toys help women to experience intense stimulation, increase their sexual desire and often cause them to reach orgasm. They create air pressure and quick air release around the clitoris, which causes the blood vessels to constrict and an increased blood flow to this sensitive area.

What Makes Women Like Clit Suction Toys?

Vulva owners is most likely to experience clitoral orgasm. The reason Clit suction toys are so effective for many people is that they provide stimulation to just the right degree and intensity. It feels like someone’s mouth is sucking around the clit. A suction toy surrounds your clitoris, so it provides a different sensation than a vibrator. Vibrators stimulate the clitoris tip, which is the most sensitive part for some people. Sex toys that apply suction to the clitoris may prove less daunting for some.

Clit Pumps: What Are They?

A clitoral pump is a wonderful sex toy for women who want to experience stronger, more intense orgasms. It increases blood flow to the area, causing engorgement and a very pleasurable sensation. Women can use a clitoral pump anytime they feel like they need a little “pick me up.” Often, after a long day of work, a woman will masturbate as a way to relax and wind down. But using a clitoral pump before she masturbates increases her sexual arousal and allows for more intense orgasms.

Using suction increases blood flow to those areas to enhance arousal, stimulate the genitals, increase pleasure, expand the genitalia, and ultimately, induce orgasm.

Clit and pussy pumps intended to increase blood flow have long been available, but more recently, clit pumps with vibrations or thumping have risen in popularity.

The external clitoris is the focus of some pumps, while the external genital area is the focus of others. Other devices provide additional stimulation through vibrations. Occasionally, some have an extra “dildo” to stimulate the internal g-spots more intensely.

Do you want to increase the pleasure you get from your sexual life? Get high-impact stimulation in your most sensitive areas with Wicked Sex Toys’ clitoral suction vibrators and pumps.

How Do Clitoral Suction Sex Toys and Clitoral Pumps Differ?

There is often confusion about what kind of female sexual device creates suction around the clitoris. There are two basic types: one that creates suction with a vacuum-like effect (like a clitoral pump) and one that sucks or clamps down on the clitoris (like a suction sex toy).

A clitoris pump removes air to create a vacuum. The suction created by this is greater than that generated by a clitoral sex toy, which works by circulating air.

Pumps and clitoral suction toys are both enjoyable, but a pump often provides more intense sensations. It comes down to what works for you.

Safety Rules For Using Clitoral Suction Sex Toys

It is safe to use clitoris suction devices. If you choose a pump over a suction toy, you should know how to reduce the suction from the pump based on the user’s instructions.

I think pleasure is the next frontier, if you will, of true human connection and identity.

– Communicate with your partner

During partner play or on your own, clitoral suction toys can be used. Before a sexual encounter, you may feel more energetic after using these toys.

Before you try it with a partner, practice with the toy yourself. Thus, you can start slow and build up the suction gradually, stopping if pain strikes. With a clitoral pump, you are in control of the suction, which allows you to lower it if it becomes too strong.

– Cleaning and maintenance

Whenever you use a sex toy with someone, it’s important to clean it. With antibacterial soap and water, you can easily clean hard plastics and silicone toys. In some cases, it should be safe to wash your toy in your dishwasher’s top rack if it’s made of medical-grade silicone. Refer to the instructions for more information.

Be careful not to boil your clitoral suction toy, since excessive heat can cause damage.

Plenty of Clit Pleasure Options

At Wicked Sex Toys, we have a huge selection of clit vibrators that will suit the needs of any woman. Choose the type that fits your taste.

For those who enjoy simple, straightforward actions, pussy pumps are for you. Using them is effortless, and they are small and compact enough to tuck away or carry with you wherever you go.

Clitoral pumps come in a variety of styles and materials and include both vibrating and non-vibrating options. Choose the one with a medical-style pump ball that is comfortable and easy to use and you will be ready to explore a world of new sexual adventures.

You can also use a clitoral pump with a built-in vibrator if you want to experience sensations that are more intense as you become more aroused. Additional stimulation sensations can be obtained with textured pumps. If you want to have an erotic shower or bath, you can even purchase a silicone waterproof clitoral pump.

Effective communication may get you to adequate sex.

With our selection of clit vibrators and stimulators, you’ll have plenty of options to improve your sexual satisfaction. Consider a clit pump if you have had difficulty climaxing in the past. The pump’s sensitivity and stimulation may increase your climax. A clit stimulator is not only useful for masturbation, but you can also use it for foreplay or even while having sex with a partner.

Get your own Wicked Sex Toys sex toy and discover why so many women adore these sensational clit sex toys. Every purchase comes with a warranty and is shipped and billed discreetly.

Clitoral Sucking Vibrators And Pumps FAQs

What is the ideal pumping intensity?

If you are a new user, don’t use a lot of force when you first start using the vibrator. Just a light pump will do. Start with one or two small pumps to get used to the feel of it. Then, gradually increase the speed and strength of the suction as you continue to use this product. Always pay attention to your clit and vagina and how it reacts to the vibrator.

Continue to use small pumps as your vagina swells. If you feel any pain, stop using the pumps.

Can a clit-sucking vibrator be combined with oral sex?

Having oral sex is wonderful, especially when you add a “toy” into the act. Oral sex alone (without a toy) will activate orgasmic pleasure, but when accompanied by a “toy,” another element of arousal is added, enhancing the sensual experience.

The toy should be placed on your partner’s clitoris. Your tongue should be used to stimulate the remainder of her vulva. You can even poke her with your tongue and lick her labia. This helps stimulate her clitoral nerve endings so that she can experience heightened pleasure.

Encourage your woman to use this type of pleasure during foreplay as a great way to help her get ready for lovemaking. This will help her to become more excited, increase the blood flow to her genital area, and most importantly, prepare her body for the onslaught of passion that will follow.

What is the sensation of clit pumping like?

The feeling of pumping should be very pleasant. Initially, clitoris swelling will occur, followed by the engorgement of the entire vagina. After a few minutes, you should feel aroused after the clit hardens. This will probably make your partner pretty desperate to get ahold of you.

The tingling sensation gets even better when the air is let out. It’s gonna be a blast! Consider it a fusion of visual stimulation and being sucked on by someone else. With a vibrating toy, you can have an orgasm without having a sexual encounter.

During intercourse, how do I use a clitoral suction vibrator?

Finding a way to maintain control of the clit toy while enjoying intercourse is the key. Similar to using a portable vibrator in the bedroom, but more sensual.

Missionary and doggie styles are the easiest clit-sucking positions for beginners. Don’t overdo it at the start. Another position can always be tried later. You can begin by asking your partner to place the toy in her clitoral region. Therefore, she’ll know if it’s where it ought to be.

When you are in a missionary position, your weight can hold the clit suction vibrator in place, but when you are in dog style, the toy can fit between her legs. Combining clitoris suction with penetration gives spectacular results.

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