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Now let us talk about sex. It is high time to avoid stigmas, break barriers, and overcome the taboos surrounding them. Try to prioritize your private bits by providing some care and attention, so you can confidently strip them off for your next session. Sexuality sexual health is really important indeed!
Having an enjoyable, satisfying, and healthy sex life will make life spicier. Whether you’re a newbie or a master in sex, you’ll discover and experience a world in which every individual has freedom, respect, privacy, awareness, and the ability to enhance pleasure.

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What Is A Sexual Health?

Sexual health is not just about physiological well-being. It involves emotional, social, and mental well-being concerning sexuality, not only the absence of illness, impotence, or debilitation. The provision of health care, such as planning conception and prevention of STIs, is part of ensuring good sexual health and wellbeing. Good sexual health requires ensuring that you have the awareness, experience, and capability of making informed sexual preferences and acting appropriately to protect your wellbeing and the safety of others. It also requires the right to a safe and healthy relationship, access to reliable facts, and protection from harassment, abuse, bias, and prejudice.

Safer sex activities are essential to the physical wellbeing of sexually active individuals of all ages. Condoms and lubricants may help deter some sexually transmitted infections/ STIs, including chlamydia, gonorrhea, gonorrhea, HIV, as well as some varieties of hepatitis. Vaccinations could eliminate certain types of hepatitis while there are available HIV-preventing medications nowadays.

What Are The Characteristics Of A Sexually Healthy Person?

Each individual has unique ideas and values about sexual health, which is a deeply personal aspect of an individual’s personality and actions. A person who is sexually secure and healthy would acknowledge that all have sexual rights. They recognize that sexuality is a natural component of everyone’s life and that sexuality requires far beyond sexual behaviours. Sexually mature individuals can make secure, effective measures to prevent unplanned pregnancy, STIs, and have the common sense to actively seek care and support as needed.

Persons who already are sexually healthy can speak openly regarding their sexual wellbeing and desires to their partners as well as to their health care providers if required. Most significantly, they have access to family planning and sex education, reliable data, and sexual health care resources. There are important milestones to be established and accomplished by people who wish to maintain good sexual health regardless of their gender identity.

Sexual Pleasure, Masturbation, Sexual Arousal and Orgasm

Sexual Pleasure

Sexual pleasure is a pleasant and satisfying sensation that could be associated with sexual encounters. These emotions often come from physical intimacy, but they may often come from fantasies and personal thoughts. You may offer sexual pleasure to yourself and your partner whenever you caress, kiss, and touch each other. Sexual expression through touching the sensitive areas of the body. These erogenous zones would include the mouth, neck, ears, vulva, and vagina for women, testicles, and penis for men, buttocks, inner thighs, breasts, nipples, soles of the feet, among others.


Masturbation is when you get sexually aroused by rubbing your genitals. While you masturbate on your own, everything is about yourself and what gives you satisfaction. There is never a possibility of getting pregnant or developing a sexually transmitted illness, so it’s one of the best and safest sexual practices you could do. You may want to masturbate with your lover, a perfect way to have fun and pleasure with each other. It can become erotic seeing your partner masturbate, and this provides an opportunity to see just what ultimately turns them on.

Sexual Arousal and Orgasm

Your brain is the most significant sexual organ you have, while your skin closely follows. Both have a major role to play in sexual arousal. Whatever your sexual orientation and preference for sexual conduct, sexual pleasure would result in similar bodily changes. The skin appears red and warm, the nipples are becoming more prominent, the heat is intensified around the genital areas, and breathing and heart rhythm accelerate.

When your sexual desire and anticipation rise, so does your genital blood supply. If you’re a lady, the clitoral area will expand and become aroused, as y our vagina and vulva will become moist and warmer as the body processes natural vaginal lube. And if you are a guy, your dick will elongate and becomes hard, plus the color of your scrotum becomes dark as the blood flow improves. This period of elevated sexual arousal is called the ‘plateau stage’ and is frequently followed by orgasm in females and ejaculation in males.

How To Improve Sexual Wellbeing?

Sexual well-being is an important aspect of maintaining an awesome life. Prioritizing sexual health would greatly increase the mental, physical, and emotional well-being of a person and strengthen their relationship and standard of living.

Learning and communication are essential to better reproductive health. There are quite a lot of self-help books and tools online, but it’s still important to talk to your partner regarding your expectations and sexual needs. In some situations where you have trouble talking to your sexual partner about these sensitive topics, it might be helpful to talk to a qualified therapist who is experienced and considerate about your sexual health and wellbeing.

Having a conversation or one-on-one counselling, including couple therapy will help individuals navigate beyond these problems, with improved sexual wellbeing. Therapy aims at providing young people with the resources they need to express their expectations and desires effectively and in a secure, judgment-free atmosphere.

Various agencies are specifically concerned with meeting the sexual health needs of the people. They could help anyone find the best form of birth control according to their way of living, as well as provide STI and pregnancy tests.

Sexual Health & Wellbeing FAQs

How do individuals develop sexually transmitted infections?

Sexually transmissible diseases are most frequently distributed by unsafe oral, vaginal, or anal intercourse.

Other STIs don’t have clear indications, so you don’t know precisely if someone has STIs before engaging in sexual activity.

The effective way to avoid being compromised with such an infection is to maintain abstinence or use a protected barrier system, which includes condoms and diaphragms, whenever engaging in some form of sexual intercourse.

How do I prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections?

Abstinence has been the only 100% reliable way of avoiding pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

Although if you are sexually active, the only way to avoid STIs is to use a protective device such as condoms, diaphragms, or dental dams.


What sexual difficulties can be dealt with?

  • Absent or reduced sex drive;
  • Sexual desire inconsistency among couples
  • Painful penetrative sex or stimulation;
  • Erection or ejaculation problems
  • The failure to have an orgasm
  • Post-menopausal issues, like vaginal dryness
  • The difficulties involved with sickness, sexual harassment trauma, or clinical treatment
  • Sexual Relationships therapy


What are the causes of sexual problems?

Sexual problems are sometimes life-long or, they may have started in consequence of some adverse outcomes in life, such as sickness, sexual violence, medical treatment, or a relationship adjustment.


Sometimes certain life events, such as retirement, workplace stress, or relocating, can lead to changes in sexual performance.

Is it correct to use massage oil or a moisturizer as lube on a latex condom and sex toy?

Oil-based items, massage oils, or moisturizers could trigger latex to deteriorate, so you should consider using a water-based lubricant for condoms and sex toys with latex.

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