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Enjoy a night of pleasure with intimate surprises, sex toys, and fun games for both you and your partner. Find the most suitable romantic gift idea! We made shopping quick and easy for our top-of-the-line sex toys and romantic gifts, and other fantastic accessories like lubricant and sex toy cleaner, and discreet storage solutions here at Wicked Sex Toys.

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These adult toys are indeed a great gift idea if you want to maintain the intimacy in a relationship and demonstrate to your partner that he/she matters. Vibrators for couples and remote control devices that can be even used from thousands of miles away are lovely gifts that build up sexual excitement, adding imaginative and memorable experiences with your significant other. Or, if you’re in the mood to give your partner a butt plug or an edible body gel, we got high-quality, reasonably priced romantic gifts that will leave you with enough left over for a fun night.

Giving the one you adore a sex toy or other romantic item, not only demonstrates your kinky side but also it shows that you value them by choosing a gift that proves that you know them deeper than anyone else. It’s also your chance to introduce them toward something that you can both do together during your sex sessions, whether you’re exploring a different sex style or an adventure involving bondage.

When you’re hunting for something creative, erotic, and practical in all the right ways, check out Wicked Sex Toys‘ sexy romantic gift solutions for your partner and yourself. We’ve got intimate surprises of all sorts! Lotions, massage oils, therapeutic lubricants, and soothing candles at Wicked Sex Toys are sure to impress you. We only provide high quality, body-safe pleasure items from the most reliable suppliers. Our range of stuff makes us a perfect shopping venue for about any occasion, which includes anniversaries, birthdays, marriages, Valentine’s Day, and special holidays. You’re in the right place for the best valentine’s day gift ideas for your next fun night out!

What Are The Best Sexy Gifts For Wives and Girlfriends?

It would have been easy enough just to pick up presents like roses, chocolates, and maybe a sweet tiny card to prove her value, but that would be too ordinary! Give your partner a romantic gift that she will appreciate yet both of you will enjoy it! You’ll surely get the partner of the year award once she opens up her gift to reveal a vibrator or seductive massage oil, and perhaps a set of erotic handcuffs! You’ll be sure to select the right romantic gift for you and your partner, from sexy lingerie and erotic accessories to sex toys and accessories! Speak to your partner to figure out what she’s actively searching for sexually.

What Naughty Romantic Gifts Should You Get Your Hubby Or Boyfie?

If you’re trying to spice it up in your bedroom and reinvigorate the flame in your relationship, any day is a great day to delight the guy in your life! You could get an adult game, such as sensual cards or dice, making your sexual activity somewhat more exciting. Or, if you just want his focus on you all night, you could seduce him with a new collection of sexy lingerie and corresponding G-strings.

And if you do like to be more daring and naughty, then our bondage toys could make a great naughty present. You might find that you enjoy being tied up and locked up, or you discover that he’s a lot more powerful than you expected, and he sure knows how to use a whip! Maybe light some candles to set your mood, and then play with the toys found in some of our sexy packages.

Should You Get Your Lover A New Sex Toy As A Gift?

Sex toys are certainly one method of making sex a great deal of fun. popular valentine’s day gifts are fantastic for trying stuff like BDSM, a role transformation using a strap on, or perhaps even just experimenting with a vibrator for the very first time. So if you learn that your partner would like a vibrator, then you should reward them with a sensual soothing massage that they would appreciate! There’s no lack of fantastic gift ideas for your biggest love at Wicked Sex Toys, so be sure to keep an eye on all of our new sexy stuff, accessories, and much more!

Best Adult Toy Gifts Ideas

Wand Vibrator

The wand makes great gifts and they’re flexible. You use it for massaging, and while having sex.
They’re indeed a great device, as you’ll get a range of accessories to convert them into various kinds of toys.
It is extremely important to get the one with superb motors, with numerous vibration speeds and patterns for maximum stamina and enjoyment!

