Candy Nipple Tassels

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2 oz, packaging 6 in x 3.2 in x 1.5 in

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60g, packaging 152mm x 82mm x 40mm



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How about giving your loved ones an experience they won’t forget? Why not give them a sweet and sexy gift by giving them these Candy Nipple Tassels?

With colourful sherbet beads, the tassels are mounted on a plastic disc and thus protect your nipple from damage, which is especially beneficial if your partner gets carried away nibbling.

To hold the tassels in place, you’ll need to apply boob-safe adhesive stickers to the disc and your body, which will stay put no matter how vigorously you swing them.

In addition to being cute, these tassels also taste great and with just one little whirl, your partner is sure to devour them out of your palm… or should I say nipples?

Candy Nipple Tassels: Features

Candy nipple tassels are delicious and sexy. Each tassel is topped with a nipple cap and has three candy strings attached.

The tassel itself is mounted on an acrylic ring that protects the nipple from being nibbled upon. The tassels measure approx. 7 cm x 7 cm x 2 cm. You can peel the cover off the adhesive stickers to apply: they will stay in place, adding a tasty twist to your bedroom games.

Other features are;

  • The Candy Nipple Tassels are nipple pasties made from candy sweets! 
  • They have 3 strands of candy dangling from the centre
  • Mounted on clear plastic discs
  • Adhesive stickers included, peel away from backing to stick to the pasties then peel the other side to apply to the body
  • The nipple tassels measure approx 7 cm x 7 cm x 1.5 cm
  • The Candy Nipple Tassels box contains: 1 x Set of stickers and 2 x Candy Nipple Tassels

Candy Nipple Tassels: Benefits

These naughty Candy Nipple Tassels would make the perfect Valentine’s Day or anniversary gift. Your partner is sure to love them! The following benefits are associated with this product;

  • It’s a great gift for the Bride to Be.
  • It’s a perfect item to include in the  Bachelorette party favour bags or a party prize for a naughty game.
  • Great novelty gifts for ages 18 to 180.


Everything was brand new and packaged discreetly. These were left sitting on my dresser and the kids found them and ate them, so I didn’t get to taste them or try the adhesive, but they appeared to be well-made so that they would not come apart. (anonymous)

A friend of my husband ordered these as a prank using our Alexa Echo. Opening packages makes my kids’ day, so I let them. Apparently, they thought they were candy necklaces when they opened these. Their reaction to the tassel, which they ate right up, was that it was the best candy that they had ever had. Unfortunately, I can’t vouch for their effectiveness. (anonymous)

They look very cool and neat. It comes with numerous stickers in the event that you mess up or want to wear it more than once. (anonymous)

Why Buy Our Candy Nipple Tassels

The candy nipple tassel is an ideal gift for any Valentine’s Day or perhaps as a treat or an anniversary. Wicked tickets offer a Low-price guarantee, loyalty points discount off future orders, and excellent customer service.

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