Beautiful Lingerie

Lingerie is hot! Your man will absolutely love you and go nuts whenever you wear sexy underwear, particularly those made of satin and other gentle elastic materials that embrace your natural curves.

Sex Board Game

A couples game that involves both foreplay and sex would make a great erotic romantic gift. This game is great for busy and active couples to recall the essential points in bed that were perhaps missed during much of the daily rush. Some cards have explicit photos to set you in a naughty mood.

For every woman who burned a bra, there’s a man burning to wear one.”

Massage Candles

Sexy candles can create an intimate atmosphere inside your bedroom. They could set the stage for the perfect playdate, complete with an exquisite massage and a pleasant, steamy sex session. Selecting and lighting the ideal fragrance for you, whether it will be a relaxing lavender, a sweet vanilla musk, or seductive honeysuckle, is a simple way to incorporate aromatherapy to your sex life. And, since the candles are created for massage, the wax itself can be poured into your palms or around your partner’s body.

Sex Toys and Massagers

When you’re with your partner for many years, it’s not surprising to find yourself in a romantic rut. One of the best ways to get that passion back is through a sex toy gift. Toys bring excitement and versatility, keys to sustaining an intimate, thrilling, and satisfying sex life. From standard dildo, vibrating cock ring, penis ring, kinky vibrators to the most stimulating butt plugs and accessories, there’s a wide variety to pick from based on your sexual desires..

Edible Massage Oils

Most of those oils that people use to massage their partners especially after a long day are not anything you’d like to place inside your mouth, so they are for rubbing and massaging only. But there is another different category of perfectly edible massage oils. With a kiss here and a lick elsewhere, your erotic massage will easily turn into heated oral sex or foreplay. Consider giving edible massage oils a shot, the very next time you and your partner are contemplating an evening together. Just remember that most condoms can be damaged by oil. So if you’re going to switch from massage to penetrative sex and you are using condoms, ensure that you remove the oil beforehand.

Balloon-popping fetishes – watching women pop balloons with high heels on – are surprisingly big. A woman getting a pie in the face is another one. Theres no end to what to turns people on.

Lubricants and Sensual Creams

Lube enhances sex, there’s no question about it. Even though our body is capable of generating its natural source of lubrication, nothing helps in keeping us as wet and horny as this handy, smooth addition. Reducing tension and relieving anxiety, a lengthy sex session or anal activity is not the same without it.


What are the most enjoyable sex toys for couples?

Instead of offering your partner things that are plain and basic, treating them with a perfect gift that you can both use is a perfect way to spend enjoyable, intimate time around each other. These sexy surprises, amusing sex toys, are a perfect solution to remove having the same routine whenever it comes to sex, making them suitable for any couple wanting to jazz up their sensuous play! Important occasions can only be as enjoyable and exciting as the best valentine’s day gifts you offer. So surprising your partner with a romantic gift is the best way to guarantee that your night is full of lusty satisfaction and mind-blowing intercourse.

How to choose a sex toy as a gift?

When picking a sex toy to give as a present, it’s important to find a balance between what you want and what you think they’re going to be satisfied with. If you feel that your partner would likely get scared or refuse your idea of using a sex toy, don’t take it out of a package while you’re already nude. Instead, bring up the topic naturally, days before the actual sex scenario, if you think it’s going to take some time to warm up this idea.

When is the perfect time to give the best sex toys and romantic gifts?

Choose the perfect occasion. You may start breaking the ice during your anniversary. And because it’s a relatively sexy one, offering a sex toy to your partner is sure to contribute itself to the occasion.

I am going to give a romantic gift to someone, what should I buy?

It’s almost hard to presume what somebody else wants because we all prefer things differently. If you already fully know your partner, you can surely take a good guess. You may begin with instructional books, lubes, and massage items as they’re very flexible and can be enjoyed by almost everyone! You may opt for a gift card, too.

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